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  1. so last year with the birth of second girl, painting was a no go, maybe 3 in the year. Two of them were for a co-worker who is nerd and bcaked this game on kick starter and as birthdaay present i told i would paint one he picked and one i picked form the set. the dragon was fun just to do, as i had not painted a dragon in standard red/orange in SO long, was refreshing to go back to what i first started painting, red dragons! Now when i saw the eyeball monster i knew i had to paint it, and it was the most i think i have ever spent on one single area of a mini. I googed "sick eyes" and came across this fantastic photo and was just knew i had to put it on it. was worth the effort and made this extremely hard to give away, but know its going to a good home and one that actually uses the miniatures in games. never seem to have time to get to do that! anyway hope you enjoy, i know my wife is glad it is out of the house, not staring at her anymore.
  2. So painted my first bones mini, as being a mech head, it had to be one from the new CAVs. I grabbed this mini to practise on, as i normamlly do not like missle boats, but slowy this really grew ion me and is probally my favourite mini from the base 8. Now by the end , i wish i had did a little more prep work, as i see some small mold lines, but its no biggle smalls, it is what it is. anyway hope you enjoy.
  3. So was hopeing to get something new done for this, but new baby stopped that. But then I was thinking what would I do, and really realised that I had already done it, and James got it about two years ago. It was a miniture i sculpted and poainted for him in a mini exchange on BTU. If anyone knew him, they might know one of his favourite battletech stories of how he took out an Atlas with a head shot from a Valkyrie ( a big deal in battletech terms, like a getting a hole in one. in a windstorm.and an eye patch.) so scuplted this for him , Valkyrie painted in melody rockers paint scheme(or at least a tribute band to the rockers paint scheme),and hints to cancer awareness on the mech, (which he always did charity work for) standing over the face of an Atlas. He was such an inspiration for work ethic and production, was so glad he got to hold and have this , hope his family now have it. On eof the first times I ever posted on Reaper webiste he gave constructive criticism on painting flames in wrong colour order (yellow should be on the inside........ not the outside of the flames.....) and every time i paint flames or heat, he comes to kind. most of all, i really really really really miss the titles of his posts, always had some inside joke or reference (kiss my axe, still being my favourite) anyway, James hope you are painting away, and may your paint pot never run dry. cheers.
  4. yup, those photos do it more justice, the painting is great , really love the cloak and the shield.
  5. Well got this sweet mini from Ishil a few weeks ago, and between changing jobs and preparing for a baby on the way, didn't get around to posting pics! (btw, Ishil, if you have better pics, please post them!) thanks again for this great mini, up on my shelf right now!
  6. KINGSLAYER ! ha ha, love jamie by the end of it, what a great character and a great paint job to do it justice!
  7. just got my figure from isil! great mini it is too! will take and post pics tomorrow, unless isil has some already and wants too post!
  8. that is reaper 2616 traeg ,barbarian http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/2616/latest/02616
  9. ha ha ha its storm front! complete and utter class! at least VAS took care of him in the end! i LOVE reading the boys, ennis at his finest!
  10. i like the blends on them. i never write down what paints i use and always kick myself when trying to remember what i did.! have to start doing that!
  11. oh man, what a pleasure to view! this is just perfect!
  12. looks great, always love when dragons are painted more realistic, very good execution on this.
  13. this is such a joy to look at. it has been a long time since i just keep looking at a paint job again and again, but this is definately one! an inspiration!
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