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  1. I'm kind of sad no one has commend on the face in the ice. Though it's hard to see unless you know it's there or are looking at the larger version of the picture.

    It's a little tough to make out as a face, IMHO. Now that I know it's there and what it is, I can recognize featues, but if you hadn't mentioned it I'd probably have had to have the base in hand to figure it out.


    Nice easter egg, but subtle. ::):

  2. I like it! The freehand is very well done -- I like the way the shield gives the figure a bit of colour without being overwhelming. You've pulled off a grim, gritty, rough look very well with the colour scheme you've chosen, and the highlights on the arming coat and chainmail prevent it from being too dark.

  3. Yeah, I think perhaps the rivety one is the way to go. Furthermore, I now have an extra Cowboy Mouseling, due to having attended ArtistCon... been thinking about reposing him and rigging some kind of bubble on the nose of the rocket, and having Cowboy as a pilot...


  4. Seconded! The sword looks a lot better.


    Next thing I'd suggest is cleaning up the base -- the brown coat on the outside looks a bit patchy, and the black plastic showing through on top is a bit uneven. It's the only thing that distracts me from the otherwise clean and tidy look to the figure.

  5. Well, I kind of thought that I'd be painting a bunch of trooper models in October, but it turns out I'm more interested in eldritch horrors. Here's something I cobbled up out of unused parts from the GW Chaos Spawn box and a bit of green stuff:


    post-5715-13188946546559_thumb.jpg post-5715-13188946619838_thumb.jpg


    It's based around a cephalopodic head, tentacled "arm" cluster, spiky "tail", and and a pair of random tentacle bits. The whole thing should fit nicely on a 50mm base.


    post-5715-13188949180647_thumb.jpg post-5715-13188949256242_thumb.jpg


    This looks like a perfect opportunity to play around with glazes a la Massive Voodoo (especially here and here). Right now I'm waiting for the gesso to finish setting, then I'll basecoat with maybe a desaturated blue-green.

  6. Anyone know of any groovy tutorials on base making? I've got some ideas for more complex basing but am stabbing in the dark here really. Next up is a jungle, a space ship/station kind of like the Tantive IV and a post apocalyptic roadside! As always appreciate any feedback, thanks!

    Massive Voodoo is the first place I'd check for basing tutorials.

  7. Thanks folks. EldarCorsair, I may have misled you by taking photos before the base was fully dry... but in any case I started with Uniform Brown, mixed in some Blue Liner for shadows (and finished up the shading with small amounts of pure Blue Liner), highlighted roughly with Tanned Leather, and wetbrushed on some Tanned Leather/Khaki Highlight mix. I think the dominant mid-tone browns give it a muddy sort of look and texture, which no doubt contributes to the slimy look you noticed.


    I have a lot of other bits and bobs that came on the Chaos Spawn sprue (not to mention a few Reaper monster-parts packs); I'm tempted to kitbash a few horrors together and paint them up too.

  8. I've been in a bit of a rut this past week and a half, trying to get some motivation for painting stuff. So I clipped this guy off of the GW Chaos Spawn sprue, mounted it on a chunk of cork on a penny, cranked the iPod over to Skinny Puppy, and well....


    post-5715-13184055591445.jpg post-5715-13184055655223.jpg


    I'm sure I'll be able to use it for something. Who doesn't need a little head every now and then? Erm....


    post-5715-13184056521485.jpg post-5715-13184056631659.jpg


    I think I might have a whole 45 minutes in this guy. Fun, though! A nice change of pace. C&C welcome.

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  9. Nice work. I wish the darklining on top of the bookmark wasn't quite as heavy, or perhaps not quite as dark. It might be the camera setup, but I think some dark, warm browns in the deepest shadows of the face would bring it out a bit more strongly. Otherwise, damned if that isn't a fine example of an Ultramarine!

  10. I wasn't disagreeing about the metallics, just passing along the info that Reaper uses the metallic ingredients they do because of lack of toxicity. So people concerned about that or that buy the paints for kids should consider Reaper. Adults who will use a product carefully who are more concerned about the end result have GW and Vallejo and such as options for their needs. Everyone wins. :->

    Follow-up on the metallics: I've started using VMC Air metallics for their smaller flake size. Is flake size a direct contributor to toxicity? Do fine-flake metallics like VMC Air and Alclad II need a more toxic medium to support the smaller flakes? I'm given to understand that fine particulates are Bad News if they get airborne, but the usual countermeasure (for finishing resin, for example) is wet-sanding. If there's a toxicity issue with my VMC Air metallics, I'd like to know as much about it as possible. ::):

  11. Nice work! I'm not entirely convinced by the purple shadows -- not because purple doesn't work in the shadows, but because the purple is a bit too light compared to some of the darker blues. On the flip side, I really like the contrast between the bright, saturated, mostly blue/purple figure and the very desaturated, mostly brown base. Great contrast there.

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