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  1. Well... After having this mini for what? 2-3 years! I found her in storage and then decided to finally paint her up as a birthday present for my wife. Thought I'd share the results of this labor with you. Enjoy! Cheers!
  2. The stuff they make T-Gel out of perhaps? T-Gel is what they use in Breeders. You could come up with something, you know.
  3. Nadin... Those Landships are 1/3500 scale. So, unless you want to move grains of sand around as gears, I don't think they'll be compatible with HG TAC. Heck, I'm not sure if I really want a Resin Dropship... Those things'll be huge and heavy. The Hercules is just fine as far as I'm concerned. As far as DPE goes... I say, "Three cheers for Marc and the gang!" I really hope they do well. HG really deserves to a shot at the big screen, and maybe this will get the ball pointed in the right direction.
  4. That doesn't compute... How can we say Imperator won't do well because there's BFG (with their $30 Tau Cruisers), while we're doing Warlord when there's... Mordheim, WHFB, Warmachine, Confrontation, D&D, Mageknight, Mageknight 2, LoTR, LoTR plastic, ect, ect, ect. Granted, the customer demographic is quite a bit more diverse in Fantasy than in Space Combat, but, who are we kidding here?
  5. I'm not sure if it resolved itself earlier... But: Is the overdrive function a part of the Gkw-14 weapon system (like the BL Dictator)? Or, is the Overdrive an integril part of the '70 chassis? It's my humble opinion that the overdrive function should either be a part of the weapon or the chassis... Not, a pod in and of itself. 'Else everybody and their Grandma's dog will be Overdriving their stuff. As far as all them numbers are concerned... I think we're looking too much into it. Instead of simply glossing it as "cheese", look for way to defeat it. The '70 Dictator, like the Rhino before it, and the StarHawk VI after it, is just another threat to be dealt with on the battlefield. To coin a phrase, "Evolve, or die."
  6. If I'm running along and I get shot in the leg... I'm going down like a sack of potatoes. I don't think this rule is problematic. Stuff gets damaged in combat and if that damage prevents you from getting to cover, then, sorry... SOL. You did explain to them how much that beast costs to field, right? 455 points is a lot of tabletop space that this guy is taking up. Heck, for that many points, I can field 2 Whisper Missiles and still have some points left over. And, while they may be absolute studs on the table, they still suk against soft targets... So, Tsuisekis will own them. I also want to point out the weakness of the '70 Dictator, and other Dictators for that matter. Once they start taking damage, it becomes much easier to hit them, as their ECM degrades immediately. Soften them up with IF attacks from your fire support elements, then finish them with Mantis's, Starhawks and Gladiators (you do know that a Gladiator with TL is virtually the same as an Overdriven '70 without TL, but without the point of damage). Cheers!
  7. Speak for yourself... I have TWO incomplete armies right now. My TundraWolves need Thunderbirds and StarHawk VIs, and my Sabre Kill Team needs Emperors. It's hard to paint these guys when there's these giant holes in their ranks. As far as source books are concerned... Rules Of Engagement. That's the only book that I know that's outstanding. COG's not necessarily a book, but, it would be nice to have a honest to goodness tournament system to promote competitive play.
  8. You're missing my point. I don't necessarily have a problem with delays. As I said, it happens. I do very much so have a problem with communication... Or, in this case, the lack thereof. Post on the website what's going on, what's the problem, and how it's getting fixed and nobody will have room complain. I don't remember anybody saying anything about new processes or the move or whatever. Perhaps this was discussed in a private forum that many of us don't have access to. It's irrelivant. You can't expect the customers to troll through the forums looking for news about their favorite games. That's not the way business should be done.
  9. Now wait a minute... Don't go blasting the guy for a very valid concern. There has been absolutely NO official communication regarding what happened and when we can even hope to expect a next release. The last release we got was both late and sported a near 25% cost increase. You can say "Reaper Move" all you want. It's done nothing to slow down the releases from Warlord, Dark Haven and the rest... Why is it impacting CAV so much? Bobby, like many of the players that I interact with, are customers. They have made a huge investment into this game in time, emotion and, above all, money. They deserve to know what's going on with their game. They deserve to hear some kind of news... And not this garbage like "When we know, you'll know." Production delays happen. It's just a fact of matters. But, how do you explain the lack of communication? How hard is it to spend a total of five minutes to post up on the website that they're having trouble with the masters, the move and such and such and they're experiencing some uncontrollable delays? Customers don't need to be patient. Bobby has every right in the world to complain about this inexcusable release delay. Yes, you heard me, inexcusable. It's inexcusable because nobody's saying anything about it, nobody's coping to it and nobody's being accountable for it.
  10. Didn't that cheesey SST cartoon have PAs in it? Roughneck Chronicles or something like that. I saw like one episode and it was kind of lame, but the 3D looked OK. Having not read the book, all I go by is the movie. And, I really liked it. Sure, I wish they had PAs, Tanks, Combat Robots, but I can see the point of omiting them in favor of the "pretty" bugs. There's some nice looking PAs on www.trooperpx.com... This website was introduced to me via the TMP forums on this topic. Personally, I'm looking forward to it. But, it also puts the squeeze on Reaper when it comes to AICOM. If they wait around too long on this project, there may not be a lot of market left for them to use... Of course, that's a big, fat IF AICOM ever comes out... I'm still waiting for the Starhawk VI, which is now 2 months late and no sign of being released anytime soon.
  11. I wouldn't necessarily call it "Command Distance" anyway. It's called Cohesion. And, it has more to do with troop moral than with talking to each other. Hypothetical situation: You in the middle of Normandy, France during the initial D-Day invasion. You've got machine guns mowing down everybody in sight, artillery to the point you can't even see straight. It's a big, fat, hairy furball and you're right in the middle of it. Suddenly, you can't find the rest of your unit. They just vanished. Now, what do you do? Maybe you guys have tougher nerves than I do, but, I'd f-ing freak out! I feel that cohesion is a very good game mechanic because that's what it is, unit cohesion. And, if you don't like that, then you probably aren't going to want to play many historical games...
  12. Presuming, of course, it ever get's released...
  13. Hey... There he is. Spandex Man. I was wondering where he went.
  14. Then, you'll want to have a look at the JoR1. This book comes with a color section depicting several CAVs and Vehicles in color patterns used by the various factions in CAV. This will give you an idea to strive towards. For me, the accuracy is in the consistancy in the army. If my CAV are painted one way, the aircraft and armor should also match that style appropriately. This may sound easy and a no-brainer. But, it gets hard when the army grows with each new release and purchase. Enjoy!
  15. Black Lightning 2


    I'm not saying it's a bad idea. I'm just saying adding new rules for a vehicle is bad mojo. 'Cause it get's confusing to play with and against it. But, then, that's just it... Dude asked me for my opinion. There it is. Please, don't take it as a slam on you, KAMUT, I like your effort. But, I think it'd be a better piece of work if we stuck with the design rules that have been presented to us.
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