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  1. Wow, this one looks phenomenal! The glass effect on the blade, the NMM gold and the highlighted armour details are absolutely beautiful. Maybe he deserves a better, more detailed base.
  2. You did a really nice job on those Ogres. The armour plates and freehand on the first one are great. The rusty NMM, the skin and hair color are great too and the snow on the bases is very realistic. Thumbs up!
  3. I like your Air Elemental too. The sun light effect is really nice. I also like your color choice for the Water Demon.
  4. I painted this one with the same color sheme used on my larger Air Elemental. I think the color choice makes them look like dust devils lifting sand on their way. I've added some more hay to complete the base.
  5. What happen when two Cockatrice looks into each other's eyes ? a) They both turn to stone. b) They fight till death. c) They fall in love with each other.
  6. Here is my Halloween Lich with her black cat pet. I've made the pumpkin in green stuff to complete the base. 02105, Labella Demornay, Lich sculpted by Bob Ridolfi 02018, Familiar Pack I, cat sculpted by Julie Guthrie, Richard Kerr
  7. Here is my Gastaroth Voivode of the Underdark. He’s riding a Dire Bat out his crypt to hunt for fresh blood on Halloween’s night. I wrapped the right leg of the vampire under additional fabrics to balance his standing position and I changed the blades of his two swords. 02757, Gastaroth, Vampire sculpted by Werner Klocke 02455, Weapons Pack IV, blades also by Werner Klocke 02739, Dire Bat sculpted by Jason Wiebe
  8. Nice paint job, great dripping drool effect. It would be nice to see a picture of the back!
  9. The boots, the potion and the hair of your Gnome are remarkable. The school girl shirt texturing is also very nice.
  10. I like the night tome of the Moor Hound. Sophie’s skin looks silky, nice work. I think your friends will be happy with the result.
  11. I'm realy happy with the result on this one. This mini was fun to paint. I've build the base with green stuff.
  12. Thanks for all your comments they are very appreciated. The skeleton is from GW.
  13. A giant tarantula spider and victim. I folded the legs up as if it was ready to attack.
  14. I finally found some time to complete the paint and take pictures. I will leave it like this for now. If you have suggestions fell free to share them. I really liked the comments and the help from everyone. I hope to renew the experience soon.
  15. Things are going good after 1 hour of highlighting the scales with some orange and yellow. I've also add some ivory on the horns and spine spikes. I'm happy with the result so far.
  16. You may know this one ! Converted 02040: Gargoyle Diablo The Dark Lord of Terror converted and painted back in 2005. The spikes are made of wood, the horns of pewter and the Soulstone on is front is made a pink transparent plastic.
  17. Thanks for the comments and encouragements. Here are some more pictures; showing the other side of the dragon, the white dry brushing and the red dry brushing. The white brushing is a scary part of the process but it definitely help pull up the red.
  18. That Blacksmith was really fun to paint!
  19. Thanks everyone! I’m happy you like the aerial swirls. As you can see, the paint on the entire model is kind of sandy. This effect was obtained involuntarily when the primer came lumping out the can.
  20. I've added some aerial spirals around the elemental to create some movement.
  21. This one is really great. The fur is awesome and the metallic looks like old forged steel. The eyes are also well done, it's really nice realization.
  22. I think I will keep the blue ridge along his back as it is now. I did another blue wash to add more shadow and the blue ridge seem to melt down with the blue shadow of the body scales. Yes, I will definately add some more bone color to the back spikes and the claws.
  23. Today, I've done a red highlight on the body scales. It doesn't show much but the next yellow highlight will surely help.
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