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  1. I'm in a bit of a Wuxia mood lately so... Jiangshi (aka Chinese Hopping Vampires) Chinese Ghost. Female security guard with magical Jian. Enlightened male warrior with magical Jian. Large Chinese Demons Taoist Priests Shaolin Monks Drunken-Style Fighters
  2. One of the things I note while looking at the CAV is the size of the hex bases that come with the model. The one-inch hex bases seem a little small for the models. Can I mount my CAVs on a larger base or is standard one-inch hex regulation size?
  3. Muskego, WI (just West of Milwaukee). Played a little CAV in the 00's before I had to sell my figs due to financial pressures. With the current Kickstarter, I'm looking to get back into the game. I'm also interested in Heavy Gear, Horizon Wars, Full Thrust, Hammer's Slammers Crucible, and other sci-fi shoot em' up games.
  4. The Pathfinder Serpentfolk figs. They are by far my favorite "snake-men" figures and I'd buy a lot more for Lovecraftian/Hyperborean gaming if they were Bones.
  5. I'd to see the Pathfinder serpentmen figures made as Bones, please.
  6. Yes! Mi-go and Elder Things and Yithians (Oh my!)....
  7. A giant Gila Monster. I need one or two for "The Day After Ragnarok." Oh! Giant snakes would also be nice.
  8. Can we get packs of Numenera-style weapons so we can modify existing figures?
  9. I'd like to see more Lovecraftian monsters. Especially Deep Ones Mi-go Elder Things. I'd also like to see Reaper try it's hand at Barsoomian Sword-&-Planet figures: Earthling warlord and his Martian Princess. Generic Martians (which could be painted Red, White, Black, Yellow, etc) Green Martians. White Apes, Bants, Apts, Calots, Thoats.
  10. Color me sad. I still haven't received my Vampire + Red Dragon +Cthulhu yet.
  11. There are quite a few choices. Adament's "Mars" has already been mentioned. For folks who like Savage Worlds there is [a href="http://www.savagebarsoom.com]a blog featuring a playable set of homebrewed rules.[/a] Skirmisher Publisher has [a href="http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=2132&products_id=51403]"Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars: Shadow of a Dying Planet"[/a] for D20. For those, like me, who embrace the OSR, there is the upcoming [a href=http://warriorsoftheredplanet.blogspot.com/]"Warriors of the Red Planet."[/a] for players of OD&D/AD&D and associated retro-clones. With the John Carter movie coming out in a couple of months, I'd think that more game companies would want to jump on the Sword & Planet bandwagon. I'd certainly like to see Reaper's treatment of Barsoom.
  12. I'd like to suggest: Giant Gila Monsters Giant Snakes Robert E. Howard-Style Serpent Men. Plumed Serpents Feathered Velociraptors Pterosaurs Greek Warriors Classical Gorgons Drakes (Wingless Dragons)
  13. Also, many paleontologists now think that Dromaeosauridae like velociraptor had feathers.
  14. I'd like to see some 28mm dolphins and orcas.
  15. siefertma

    Sci-fi range?

    I do have to wonder at the wisdom of tying a Reaper sci-fi line into the CAV universe. Yes, CAV is Reaper's baby, but sci-fi role-players have been looking for a quality set of GENERIC sci-fi miniatures for years and making it exclusive it to a single, specific universe--even an in-house universe--will limit the variety quite a bit. I would love to see Reaper's sci-fi line be a varied as their fantasy line, but if all I'm getting are CAV pilots and CAV soldiers, then I'm going to be really disapointed.
  16. The topic of miniatures came up on one of the Traveller message boards and there was a large degree of agreement that the company that should be doing miniatures for our game would have to be Reaper. I would love to see them do Vargr/Aslan/ Imperial Marine in Battledress/ basic human adventurer figures. Since they do CADD for their CAV line, they could also do a pretty good job rendering some of the ships too. Sadly, the last effort to get a Traveller mini line failed miserably last year, and Marc Miller doesn't seem to have either the money or desire to produce a new line of figures.
  17. I think what many gamers like myself want is a line of "generic" futuristic and alien character figures (not connected to any current lines... not even CAV) that are of Dark Haven quality for use in our games of Traveller or Transhuman Space, or whatever sci-fi game you happen to play. Sadly, it seems that the money for RPG figs is in fantasy as sci-fi gamers are a minority in an industry where High Fantasy seems to be the only marketable genre. (Screw you Tolkien! Screw you to hell!) Here's to hoping that someone, maybe Reaper, can come along and fill this much neglected market. Later, Mark A. Siefert
  18. siefertma

    New cav owner

    Actually, I finally got ahold of some Reaper hex bases. At first I noticed that the leg made the figure too high to sit on the base. However, buy gluing a nickel between the fig and the base, I covers the gap nicely. Now I just glue a nail in one of the rear corners and we're all set. All in all, it looks pretty good.
  19. siefertma

    New cav owner

    I do like the idea of the nail and beads, bt what you you do for hexless figs like the Scorpion? Later, Mark A. Siefert
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