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  1. Thank you @chaosscorpion, I'm glad you like them. They were fun to work on.
  2. Beautiful and smooth, I love it.
  3. Hey everyone, I completed another one Yesterday. Some more orange... on a completely different model. She reminded me of Red Sonja so I decided to paint her hair fiery red. This is 02759, Dena the Barbarian sculpted by Dennis Mize. The Gravestone of Protection 77539 was sculpted by Julie Guthrie and the Shrine is a 3d print by Aleda at Gothic Things.
  4. Great looking model, with that cool vibe from the 90's. You did an amazing work on it. I like the claws and the dirty skin.
  5. Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you enjoyed the ride. I will be more quiet in the next few days. I will do 3d printing, I want to complete the huge cathedral I started printing last year. I'm also working on an old 1996 unit of Troll Slayer Dwarfs from GW. More orange to come.
  6. Hello everyone, here they are all together; 77349, Goblin Command sculpted by Ben Siens. 77444, Goblin Warriors sculpted by Bobby Jackson. 77445, Goblin Skirmishers sculpted by Bobby Jackson. With special guest 77704, Cave Troll sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I took the first four photos outdoors after improvising a background with stones and grass.
  7. Good day everyone, here's the last goblin from my warband. I did only a simple conversion on this one. I swapped its head with that of another goblin. The original 77445, Goblin skirmisher model was sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Loose!
  8. I love it, the montage idea is brilliant. The free hand on the blonde lady's sweater is very well done too.
  9. Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you enjoy my rascals. I'll be posting group pictures tomorrow.
  10. Hey everyone, here's my penultimate mischievous fellow. I swapped its head and weapon with those of other goblins. The original 77444, Goblin warrior models were was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  11. Great work, very inspiring. I like the LED torches, and the fact that the sorcerer is the first one going down the lifter.
  12. Beautiful work on this huge dragon. Welcome to the forum.
  13. Thanks for your comments everyone. You're right @Grand Slam, I haven't seen the movie but according to the preview the demons of The Gate look like evil goblins.
  14. Beautiful work on this old Ral Partha demogorgon. I like the colors you chose.
  15. I enjoy all of your comments, I'm glad you like my dramatic Goblin. I made another one, here.
  16. Hey everyone, here's my second 77445, Goblin casualty marker. This original model was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  17. Great work on this intimidating giant. I like the patina on his belt buckles and his menacing gaze.
  18. I like the way you painted the Tigerman and the lynx fur. Great work on all of them.
  19. It seems to have met the blade of a dwarven axe. I think a giant would have made a pancake out of it. Glad you like it.
  20. Hey everyone, here's another converted Goblin warrior. This one went under the hobby knife and will be used as a casualty marker. The original 77444, model was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  21. Nice work, I love her cloak.
  22. Thanks for your comments everyone. I will no doubt take several group photos when I finish painting them. I don't have a backdrop, but I'll find something. Maybe I'll take pictures outside. 🌳🌲
  23. Hello everyone, here's another converted Goblin. This on is made out of 77444, Goblin warrior sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I swapped its weapon with that of another Goblin.
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