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  1. So Halloween is a week away and no mini yet? maybe a Thanksgiving mini? I could see a Soaphie as an indian or pilgrim or just have regular Indians and pilgrims maybe a turkey or something
  2. Any ideas? back to a Sophie? or something different?
  3. I am looking for some American Revolution figures or just a George Washington figure , I have seen some 15mm figures but I want them more Reaper size , It would be great if Reaper could just make one,HINT -HINT,
  4. How close are reap figures to 1/43 scale? I want some figures to go with a 1/43 scale car.
  5. A few years ago I saw i painted upfemale indian figure on a website ( cant remember the name) but it was a Pocahontas figure , now I cant findone any where or even that it ever exsited, any helpout there?
  6. Hockey figures , a wholeteam with a center and 2 wingers , 2 Defencemen and a Goalie, then do different poses, And youn could have a standing pose so you could have the entire team for the national Anthem , and a Goal celebration pose with a skater with his arms up,
  7. Hi, is there any way to get the 2009 Reapercon Artist Sophie? Ive looked online ( all the sites that i know of) but i cant find her anywhere.
  8. Hockey players 6 different total 3 forwards/center, 2 defencemen, and a goalie, then a pack with nets and different heads and goalie masks. Football players, if it was broke up by body type you could get 22 players in different poses with just torsos/legs as 1 piece than have extra heads and arms. baseball players, Race Car Drivers any of the above could be from any era from the last 100 years . More Indians, any year , any tribe , doing anything, fighting , cooking , biulding a tipi, hunting, playing hockey , anything.
  9. Just wondering if something changed about shipping. orders used to take 2-3 days for me , and its been 2 weeks and i still havent recieved my order. or any emails ,
  10. Has any one ever made Night Mare before X-mas figure miniatures from the movie?
  11. I have the Giant Eagle , I put him in the slotted base that he came with and in primeing him he broke almost a clean break between the feathes and the base. Now i think i want him rised up a little off the grond , but i cant figure out the best way to do it. I also have the Gamezone giant Eagles 1, 2 and 3 and they really don't have any type of base , so what ever i do it will have to be done 4 times , I ve looked around online at some of the pre-made "stock " bases but nothing has really jumped out at me .
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