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  1. Here comes Friar Tuck the Merry Man. 02950, Townsfolk VII: Clergy (A) sculpted by Bobby Jackson. That was a fun one to paint.
  2. Great color choice for her clothes and I like the attention you put on her eyebrows and lips, it brings out the expression on her face.
  3. Thanks everyone, it was a lot of fun to paint. I especially like how the shield looks with the ground reflecting on the lower part.
  4. Many thanks @72moonglum, much appreciated.
  5. Hey everyone, here's an heavy armored fellow ready for adventure. 07011, Borin Ironbrow the Dwarf Adventurer was sculpted by Bobby Jackson. He was initialy part of the Dungeon Dwellers line. Hopefully, he will make the jump and eventually be integrated into the Bones USA line.
  6. Great work on the nmm bronze, it contrast beautifully with the chain shirt. Another fine memorabilia piece for your collection.
  7. Many thanks for the kind words everyone, it's very appreciated. @Peithetairos, at first I thought of making the light source more intense, but while painting I thought that the flame of a candle would only produce a very weak orange light.
  8. I agree osl and freehand on the cloak are awesome. The face is also amazing.
  9. Here's one of my favorite models 03404, Gris Knotslip sculpted by Jason Wiebe, such a storytelling character.
  10. I kept that one for years in a box. I believe I had the three of the set, still of another one of them unpainted and probably sold the other one. Thanks to you @72moonglum and the lostminiwiki, I was able to track the production number and then more information on the RAFM catalog. 👍 I hope to paint the other necromancer soon and other surprising models as well.
  11. Awesome set of furniture, I like the look of the wood grain. Sing along; Won't you come into my room? I wanna show you all my wares...
  12. Hey everyone, here's a RAFM model I painted lately. 3615 (C), Necromancer was sculpted by Stephen Koo and was part of the Monsters of Chaos series in 1994.
  13. Great work on these mold folks. I like the neutral palette you selected and the glow of their eyes.
  14. Fantastic, I like all the different colors on the wings.
  15. Your right, I was able to catch up and watch Reaper Live today. Ron explained everything during the show and I saw the main page announcement too. Thanks! 👍
  16. Hey everyone! I completed Dorella last September and just found some time last week to paint and add her pet next to her. Here's Dorella Kreeg and her Giant Rat familiar named "It Tickles". She's a sorcerer in The Hook Mountain Massacre Written by Nicolas Logue, the third chapter in the Rise of the Runelords adventure path published in 2007 for Pathfinder. 60027, Dorella Kreeg the Ogre Shaman was sculpted by David Summers and the 07031, Giant Rats (familiar) were sculpted by Julie Guthrie. There is a magnet under the rat that has no base so it can stay securely on Dorella's base or be removed when the other model is used individually on its 25mm base.
  17. Dungeon Dwellers 07031, Giant Rat sculpted by Julie Guthrie. The base is 25mm. Is that model already oop? (Should be released in bones USA this year).
  18. Thanks for your comments. The base color I used on the base was 29846, spruce green and 29848, jungle camo for the skin. They are both oop MSP HD paint...
  19. Some more ghouly chill down your spine, this is the stuff of nightmare. These are 77720, Ghouls and Ghast sculpted by Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi.
  20. As you continue exploring the cathacomb, you catch sight of a ghastly humanoid creature walk in your direction. The stench of death and rot lingered around its undead forms. You recognize with horror, a minion of the dark necromancer queen Kiaransalee. This is a 77159, Ghast sculpted by James Van Schaik.
  21. Well, I'm a little late... or very early. Anyhow, here is my 01525 Santa Dwarf by Jason Wiebe. I had prepared this one hoping to paint it in December, but I didn't have the chance to complete it before the holidays. So here it is now. I wish you all the best for this new year, keep on painting.
  22. Happy birthday Sir @chaosscorpion, I hope you had a good one.
  23. I like the red and green colors you blended on the skin, they are contrasting beautifully. It's perfect for a huge sea creature.
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