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  1. Beautiful, I love how her face and your work on the base.
  2. Thank you, I can't wait to take group picture of all of them together. The other ones are all converted and I started to painted them. Should post pictures of some of them this week.
  3. Very interesting color and pattern choice. Great work.
  4. Thank you @Loim, glad you are inspired by my work. Make sure to show us your gobbos when you're done.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I may add a drip more venom before taking group pictures. I will mix paint and mod podge to make it more liquid.
  6. Happy holiday everyone, I hope you will all find some time to take a break today. Here's a converted Goblin skirmisher I completed last night. It's made out of 77445, Goblin skirmishers sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I swapped its weapon and shield with those of the other goblin. It was a lot of fun to work on. Have a great day!
  7. Great work on these lovely models. I love the red and gold shield, and the yellow / green hair color you went for.
  8. Hey everyone, what's a tribe without a leader... Here's 77349, Goblin Leader sculpted by Ben Siens. I'm not sure about the poison on the blade, should I add more or change it for blood? Let me know what you think.
  9. Hey everyone, the tribe is still growing. Here's 77349, Goblin Shaman with spider familiar sculpted by Ben Siens.
  10. Inspiring, great work. That shield is chaotic evil; Speech, telepathy, 10 ranks in Intimidate, hold person on an enemy 3/day, cure moderate wounds (2d8+3) on wielder 3/day, cause fear in an enemy at will. 120 ft. darkvision, blindsense, and hearing. Rare item, forged by the Duergar of Gracklstugh. Market value 39 700 gp. 😉
  11. Awesome work. I like the green skulls on the archway, very uninviting. 🙂 The storm giant is very impressive as well. I like the dark purple skin tone you went for.
  12. Thanks for your comments everyone. This model is my favorite of the six. I like the way he's crouched ready to charge. @Iridil, I will take group pictures and prepare something else as well. It should be ready soon. 😎
  13. Good day everyone, here's 77444, Goblin warrior with spear sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Since these goblins are sold with duplicates, I will convert the others by swapping their weapons. I will also paint the goblin command, shaman and leader.
  14. Excellent work, I love the smooth color transition on the pig skin and dwarf nose. The stains on the apron are also perfect.
  15. Thanks for your comments everyone. My goblin skin color recipe goes as follows; the base color is pumpkin orange, then an earth brown wash and layers of orange mixed with maggot white for highlights. Maggot white gives a creamy look to the skin and more to add a tinge of green to it.
  16. Hey everyone, the madness continues. Here's the 77445, Goblin skirmisher with shortbow sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  17. Hello everyone, Here's the others' brother, goblin it be. 77445, Goblin skirmisher with morningstar sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  18. Awesome glowing effect, I like it.
  19. Hey everyone, here's the third in the series of mischievous fellow I'm currently painting. This is the 77444, Goblin Warrior with halberd sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  20. Thanks for your comments! Since this one doesn't wear an armor, I thought it would be fun to paint something on his back to break the monochrome skin color. I'm glad you like the scrap metal shield and the toad skin, these small guys are inspiring.
  21. Hey everyone, here's the second of my mischievous goblinoid. This one is the 77445, Goblin skirmisher with sword and shield sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  22. Thanks everyone, it's always hard to choose a color for the goblins. Since I use my models for D&D games, I chose to go with the description given in the monster manual. This solves the dilemma of new sprout 🍏 and ripe fruit 🍎.
  23. The mischievous horde is on its way! This is 77444, Goblin Warrior with greatsword sculpted by Bobby Jackson. That be a scimitar I'd say. The base is 20mm.
  24. Awesome work, I love the reflection on her hair and the nmm. The fact that you removed her headdress changes the model and makes her more relaxed, I think it help bring the focus to her face. Welcome to the forum.
  25. The contrast on the orange skin is amazing and I love the red cap idea.
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