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  1. Nice work! Solid colour selection, clean transitions, and as mentioned the sheer fabric is very well done.
  2. It's a little tough to make out as a face, IMHO. Now that I know it's there and what it is, I can recognize featues, but if you hadn't mentioned it I'd probably have had to have the base in hand to figure it out. Nice easter egg, but subtle.
  3. Nice clean look; the colours complement the sculpt well.
  4. I like it! The freehand is very well done -- I like the way the shield gives the figure a bit of colour without being overwhelming. You've pulled off a grim, gritty, rough look very well with the colour scheme you've chosen, and the highlights on the arming coat and chainmail prevent it from being too dark.
  5. I like how these turned out! Great idea; think I might try it.
  6. How brittle is this stuff? Can you drill through it with a pin vise?
  7. Reaper staff painters... sheesh. Not only do they put freehand on every flat surface they can find, but they always have to include a reflection dot on the iris. What a bunch of show-offs.
  8. Seconded! The sword looks a lot better. Next thing I'd suggest is cleaning up the base -- the brown coat on the outside looks a bit patchy, and the black plastic showing through on top is a bit uneven. It's the only thing that distracts me from the otherwise clean and tidy look to the figure.
  9. Oh, cool! Following this one with interest.
  10. Damn that's impressive. I love what you did with the reds, although they read almost more like a deep, rich brown to me on my crappy laptop display. Nice contrast with the base, too. I might have to pick this one up.
  11. Much better. Nice colour choices, and I'll echo the compliments on the freehand.
  12. Well, I kind of thought that I'd be painting a bunch of trooper models in October, but it turns out I'm more interested in eldritch horrors. Here's something I cobbled up out of unused parts from the GW Chaos Spawn box and a bit of green stuff: It's based around a cephalopodic head, tentacled "arm" cluster, spiky "tail", and and a pair of random tentacle bits. The whole thing should fit nicely on a 50mm base. This looks like a perfect opportunity to play around with glazes a la Massive Voodoo (especially here and here). Right now I'm waiting for the gesso to finish setting, then I'll basecoat with maybe a desaturated blue-green.
  13. Massive Voodoo is the first place I'd check for basing tutorials.
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