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  1. Talio

    Warhammer 40 and such

    Nice enough, but still the hostility. Now I've heard of this What you see rule, and I wonder how strict they are at the gamestores around here, though heck there armies are only half painted most of the time. I understand, some conversions can be a pain in the neck, but it doesn't seem like it should be enough to put a damper on the whole game. Granted, I have not made my mind up about whether I like the rules system or not, I'm already having a blast putting these guys together. I'm even making a run up to the local GW store on friday to see if they'll give me a demo and maybe help me pick an army. As for the direct hostility toward game rules. Over the last three weeks I have read about sixty game manuals, and all of them seemed to be based on the Warhammer set in some form. Now granted, they weren't exact, and granted it's impossible to make a game that won't have any similarities to another, but it still strikes me that so many games even to be clones of Warhammer, or just warhammer on a smaller scale. Granted at one time that's what I was looking for, but I've come to love the GW rules so much, that I've got to atleast play some skirmishes. I'm not sure if I'll ever make it to full scale battles, but small scale are a must at this point.
  2. Talio

    Warhammer 40 and such

    Yeah, thats my biggest draw to it. I tried one or two others, like them but thought, "NO NO, Don't get hooked, You'll never find anyone to play it." Unfortunetly I am whipped. My girlfriend told me to get Warhammer fantasy instead of 40k, and like a good dog, I did what I was told. It seems cool. Let me learn these rules, make an army, play for a while, and then we'll see about 40k. Really it looks to #### inticing to pass up. But I'm over the basic GW hatred bull. They're just trying to make money, and I'm ok with that. Hey, that's what a business is, and there's gotta be something good about these things since soo many people play. Ok, thanks alot, Talio.
  3. Talio

    Warhammer 40 and such

    Ok I understand that there is a huge group who hate GW. I have to admit I was/am one of them. But really when I ask myself why I disliked them, I could not come up with a good reason. So enlighten me, what is it that makes them far less superior to other game companys?
  4. Ok, I posted this question in the general disscussion board, and then thought it be smarter to put something in the sci fi section. Alright, here's my question. I've always been into fantasy games, and I've been searching all over for one to play, when I suddenly thought, that perhaps a scifi game would be even better. I like fantasy, but if I really want to play a fantasy miniature game, I'll just play d and d. So, to tell you what I want. I want a sci fi miniature skirmish game. I don't like the idea of large units that have to move together like in Warhammer Fantasy. I've been told that units in 40k are considered to be individuals, which perked my attention. So now onto the actual post. Warhammer 40k for those who play it. One, is it story based, meaning, do you play through campaigns, or just fight a big battle and it's over. Two, is it fun, and why. And three, if I do decide to get into it, how much is it going to run me? If it's a good game, what do I need to try it out. What units should I buy. I basically want to know the pros and cons of this game. If any of you have any other suggestions for better games, please, please post them. Thanks a lot, Talio
  5. hmm, that was pretty diverse, any idea what color they are meant to be, I can't find any fantasy artwork. As I said, I've just got no vision with this guy oh well it will come to me. Thanks, anymore suggestions would be welcomed
  6. I've read quite a few fantasy novels and normally I'm pretty good at color scemes, but what in the world color is an Imp. I'm just at a complete loss. I am at a stand still with this guy. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you. Talio
  7. Talio

    Mini games

    Well I just found something really neat. I know that this is tatamount to blasphemy for me to say, but I've read over the Mage Knight rules, and it looks like a nice game for me to play on the side without spending alot of money. I know, I know, pre-painted mini's are, in no other terms, blasphemous. I agree. But Wizkids has no shocked me to v-fib. They sell painters edition boosters, meaning they come unassembled and unpainted. Being pre-painted was the one thing holding me back from this game, but now, I've been sold. This may be common knowledge, but to me, it's shocking. If your thinking that it's alot of money to spend on mini's that you have no say in what you get is rediculous and a waste of money. But for five bucks I get five mini's. I pay that much for one, and sometimes I pay more ::cough cough gamesworkshop cough cough::. So, I'm going to buy a booster and see what it's like. I've ended up painting mini's for other people mostly, so having no say in what I paint is nothing new to me. Alright guys I'll tell you how it turns out, maybe even post pics.
  8. Talio

    Mini games

    Wow, I just checked out hundred kindoms website and this looks like a cool cheap game. It also looks as if you can get away with not using theyre particular mini's and combine rules. I tried the Lord of the Rings warhammer game and didnt really like it. I also read the warhammer rulebook, and really it looks like a pretty lowsy game. But Hundred Kindoms looks more like alot of fun. I've downloaded all the rule books and it looks like I can acquire the mini's myself, as well as make some neat house rules to incorperate other mini's and even create my own armies. Thanks alot guys for pointing this out, I always thought it was an easter fighting game, but now that I see it acquires both eastern and western historical style armies, I think I'm entitled as well as obligated to play it at least once. Thanks guys. Talio
  9. Talio

    Mini games

    OK, I'm in the Delaware/Phildelphia area and am very active in the newark gaming community. I pride myself to think I know or have met at one time or another every gamer in this area. And for the most part they like the standard steroetypical games, i e magic, warhammer. I was thinking about picking up blood bowl, but once again, I think that you are forced to play with games workshop mini's and for me, that stinks, cause I hate gamesworkshop. I have been looking at some of the wizkids games, and almost made a decision untill I found out they came painted, and that ruined it. Guys at the game store were talking about a warmachine demo coming up soon, anyone know where I can get some info on that, a website maybe? I have to tighten my belt a bit, because the store just restocked the reaper and got in some brand new rackham figs, which I have been slobbering over since I first saw the catalog. Interestingly enough, it seems the makers of the better figs, don't have games to go along with them. Like I said I'm planning on getting into d and d this summer, which may or may not satisfy me, at the same time checking out warlord. OK thats enough from me. Thanks for all the help. Talio
  10. Talio

    Mini games

    Thanks guy's, I gotta look around, of course I'm going to need players, and thats always hard around here. Mostly they play Warhammer, but it's so dang nab expensive, I just don't think it's worth it. I'm going to be getting into d and d soon, but i may look at morhiem. Thanks alot.
  11. I'm a painter mostly, and I play some mtg, but other than that, I don't play other games. I'd like to get into some games to play that uses my mini's or forces me to get new ones and paint them, which is fine. Any help?
  12. I use anitas, and it works ok, vallejo makes excellent paints as well and come in eye dropppers and are much cheaper than citidel
  13. I'm guessing that the gamer brushes, citadel and pro paint are natural, I'm looking to buy some of these, because they are pretty cheap, and not crap like what i am using.
  14. I love the pigma pens, but all i use is spray finish. I'd tell you to use it before you do any sealing. I usually basecoat, shade, highlight, details and usually do stuff like dotting the eyes when i detail, with my pen, then spray.
  15. where is the ren faire you work at?
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