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  1. Shew, amazing work. The jade daggers are just outright breathtaking.
  2. *Spoiler* In regards to Catlyn and said relationship. Remember, she didn't want to marry Ned in the first place. He was the brother of the man she loved. They got married and a few days/weeks later he went off to war. Very little "love" was shared by either of them at the beginning of the relationship. That love later grew strong and solidified. While it can be said that Ned cheated on her, I would be hard pressed to be faithful to someone that I only married to solidify an allegience with another noble family. And really, what would it say about Ned's character if he left Jon? I'm sure if Jon's mother had been living he would have been left. But Ned is a genuinly good man in a world of questionable people. Caring for a bastard child shows that he is a head and shoulders above those he deals with. That Catlyn refuses to accept this, shows her elitist upbringing. Which is explained in later books. Still, i love the fact that G.R.R.M can write a story so compelling that it causes us to have a debate on the way people treat each other shows how really good these books are.
  3. Great job! Make me want to start humming "In the Hall of the Mountain King" lol
  4. Very impressive work. Great detail all over.
  5. I recently read that we all are born with a terminal illness. Birth. That said, we are making huge breakthroughs everyday it seems. I believe the true breakthroughs will be in how we understand the mind and how and why people behave the way they do. I personally would like to see a bigger push to space exploration. but with Obama's "we have already been to the moon" i think USA's space program is doomed for failure soon, or at least being outdone by china...
  6. Derek, your work has always inspired me to push for more of everything, but I simply am astounded each and every time you put something new up. Your skills amaze, entertain and blow our minds! How do you get such "soft" colors? Im not sure what im asking, like they look like pastels, but they are so deep and rich at the same time. Sorry, i seem to have developed a bit of a man crush on your painting....
  7. Couldn't agree more. I recently have started getting in touch with old HS friends and family members that i had lost touch with many years ago. When i was in HS I was bullied a lot because of my interests, D&D, battletech ect. It has seriously amazed me how many people have told me that they now play and are ashamed of the way they behaved back then. Ahh, D&D, the great equalizer.
  8. Nice painting on all. I like the touches of what i think is snow on the guy with the lamppost. Look up the tutorial for making a lightbox and it will drastically improve your pictures. I good gray or light blue back ground does help most cameras focus on what you are actually taking a pic of. I made mine in 5 minutes from an old shoe box and used my work light and a desk lamp with daylight bulbs. Really works well.
  9. Agree with above. You have an excellent grasp on many fundamentals and a good eye for color choice. Washing and darklining are skills I'm still working on, but they really make a huge impact. See pretty much everything painted by Derek Schubert in the Inspiration Gallery No offense to any of the other guys/gals, he is just my unofficial hero :)
  10. Wow, great colors! I love the detail on the armor and cloak.
  11. Another Nova Corp soldier. 50003 - Ellen Stone 50057 - Miss Scarlet 50110 - Turk 50016 - Rosie (2nd time for her) 50081 - Father Thomas 50123 - Space Hero 50007 - Jessica Blaze I have a Diorama planned, but I'm missing 2 more figures. I really wish we could get some more modern/future figs. Maybe even some futuristic monsters for the space marines to fight!
  12. A fig I have had for a long time, was tying to make this into a weapon mod and have her wielding a 3 section staff but I couldn't get the chain to hold correctly so she is duel wielding some short staves. Did some very simple basing here. Blended turf with some clumps of medium ballast and a painted piece of foam padding with a bit of turf on it. Comments and crits welcome!
  13. Its packaged as "Metroid Prime Trilogy" its in a plastic sleeve thing around the metal case. All in all a very fun romp.
  14. Yes, i'm using the macro function, and am working on a light box, but it may be the very cheap camera I am using. I just can't afford anything atm :( I have read Mamageek's camera tutorial and I think its just the camera. I don't know why its focusing on the background. See my other post of the chronotech, I took about 40 pics and those where the best. Anyone have some ideas of my problem?
  15. I tell you guys, this was my favorite mini to paint. She is just full of win. Sorry about the poor pic quality. gah, thats even worse than I thought, please ignore...
  16. Ask and ya shall receive. From the back, I like the shield. I see what you mean by the lips and eyes. I'm still working the kinks out of my camera fu.
  17. Here is my interpretation of the crusader. By far I think one of my best pieces so far. Just got a new camera so i hope to start posting some of my newer stuff again. Again, I'm just terrible at basing still.
  18. Well, the Wii is geared for a much more casual, family friendly audience. But, if you want a good challenge, definitely pick up the Metroid Prime collection, all 3 of the prime games with updated controls in a very sexy metal pack. Also, you can't go wrong with Twilight Princess (Zelda). It's almost a religious experience. I'm a bit of a more hardcore gamer, but my sister in law let me borrow Boom Blox and I am ashamed to admit it was actually really fun.
  19. I went to a regular ol' 2d viewing as we don't have a 3d screen here. I went thinking that this would be a fairly terrible Sci-fi experience. I totally bought into it like 5 minutes in. Some of the plot points where a bit of a stretch and I think they could have went at least a slightly different way with the Na"Vi. The characters where pretty one dimensional and the story was very predictable from the very first introduction of each character. I came out and thought to myself "that was OK, but not 5 stars for sure." Then I realized I had spent 3 hours glued to my seat and even watching in 2d and being as jaded as I am, i was still weaving, holding my breath and gripping the seat on some of the scenes. For sure i will find a 3d theater within driving distance and see it again, even at a higher price.
  20. Kataclysm

    d&d 4e

    I have always felt the the actual rule set was only as guideline to resolve non RPed interactions. I always encouraged my players to describe their actions or to act out more actively. Which I feel is more fun than "I hit it with my stick again" I personally feel that 4th edition takes away some of that interaction and makes the game some sort of mish mash of card battle game and striped down mmo. That's not to say I haven't played it, but I just didn't care for it. Play what you like. A friend of mine has the big book of everything (i think that's what it is called anyway) And its about as far from either as you can get. It's fun, but its more about the group and how you play than the rules IMO.
  21. Froggy, as always you blow me away with your creativity and eye for the dramatic. Colors are crisp and compliment each mini perfectly. My favs are the air cars. Very smooth and well put together. Oh, and if your wife was out of town, why didn't you invite us all down for a party?!?!?!?! lol
  22. Thanks! As always, this community comes to the rescue!
  23. Hey guys. My D&D group is wanting to try something a bit different from the standard fantasy stuff. I have never really gotten into modern/futuristic rulesets so I'm kinda lost with all the things out there. The last set I had that was close was the original Alternity rules. But, I think the change for the players might be to jarring as we have only played 2nd and 3-3.5 d20 stuff. The actual setting really doesn't matter to me as I kinda have a space opera theme in mind, just need some general rules to get me going. Any of you guys have any suggestions for a fast easy ruleset?
  24. While I have not made any terrain with this stuff, it is very durable. As in nigh on indestructible. I used to live in an old farm house with stacked field stone as part of the foundation, in a winterizing effort I spent 6 hours crawling under the house and used about 10 cans filling in the gaps from the inside. I simply carved off the excess that expanded tot he outside, painted over it and its still solid today. That was close to 8 years ago and I live in Kentucky, which gets just about every type of weather in the world. So I would imagine that if compressed properly, (adding the weights on top of the board) these would last a very long time. That's probably why the ones from that company fell apart, they just sprayed the stuff in the mold and didn't compress it. But, I am for sure going to give this a go, looks super easy and very fun.
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