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  1. And... welcome to the queue, PIP73028: Shepherd! That arm is going to be a pain in the... I mean a fun and exciting challenge to pin.

    Probably no worse (or better) than Arkadius' left arm. The gun hand on him was pretty easy, but the other arm is from the elbow down. And, since he has no armor, and the sculpt reflects his grumpy old man stats, that was . . . interesting to pin.

    Looks like a close thing, yeah.


    In any case, because prepping my Legion is obviously a better use of my evening than writing my thesis, I went and pinned the Shepherd. It took thin-gauge brass rod, rather than a segment of paperclip as I prefer, but eventually I got the damn thing to go. Had to file down the rod to accommodate my smallest pin-vise bit, too.

  2. I'm messing around with a 20:1 water:RMS flow improver 'gunk' mix at present, and boy howdy is it wet. Maybe it's just soaking up water from my wet palette's sponge, or some crazy contaminant from the skull agitator is mucking things up, but it sure seems like this stuff kills surface tension more effectively than pure flow improver. YMMV, void where prohibited, &c.

  3. I got distracted tonight. I was looking around, and realized that I have a lot of half-finished projects. So I added a low-hanging fruit, and am going to try and finish off a unit of Immortals and an Ancestral Guardian. I may not use them much, but they should be easy to finish since they are more than half complete, and it's mostly drybrushing work anyway.

    Aww, how thoughtful: you're making a snack for my Carnivean. :poke:


    Got some tarnished steel basecoat on the Devout and Mr. Hammerfist. Next time I paint a warjack I'm painting the arms separately. Gah!

  4. *sigh*


    Just picked up a unit box of Blighted Ogrun Warmongers. In my defence, it was marked down from $48 to $30.


    Got it home and realized why it was marked down -- only one 40mm base inside. It's far enough down my painting queue that I have plenty of time to pick up more, but still....

  5. I've been making bowstrings the same way -- with much finer-gauge wire, of course. I'd probably cause myself fewer headaches if I just used single strands, but I like the texture of the twisted wire.


    That said, I can't get into "barbed wire" without the barbs. I haven't had occasion to make any as I've been painting mostly fantasy miniatures lately, but I like this tutorial from CMoN: Making Barbed Wire.

  6. That's brilliant. I've shied away from ground-foam trees in the past because I just can't see the canopy sticking to the armature over more than a few months of gaming; expanding foam sounds like a great way to make 'em more robust. Do you find the trees top-heavy at all?


    I'm looking into building some WarmaHordes terrain in the not terribly distant future, and forest bases have been on my mind. Since WarmaHordes models tend to be few in number but large in diameter, I'm leaning towards putting a single huge tree -- like this guy -- on each base, so that the base is easily recognizable as "forest" but large numbers of figures can easily move through it. (Also, I think WarmaHordes benefits from huge epic terrain.) Seems like the spray-foam would contribute a lot of rigidity to the crown of such a tree.

  7. What? A whole day into the month with no Roll Call thread? How am I supposed to procrastinate like that?


    Here's what the workbench looks like right now:


    Devout warjack (primed)

    Tentacle pit

    03462 Goblin Warriors (4)

    Thomas Hammerfist (primed)


    Norgol, Irongrave Knight

    Dwarven Warrior (primed)

    Young Swamp Dragon (primed)

    Jolie, Scribe (started)

    Centurus Clones (2) (started/primed)


    Presently the warjack and ol' Tommy Hammerfist have primer on them and are sitting in front of my painting chair. Once those are done I'll probably get out a couple Shredders from the Legion of Everblight box to give pLylyth some company.

  8. C&C appreciated.

    Only because you asked. I love everything except the skin. The highlights are very harsh. The bold highlights work for me on the cloak, but look messy with her natural skintone.

    Thanks for the feedback. ::): I was going for a mildly unnatural skintone, which might be part of the problem. That said, I'm not thrilled with the shading on her skin; the blends came out a bit sloppy. I shaded rosy highlight directly with imperial purple; an intermediate step or two probably would've worked better.

  9. Workbench update:


    Devout warjack

    Tentacle pit

    03077 Goblins II (4)

    03462 Goblin Warriors (4)

    Thomas Hammerfist


    Norgol, Irongrave Knight

    Dwarven Warrior

    Young Swamp Dragon

    Jolie, Scribe

    Centurus Clones (2)


    Those little guys turned out pretty well for a few hours of painting. Warjack needs primer still.

  10. Ben Siens' goblins are a lot of fun to paint. Maybe I'm biased -- his first set (02481: Goblin War Band) is one of the first Reaper blisters I picked up -- but I like how the little guys manage to be both goblin-y cannon fodder and respectable fighting critters at the same time.




    These guys were an experiment in a number of ways. For one thing, I tried a trick dks suggested via PM: painting on thinned sealer after priming for a smoother coat. I don't know that it worked too well here, but admittedly I didn't prep these guys very carefully. For another, the dark blue is RMS Twilight Blue, which ought to serve well as a replacement for the blue-grey mix I used on one of these Hormagaunts. Since I'm likely to be using it a fair bit in the near future as I paint up the Everblight battle box, I'm happy to get some experience highlighting and shading it. And finally, the goblin priest there is pretty obviously a Menite. That's good experience for painting up my friend's Protectorate-warjack birthday present, but if the idea of god-addled goblins lighting everything around them on fire doesn't amuse you... there's something wrong.




    This group's a bit of a speed-paint: I'd say I have about 4-5 hours in them total, painting in assembly-line fashion. That's about as quickly as I like to paint these days: it leaves me time to work with relatively thin paints and get at least glancingly smooth blends.

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  11. I've been using PoPs mostly as a convenient way to keep track of what I've painted. When I clean and assemble a mini, it goes onto my workbench and the PoP goes into a stack. When I finish it, I haul the PoP over to my computer to transcribe the official name and product number into my post title, then stick it in the (rather larger) "done" stack. I started saving them as part of the reward program, but kept going mostly out of inertia.

  12. Basecoated the goblins; should be able to finish those tomorrow. Gave the warjack a quick post-assembly scrub; it'll be dry by morning and I'll prime it then. My bottle of tarnished brass is still fighting me -- turns to sludge after about a minute on the wet palette, despite all manner of experimentation with more (or less) flow improver and different kinds of palette paper. Maybe it needs a drop of sealer? Dunno.

  13. I can dig it. ::): Herryk's stare is going to show up in my nightmares -- that is one intense dorf.


    What did you do for the bases on the revenant cavalry? It looks like sheet steel; is that to keep the CG low and discourage them from tipping?

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