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  1. The half white half black face reminds me of the Goddess Hel, who was the daughter of Loki and ruler of Niflheimr, the halls of the dishonorable dead.


    I love Norse stuff!



    King Tiger beat me to it but then again, he is one of the folk

  2. I played Metamorphosis Alpha because it was the fist Post Apoc game out there. Actually MA was set on a failed space ship much like Pandorum. (Hmm) I will skip the new Gamma World as it seems to focus on the parts of Gamma World I liked least. That is the goofiness and the randomness. Buying random cards for a RPG? Not gonna happen. The modules are also rehashed.

  3. I have been planning on picking these up. Now that I think about it having the Goblins attack an isolated farmhouse would make a nice little wargame. Competing bands of goblins could score objective points by picking up food tokens and defeating such traditional enemies as Ed the Old Plough Horse and Farmer Bill's Dog.

  4. Not to flog a dead unicorn but now I get the point on Centaurs. Herzogbrian is our elf player and his elves all have black hair and are painted in green and rust so they have a wood elf look. The centaurs really work with them. He also uses tree ents in his force.


    Now if you are asking would I buy a Werner sculpted elf knight mounted on a Garrity sculpted unicorn, then heck yeah!

  5. I figure that these will be more archetypical Queen of the Demonweb Pits Dark Elves if only because the alternative evil elves are the Darkspawn. Fluff wise I always liked the Darkspawn but other than a few of the early Werner figures I just did not care for the Darkspawn miniatures themselves. If I don’t like the bulk of the soldier types, I just can’t create an army. While second edition seems to focus less on blocks of soldiers (well at least how we are playing it) I still end up painting multiples.


    Also GreyHorde, the good elf Cav are the centaurs.

  6. The first actual Dark Elf model (as opposed to Darkspawn) is in the previews. I was surprised to se no thread related to this in the Warlord General Discussion so I thought I would start one in order to collect all thoughts, speculations, and rumors on this new faction along with what we know if anything.



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