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  1. Thanks for all your comments they are very appreciated. The skeleton is from GW.
  2. A giant tarantula spider and victim. I folded the legs up as if it was ready to attack.
  3. I finally found some time to complete the paint and take pictures. I will leave it like this for now. If you have suggestions fell free to share them. I really liked the comments and the help from everyone. I hope to renew the experience soon.
  4. Things are going good after 1 hour of highlighting the scales with some orange and yellow. I've also add some ivory on the horns and spine spikes. I'm happy with the result so far.
  5. You may know this one ! Converted 02040: Gargoyle Diablo The Dark Lord of Terror converted and painted back in 2005. The spikes are made of wood, the horns of pewter and the Soulstone on is front is made a pink transparent plastic.
  6. Thanks for the comments and encouragements. Here are some more pictures; showing the other side of the dragon, the white dry brushing and the red dry brushing. The white brushing is a scary part of the process but it definitely help pull up the red.
  7. That Blacksmith was really fun to paint!
  8. Thanks everyone! I’m happy you like the aerial swirls. As you can see, the paint on the entire model is kind of sandy. This effect was obtained involuntarily when the primer came lumping out the can.
  9. I've added some aerial spirals around the elemental to create some movement.
  10. This one is really great. The fur is awesome and the metallic looks like old forged steel. The eyes are also well done, it's really nice realization.
  11. I think I will keep the blue ridge along his back as it is now. I did another blue wash to add more shadow and the blue ridge seem to melt down with the blue shadow of the body scales. Yes, I will definately add some more bone color to the back spikes and the claws.
  12. Today, I've done a red highlight on the body scales. It doesn't show much but the next yellow highlight will surely help.
  13. I just completed one side of the dragon with a purple/blue wash.
  14. No, I think it's 111, 111, 111. What do you think about the Illuminati ?
  15. Hi, the wings membranes glazing is done. I’ve been applying a purple, a medium orange and a sand beige glaze one over the another and I think that will be it. The veins are still showing through and I think the purple edges will help mixing the red color with the purple/pink stripe. Now, I still have to retouch the wings fingers. I’ve also started a dark purple/blue wash over the body scales, it will sure help mix the colors too. Thanks again for advises!
  16. Wow, I like all your comments, it's really helping me and I'm thankful. That's just what I was looking for. You're absolutely right paintminion, the blue previously chosen to colore the membranes used to reinforce the cold colors. I think there was nothing wrong with the blue color choice, it's just that the painting result was not as good as I was expecting. So, I changed for the orange-gold scheme. But you're right, now as I look at it, I also think something will have to be done to rebalance the whole thing. Maybe I should glaze some purple near the edges of the membranes and on some of the bigger scales. I also agree with Jay_Bizzle point, I like the pink/purple stripes along the dragon's body. Maybe I will dull theme down with a dark purple. For now, here are some pictures of the veins. They don't show that much so maybe I will have to retouch theme after the glazing.
  17. Hi, and thanks for the clues! I didn't even know this technic was called glazing. I've been adding some highlighting on the wings and some shadows on the head. I will now continue with the veins.
  18. I've just found these inspiring images on the net. It's a Giant golden-crowned flying-fox wing.
  19. I like the veiny idea, but I just don't know how to paint the vains so that they will really look like veins and not just like some tattoo lines. Up till now, I've been doing some highlighting and a red wash over the wings membrane and the tale spike. For sure, I will also need to add some contrast to the scales with a dark wash.
  20. I particularly like Larodin’s face and the clothes looks great too. Maybe you could add a reflection effect of the clothes on the metallic by simply adding a light blue wash on the armor like you did on the shield.
  21. First hour! Smelly brown base color. I just hope it will soon look better.
  22. That is right, I've put a special attention on the face. I think, the dirty teeth and the dark contour of the eyes help to give him a nasty appearance. I really like Jason Wiebe Were Creatures. Until now, I've also painted two of is Werebear and a G'nort. Dire Wereboar. Recently I converted two other Were Rats that are still to be painted. I've change their weapon for the small throwing axe from the 02455: Weapons Pack IV, but I'm currently re-painting the wings of a Marthrangul dragon so my lycanthropes friends will have to wait. By the way, thanks for all your kind encouragements.
  23. Here are some pictures of a Marthrangul dragon I painted about a year ago. As you can see, the wings membranes are all blue with some lightning effect, but I'm not really happy on how it turned out. So, inspired by TaleSpinner Chimera WIP I decided to re-paint the outside and the inside of the membranes. I think I don't like the color contrast between the red and blue. Maybe a different color scheme will do better! I would also like the improve the entire dragon and the base. Any suggestion?
  24. I had a hard time choosing a color for this one, then I decided to try something really unusual. Maybe a black muzzle would be better! What do you think about it?
  25. This is the second WereRat I've painted.
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