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  1. That's the most creative thing I have seen on the message boards in a long time! Way cool!
  2. Thanks! I used the Tanned Skin Trio from Reaper :) It's a WONDERFUL thing! :D I was curious about that. Looks like I will be purchasing it myself!
  3. I am wondering if the Wener Dark Elf is a Darkspawn figure or part of the new Dark Elf Warlord Faction. Also for some reason I really like the elf with the tuba!
  4. Oakland I was an inspector of affordable multi-family housing (read apartments) for about eight years and traveled around the country, including Detroit. Most places I went had good and bad points.
  5. I may have to give him some pointy purple ears and make him a Stark from Guardians of the Galaxy
  6. Cool work. Honestly, I think you have the most fun out of anyone on the boards!
  7. The shield is awesome but Ulfgar needs a beard!
  8. Same here. The first minis I ever dry brushed were from the Heritage LOTR line. I diccovered how to paint chainmail by accident.
  9. I bunch of folks into Pulp gaming have done their detectives and scenery and such to allhave the balck and white old movie look. It can be really cool.
  10. Very creative and cool stuff. I love the use of little bitsfrom the Crocodile line like the little cat outside the bath house scene. I also like how some of the blue background tiles are white. I have seen that look several places. I also love the stone on the Sophie.
  11. I needed a big monster for my Crusader Force. I painted Doom Kitty to look live the the armor on the cavalry. Ian was painted to look like the Ivy Crowns. The knight was also painted to look like the cav. I also did the merchant guy just because he was fun. And some Post Apoc stuff for Dark Age. This is an Outcast force. The first three figures on the left are from Mad Puppet out of Spain. The far right figure is from Chronoscope.
  12. Before 2nd edition, it seems like we did a lot of 1,000 points. Herzogbrian does demos in 500 points. I actually want to do some battles in 500 to force myself into building more efficient tighter units. I think it will help me really get a feel for how the units differ from first and second edition.
  13. Basically a vehicle for Brom art. Some of the early Warlord figs were very Dark Sun as are a lot of Dark Age minis.
  14. Nice figures! They should be great for games and easy to paint up. Always a winning combanation! What are they aremed with , a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range?
  15. I have really never understood why folks liked the look or either the Terminators or Genestealers. Regular Space Marines look better than the hound dog faced Terminataors. There is way too much clutter on the figures.
  16. Thanks for the link Kang, I'll have my LGS order me a 03142!
  17. Because the official D&D Dark Sun minis will be little plastic pieces of crap, I would love to see some Reaper Not Dark Sun minis.
  18. Pretty much. I am a skirmish gamer and a lot of the models fit in some where or are just easy to paint.
  19. I would like to see some modern Goth kids including a fat vampire girl that I could proxy into Warlord Games.
  20. Men should fight with blades of steel. Keep black powder and guns out of Fantasy! This is Katsumoto's sword. He would have wanted you to have it. He hoped with his dying breath that you would remember his ancestors who held this sword, and what they died for. May the strength of the Samurai be with you always.
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