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  1. Beautiful work @72moonglum, she's a cuty. I like how you painted the potion. 👍
  2. Many thanks for the kind words everyone, I'm glad you like it.
  3. Hey everyone, here's another sarcophagus I painted for an upcoming D&D session. This one is the 77632, Sarcophagus sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
  4. Awesome work @warswithtoys, I like the extra sand and moss you added. 👍
  5. Great work @Iridil, I like how you brought out all the decorative details on his coat.
  6. Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm really glad you like it.
  7. Hey everyone, here's a two-piece model I painted for my current D&D campaign. Strongly attached to the Halloween theme 77540, Large Sarcophagus sculpted by Kevin Williams. A place of eternal rest, unless there are ghouls around.
  8. Many thanks for all your comments everyone, I appreciate it. ✌️ I am going to do a little montage to display the Mouslings and Halloween models that I have painted recently. About three weeks to go before Halloween, I should have enough time.
  9. Hey! Here are my 02992, Jack O'Lanterns & Pumpkins sculpted by Tim Kaufman and Sandra Garrity.
  10. Hey everyone, I got another one of these cuties. I went for the classic witch color this time around. This is a 03535, Halloween Mousling sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
  11. Trick or treat, let start the week with a Halloween theme Mousling. This is the ghost costumed 03535, Halloween Mousling sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
  12. Hi everyone, here's a crossover I prepared especially for today. This little mouse is a 03535, Halloween Mousling 1 sculpted by Gene Van Horne. I painted her in pinktober colors.
  13. That's a very cool model and your repaint is amazing. Dinosaurs and the evolution of species always fascinated me. I often watch documentaries about the subject while peinting.
  14. Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like it. 🎃
  15. Hello everyone! With Halloween at the door, it promises to be a very colorful month. Here's 01545, Punkin' Headed Bugbear sculpted by Jason Wiebe. This Special Edition Miniature was originally available only at the 2014 Reaper Artist Conference. It was later release under sku: 04044. The base is a 74024, 40mm square plastic base.
  16. I like the orb a lot and the cape is amazing.
  17. You did an amazing paint on her. The result is especially remarcable on her face, she seems to be watching someone in the ballroom.
  18. Hey everyone, here comes the hero! And, group pictures with the Zombies. This is model 01512, Mousling Chainsaw Hero that was part of Reaper Artist Con 2010 Special Edition Figures sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
  19. Great story @haldir, Reaper people are awesome. This zombie horde promises to be quite a scene to see.
  20. Awesome work, especially since you sculpted the model yourself. I like the dynamic posture and the the cold blue color you went for. Congrats for the gold!
  21. Good day everyone, here is the second 01512 Mousling Zombie sculpted by Gene Van Horne for Reaper Artist Con 2010.
  22. Sublime, your photos are so crisp that we can truly appreciate all the detail and quality of your paint job. I love it.
  23. Thanks for your comment @chaosscorpion. You're right, I should have added some green color to simulate rot.
  24. Hey everyone, here comes another set of Mousling. This on is 01512, Mousling Zombie. It was part of Reaper Artist Con 2010 Special Edition Figures sculpted by Gene Van Horne.
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