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  1. Nice work, I like the Orc rusty armour plates. I hope we’ll see more of your Reven army soon.
  2. Wow, I’m happy you like it so much. Thanks for all the nice comments. Yesterday, I gave Valdarynn to my aunt as her birthday gift and she was really happy.
  3. Sandra Garrity 02591 Valdarynn the Arch Mage. An inspiring mini really fun to paint.
  4. That’s a really nice and inspiring color scheme you did on your Grim Pete!
  5. Thanks! I sculpted the base using Green Stuff.
  6. A detailed sculpt really fun to paint. Completed in 2008.
  7. Really nice, I specially like the fur, beak and claws color.
  8. Amazing, that must be a world records!?
  9. Really nice dragon, I like the depth of your blue color and the base idea is just great. Thumbs up!
  10. Wow, that darker tone gives it an evil look. Thanks for fixing the picture.
  11. I painted this one back in 2008. I know now it's discontinued and really hard to find. Too bad I no longer own it. Sculpted by Kevin Williams.
  12. Nice, I recently buy a Cinder model and I’m really happy of what I just found here. That’s an awesome paint job and great WIP article you did. It will certainly be very helpful for me.
  13. Too bad, the picture seems to be no longer available. I just buy a Cinder model and I would have like to see some different interpretation of it before starting mine.
  14. Really nice overall job. My only advise is that maybe some more highlighting on the brown trunk would help enhance the bark. I hope we'll see more of your work soon.
  15. This mini is awesome and you really did a nice pain job. The bluish reflection on the armor is incredible as if the blue flaming sword was making it shine. The hair and eyes are a success and the basing work complete the presentation perfectly. Personally, I think the gold is great. It looks worn and tarnished just as it should look on a 15th level Paladin. Thumbs up!
  16. Nice job! I like Mister Blood red coat and the rusty blades. I like the bases as well. Just wondering, do you have some pictures of you entire army? I’m actually starting my own Razig crew. This army is really inspiring but there is not much pictures of it on the Net.
  17. Wow! I like the mystic feel you obtained with these colors. The blade is absolutely beautiful and the basing work also enhance the presentation. The bow color specially attracted my eyes.
  18. Wow, wonderful paint job and the chipmunks are really cute. There is so many details on this miniature, it must be a real challenge to paint!
  19. Thanks to everyone for the kinds comments. I was a fun mini to paint. I rarely paint none violent mini so it’s nice to see many of you also enjoy it.
  20. Some pictures of Silverhorn painted back in 2008. A wonderful sculpture by Sandra Garrity. I used those colors so it will look like a Little Pony. The base was carved in green stuff.
  21. Really nice charismatic mini! I like all the details, the belts buckles and the face is remarcable.
  22. Another legendary dungeon monster sculpted by Jason Wiebe. Painted back in summer 2008.
  23. This detailed model was sculpted by James van Schaik. I always liked this monster, its capacity to turn adventurers to stone makes it a terrible foe. I painted it back in summer 2008 and I think it was my first try at OSL. I wanted to create a deadly gaze adding a greenish highlight around the eyes. You can see the two eyes don’t point in the same direction giving it the chameleon ability to hunt more efficiently.
  24. Nice gothic style. There is so many details on this mini it’s incredible. The kilt looks good indeed and the eyes and lips are well done too. Do you think you can get a shot of the backside?
  25. I would definitely by in this one too. A X-mas contest would be nice but any winter themed contest would be great. I’ve got some ideas for a chilling presentation title; From the North come the Stormwing, or The cold bite of the Monstrous Snowman, or sweeter like The chilling kiss of the Ice Queen.
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