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  1. Hello everyone, here are some ensemble pictures of my entry in the "Dia de los Muertos" Sugar Skull Painting Contest. I had simply posted a closeup photo of the skull for the contest. This is the Bones version of 77116, Colossal Skeleton sculpted by Jason Wiebe. This Undead is Huge, 120mm tall, almost 5 inches. Notice I repositioned its arms and removed the shrouds that were hanging between its legs. The other elements on the base are from Reaper Miniatures as well. There are 77528, Graveyard Ruined Fences by Bob Ridolfi, a 77531, Graveyard Fence Post and 77731, Gargoyle Finials also by Bob Ridolfi, a 77538, Gravestone of Sorrow sculpted by Julie Guthrie and one of the 77534, Tombstones sculpted by Kevin Williams. I used roots, birch tree seed hulls and various synthetic mosses to complete the scene. The base is 75mm (3 inches) wide and was 3d printed. Enjoy!
  2. Hello everyone, I wish you all a great Halloween.
  3. Great painting. I like the highlight on the mane and agree the stripes gives it a unique look.
  4. Awesome painting @Guyra, happy Halloween.
  5. For the rainy days, 77538 Gravestone of Sorrow sculpted by Julie Guthrie. This one will be part of a bigger upcoming project I'm currently working on.
  6. Thanks everyone! After receiving feedback, I will eventually rework this model to add weathering effect and moss.
  7. Hello everybody, here's another of my marble extravaganza for Halloween. This is 77539, Gravestone of Protection sculpted by Julie Guthrie.
  8. You did some very smooth blends of colors, it created a beautiful dark osl effect. I especially like the transition area showing the dark blue and the purple on the last picture.
  9. Beautifully done, I like the striped shirt and the way you painted the white cape. 👍
  10. Many thanks everyone, I appreciate your comments. I painted the scales very dark to create a good contrast with the skin. Then, I added a little 29834 field grey in there to create a link with the colors of the base. I printed the base and since it was rather simple, I glued fine sand to it to increase the level of detail. I kept the original troll base for another model which I will post soon.
  11. Thank you @Darcstaar, I added the glowing yellow / green saliva at the very end. My thought was that this hungry troll didn't find any prey during his hunt. He ended up eating fluorescent mushrooms which give his saliva this strange color. I practiced coloring the skin a lot on the ogre that I painted this summer. It was a good exercise to improve the glazing technique. I'm glad you like it.
  12. Hello everyone, here are more pictures of my entry in the 18th Quarterly Contest. This is 77704, Cave Troll sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated. A big thank you to Reaper for organizing this colorful contest and 54 times thank you to those who voted for my creature.
  13. @Poilu_1914 I used 09438 Tempest Gray, 09290 Aircraft Gray and the greenish granite color comes from oop 29834 Field Gray. I mixed the colors with the tip of my brush, it's just like the sponge technique in a way.
  14. I really like how you painted the "main" eye, the overlapping iris lines create a lot of depth.
  15. Great work @Glitterwolf!! I like the composition of the scene, as if the dolls were rushing at Burton when he opens the door. I also like how you have put some pieces of dolls on the shelves, as if Lilith was in the process of creating more of her minions. 👍
  16. Great work on both of them.
  17. Thanks for the comments everyone. Since you like that one so much, I took more pictures to show some of the details. I went with bronze metallic paint on the trim and details. It's been years I haven't use metallic paint, it was a happy reunion. I will certainly repeat the experience soon.
  18. Hello everyone! Halloween is getting close... now's a good time to start chewing garlic. Here's my 77137, Sarcophagus sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
  19. Hey everyone, here is another model on which I practiced marble painting as an alternative to regular stone. This 77634, Graveyard Statue was sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
  20. It is amazing to see the evolution over a long period of time. The result is particularly remarkable on the face and the hair. The richness of the red is also striking. 👍
  21. Superb painting @Shredzilla666, I like the variation of shades of green and how all the wounds contrast with the dominant color.
  22. Thanks for your comments everyone! @Darcstaar Yes, I applied light dry brushing, shading and staining. In fact, I went back and forth with dry brushing and shading at least twice on each surface. The material these models are made of is very porous and absorbs paint a lot. The final dry brushing was 29825 Tusk Ivory on both the stones and the wood.
  23. Hey everyone, here are pictures of the Tabletop world Cottage I painted this week. I painted it mostly with Reaper MSP paint. The stones were painted with 9088 Stormy Grey and 9089 Cloudy Grey. The shingles were painted with 09028 Muddy Brown, 09030 Leather Brown, 09031 Tanned Leather and 29825 Tusk Ivory. I also added rust effect on the metal parts using 09028 Muddy Brown and 09469 Fireball Orange. I finally added shading with a 09255 Black Wash on some areas to give more contrast to the stones and shingles. More pictures...
  24. Awesome work @Iridil, I especially like the rotting giant zombie and the osl coming from the lanterns.
  25. Since even cultists love fashion, I went with purple marble on this one. This is the Bones version of the 77139, Altar of Evil sculpted by Bob Olley.
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