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  1. Excellent work on the dark highlight of her coat and boots. I like her hair and the way you painted the worn leather as well.
  2. Great job, I love the way the orb catches the eye and the pink, red and blue variation of her clothes.
  3. Hey everyone! Here's the 02630, Frogmen Champion sculpted by Geoff Valley. These colorful Frogmen were a lot of fun to paint. Peace. ✌️
  4. Hey everyone, here's the second 02630, Frogman sculpted by Geoff Valley.
  5. Beautiful smooth work @72moonglum, I think it's the first time I see one painted. I like the orange and red together. 👍
  6. Thanks for your comments everyone. I went with muted colors on this one so it doesn't look too much like Zelda. It's hard to find a different color scheme for the Wood Elf other than the classic green/yellow colors. I'm glad you like it.
  7. Hey everyone, here's something a little more colorful for today. This 02630, Frogmen Shaman was sculpted by Geoff Valley. I really enjoyed painting that model, I like the idea of a dragonfly familiar. I'll be painting the other two of the set as well as the metal version of the Squog Warriors by Jason Wiebe.
  8. Awesome, I like how the pale color from the inner part of the cloak brings forward the darker color of the leather. Great work on the shield as well.
  9. Hey everyone, here's Lanaerel Grayleaf the wood elf. This Dungeon Dwellers model was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  10. Awesome work @Peithetairos! As I mentionned on Facebook, I really like the composition of your diorama. The osl effect is very well done and the fireflies add a nice touch of magic. The conversions you did on both models are also amazing. 👍
  11. Hey everyone, here's my latest. This is a 77341, lioness painted as a celestial tiger. This model was sculpted by Geoff Valley. I used the 77704, Cave Troll base for this one since I had printed another base for my Troll.
  12. It's a beautiful sculpt indeed. The ridges on each side of the neck are very delicate and were a little more difficult to paint. I especially like the shape of the head and the model in general.
  13. Here is a model I wanted to paint for a long time. I decided to give it a twist by adding an artifact on its base. This is an 03655, Iron Cobra sculpted by Andrew Pieper. The Orb is from the 02652, Magic Treasures III and the base is a 40mm wide 74024 base.
  14. Awesome, I like the bluish chainmail and helmet. I like the base as well.
  15. Maybe part of the reason the second one look rather unfriendly is because of the way he has his fist closed and and he holds his forearm in the air. Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed them.
  16. Hey everyone, here's the third priest of the 02950, Townsfolk VII Clergy set sculpted by Bobby Jackson Plus, a group picture.
  17. Hey everyone, here's the second priest from the 02950, Townsfolk VII Clergy set sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  18. Thank you @Guyra, I'm glad you like it. With his backpack and all his equipment, he was a real pleasure to paint.
  19. Here comes Friar Tuck the Merry Man. 02950, Townsfolk VII: Clergy (A) sculpted by Bobby Jackson. That was a fun one to paint.
  20. Great color choice for her clothes and I like the attention you put on her eyebrows and lips, it brings out the expression on her face.
  21. Thanks everyone, it was a lot of fun to paint. I especially like how the shield looks with the ground reflecting on the lower part.
  22. Many thanks @72moonglum, much appreciated.
  23. Hey everyone, here's an heavy armored fellow ready for adventure. 07011, Borin Ironbrow the Dwarf Adventurer was sculpted by Bobby Jackson. He was initialy part of the Dungeon Dwellers line. Hopefully, he will make the jump and eventually be integrated into the Bones USA line.
  24. Great work on the nmm bronze, it contrast beautifully with the chain shirt. Another fine memorabilia piece for your collection.
  25. Many thanks for the kind words everyone, it's very appreciated. @Peithetairos, at first I thought of making the light source more intense, but while painting I thought that the flame of a candle would only produce a very weak orange light.
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