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  1. I think she looks great! Whether it was intentional or not, I like the saturated, anime look.
  2. Yeah, they're matt sealed. They don't look shiny at all in person so I suspect it may be the lighting or the camera. I may hit her with matte varnish again. And I may base them eventually. If you look at my other figures I've posted here, I usually do basing but the anniversary of our 50 Fathoms game is coming up and they are going to be going on the cake, so I don't want to base them just yet. Then again, with all the figures I have to paint PLUS three Bones Kickstarters, I'm not so sure if I want to go to that much effort. I didn't realize he even had a mustache. With my magnifier, it looks like he might have half a mustache so I just figures it was a mold line. Maybe it's just to slight to show up well in the Bones material. I may go back and fix that.
  3. My first actual Bones characters if you will. So far, the only Bones I've painted have been the terrain, furniture and statue pieces.
  4. Nice job! I love the Infinity figures.
  5. Kind of surprised no one else has posted this. Modiphius is putting out the Infinity RPG in cooperation with Corvus Belli: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modiphius/corvus-bellis-infinity-roleplaying-game Love the figures and art and played a little of the skirmish game. I like what I've seen of the setting so far and have thought it would make a good RPG. I was going to do it with Savage Worlds but I guess I'll wait and see how the 2D20 system works out now.
  6. Does anyone else have problems Copy and Pasting links to the forum or using the "Link" option when making a post? I've been trying to create a post in the Kickstarter section when I couldn't find a post for the new Infinity RPG Kickstarter but it will not let me post a link no matter what I try and I seem to recall having this problem before. Is the board having compatibility issues with IE or something?
  7. Here's some pics of our 50 Fathoms game this afternoon. This is our big confrontation with a Chinese Sorcerer, Dr. Vin, right hand man Iron Chow and his minions, to stop their human sacrifice. The zombies were actually ninja types but someone forgot to bring the ninja figs.
  8. Very nice! For the Huntress, I would suggest just gluing some very fine sand and paint it black with a dark gray dry brush and it should like the asphalt they use on roofs. For Batgirl, I'd suggest laying down thin layer of green stuff and then scribe some straight lines in it to make it look like concrete sidewalk. You can even glue some grass in the scribed in cracks to look like it's growing through the concrete. Use some taller grass for weeds. Or like I did with these. The concrete curb is just green stuff with static grass for the rest and the street is just green stuff to fill in the slot, sanded smooth and painted black to look like the street.
  9. Well, that's too bad. One of them would be perfect for my Mythos character but I've had no luck finding female Greeks with spear, shield and armor. Edit: Spaztica, would I be able to get your permission to reuse your photo, to post on other message boards in an attempt to identify the figures?
  10. Wow! Nice load of figures. If I may ask, who makes the female Greeks?
  11. Not a great pic but here's a couple of Reaper mini's that I've shown here in our 50 Fathoms game this afternoon. Unfortunately, "Kraken Jack" (03135: B'thuhl, Bathalian Pirate) our Elementalist, has his back to the camera AND the enemy (WOTC D&D figure) as he's shy. Or getting ready to make a "heroic" run for it, most likely. "Black Anne" (03337: Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard) reformed Pirate Captain, has just "Shaken" the bad guy and the Scurillian Suratos (figure unknown) has moved in for the kill while the bad guys green minion looks on, helpless.
  12. Yeah, I'll also run it by both of my 50 Fathoms games but I doubt any of them will be interested. Almost all of the players in my first one were baffeled that you might need figures for a Savage World games and while I haven't joined the second game yet, they sound about the same.
  13. I'm not adverse to doing so again. Saturday nights or every other Saturday are doable if we can arrange the every other Saturday with my day off. One of players in my Bolt Action group has brought up doing a painting get together in the past but she hasn't even been able play since she started working again so am doubtful she would make it but I will put it to them if it comes together.
  14. This is the Pathfinder Amiri figure 60003 that I painted up yesterday for my Half Ugak character named Muk in another 50 Fathoms game. For those unfamiliar with 50 Fathoms it's Pirates of the Caribbean turned up to 11 and full Ugaks are basically red orc barbarians. This was my first attempt at red skin and I'm pleased with the result. Though I think the pictures make the figure look better then it actually is, which is a first I think. Usually the photos show all the errors you made.
  15. I haven't posted any figures here lately because I've been obsessed with Bolt Action, the WII war game. Not sure if it's okay to post these since most of them are tanks and not really figures but they are 28mm. :) Here's just some of what I've been working on the last few months. The soldiers are just painted to table top army standard but I'm most pleased with the German tanks. The camo is the first I've ever done with an airbrush.
  16. She's adorable and I love the colors! Well painted!
  17. Hmmm, cool. I was looking at some of Relic Knights that I liked but they were listing them as being 32mm and I know that's becoming a popular scale lately. Maybe they were including the base in the measurement.
  18. Really nice! I have this figure waiting on my paint bench, if I can ever get to it. Quick question though, doesn't Relic Knight use something like 32mm figures? Hasslefree tend to the small side as it is and if that's case won't she look really tiny?
  19. He looks really nice but that base really sells it!
  20. With their mouths open, that gesture and all lined up like makes me think of a mummy chorus line! MUMMIES! THE MUSICAL! groan *kick* groan *kick* *jazz hands*
  21. Well, I just started airbrushing and I used a squeeze bottle I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Kind of like the reaper paint bottles. That way I could mix it and if I needed more I could just squirt more in instead of having to remix and I could shake it before adding more. That seemed to work pretty well.
  22. Sounds like I need to get a pressure regulator then. Another question if you don't mind. The compressor I was given is a Paasch. With the airbrush hooked up, it seems to be really slow to get going when you first plug it in/turn it on. It slowly (and I do mean slowly) chugs until it builds up to speed like I expect a regular compressor to do. It takes about 5 minutes to build up to speed before you can start painting. If you start it with out the airbrush hooked up it starts right up but as soon as you hook the airbrush it slows back down again until it builds up speed. I know airbrush compressors can be different than a norman high PSI compressor but is this normal? I know it's been in storage for awhile and they're supposed to be "lube-less" but it doesn't seem normal to me. Will it loosen up over time or is there something I can or should do?
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