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  1. I noticed a couple things about painting OSL on Seltyiel:


    a) Really thin washes, with very little paint on the brush, made blending easy and made the whole thing a lot less intimidating. With that little pigment going onto the model, a single mistake is basically unnoticeable.


    b) Moving the brush towards the glowing bit helped keep the gradients the way I wanted them.


    c) A little darker gap around the outside of the glowing bit helped set off the glow and made the effect look crisp rather than sloppy. I don't know how easy that'll be to pull off for your base, but it's worth a shot. This tutorial makes it a bit more clear: notice the darker green at the edges of the eyes separating the hot spot in the middle of the lenses from the lighter green at the start of the glow.


    dks offered a couple of links to his posts on OSL, here and here, in that Show Off thread.

  2. I agree, the complementary shading turned out well -- better on the yellow-purple than on the red-green, but I think that's because your green is too light in the recesses of the back of the cloak. It doesn't read as "shadow".

    Aha! That makes sense. Obvious now that you point it out.


    The lighting effect is very good for an initial effort. It looks good on his arm because the leather and skin are neutral base colors and slightly reflective, but it looks strange on his cowl: intense blue-white light shining on matte red cloth wouldn't make the cloth look blue-white.

    True enough. A deep red glaze would probably help.


    Here are two of my earlier Forum posts about Object-Source Lighting, for future reference:

    one Forum post about lighting

    another Forum post about lighting



    I just got back from gaming night, where we fought some Cosmic Horrors and corrupted eladrin. Gilman was well-received by all, and despite the fact that the first attack I rolled for the new figure was a 2 he did his job quite well.

  3. I just painted this guy up as my PC in a Friday night 4th Edition campaign. Gilman, whose name might seem familiar, is a Star-pact warlock|swordmage hybrid who believes himself to be an avenger of Ioun. Granted, his powers don't seem to work like those of other avengers, but as long as he gets the job done, who cares, right? Anyway, I've painted all the figures for the rest of the party, and my own PC mini was looking a bit like I'd painted him a year and a half ago and improved a lot since. Thus:




    This is my first real attempt at OSL, and I think it came out pretty well. It's also my first real attempt at adding cloth to a figure (the cowl and stole), and I'm not too unhappy with those, either. The gem at his waist is a star sapphire (see what I did there?), which isn't entirely unconvincing but clearly shows that I need to work on micropainting.




    I've taken a few tentative steps towards shading colours with their complements before, but this is the first time I really gave 'er. Olive green on the cloak and purple on the stole worked beautifully. You can see the roughness on the back of the cowl; by the time I realized my sculpting tools had tool marks on them the putty had cured. I'll do better next time -- and yes, I'll probably paint a new mini for Gilman somewhere in Paragon (he just hit Lv8).




    The base is still a bit too plain. I know it needs something extra; I'm just not sure quite what yet. I'll probably game with him for a few weeks before figuring it out. Also, quite pleased with the gem-effect flask on his belt.


    All things considered, I think this is the best miniature I've painted so far. C&C welcome -- help me get better! ::):


    Thanks MamaGeek and dks for your help and advice.


    (WIP here.)

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  4. Almost done!




    Not bad for my first attempt at OSL, I think. It still looks like a glowing chunk of ice, but at least the damn thing's glowing. I may go back over the glow on his cowl tomorrow to try to smooth it out a bit, but honestly in these photos I like what I see.


    I'm pleased with the gem-effect flask on his belt. I'm really pleased with how the purple shading on the stole turned out. The olive shading on the robe isn't quite as nice, but definitely brings more contrast than I would've ended up with a couple months ago by sticking to the dark red triad.


    I'm of two minds about the base. On the one hand, it's a bit plain; on the other hand, it does the job visually.


    Right now I'm waiting for crits (and a different perspective in the morning); I plan to fix up any last-minute issues and seal 'im tomorrow in time for gaming.

  5. MG: It's even worse with some highlights on the base coats, isn't it? What do you think of the base so far, btw?


    Put in another hour or two this morning; tight schedule precludes photos until I finish it (I hope) this evening. Briefly: I shaded the cloak and wraps with muddy olive, and the stole, skin, and leather with imperial purple. zOMG! I've seen the results of complement shading on other people's miniatures, and played around with it a bit myself, but this is the first time I've really pushed myself to extremes and hot damn did it work. I also hit the spell effect with some blues and whites, and it looks a bit less like a snowball now -- well, okay, it looks a bit more like a glowing snowball, but that's a step in the right direction.


    What's left: Shading the steel, highlighting the metal, hair, OSL on the spell effect, and finishing the base.

  6. Some more progress:




    Got a start on the base; that's Breonne blue and VMC Basalt Grey, and khaki shadow with various browns for the "stream". Mostly I highlighted stuff. The cloak's brought up with blood red and a tiny bit of phoenix red; the stole got a bit of sunlight yellow mixed with something that might've been green ochre and eventually a bit of linen white. The leather got, well, tanned leather; I was going to do more with it but I like the way things are looking now. The skin got a mix of tanned highlight and linen white, and eventually pure linen white; the khaki wraps and trousers got a bit of linen white as well.


    Other notable events:


    • Darklined a bunch of stuff with brown liner, including the wrist wraps.
    • Eyes!
    • Toecaps and blade got a few coats of blackened steel.
    • Everything else metallic got hit with aged pewter. Turns out my bottle was mostly sludge; I'm going to have to revisit it after I finish this guy. Undercoated with muddy olive, which worked well; I think I'll use that stuff to shade the pewter and the cloak.


    The spell effect, metal, hair, and base are still only basecoated. Everything else just needs shading.


    Shadows and OSL tomorrow, and I can game with him on Friday.

  7. I'll have to play with it a bit on some minis to see what can be done to make it spiffy keen. I can see putting an olive base down and then mixing in khaki for the highlights. Maybe. I'd have to try it.

    Olive, you say? That sounds just about perfect. I don't have any olive yet, but a quick trip to the FLGS can change that. Thanks!

  8. The day's progress:




    The cloth wrappings are done in terran khaki, the leather bits in intense brown (which I plan to highlight pretty heavily with tanned leather, as it's a fair bit redder than I want right now), and I've put down an undercoat for the steel bits with blue liner. The spell effect (which looks depressingly like a snowball at the moment) and the hair are both ghost white.


    Base coat's almost done, except for the pewter bits and the glass vial on his belt. I need a couple more leather straps across the wrist wraps, but I can't figure out which details are what.


    I'm quite pleased with these photos; in hand he's been looking like a mess of parts all day, but now with a slightly different perspective he looks much more complete.

  9. The RMS liners are fun, they have many uses. They were designed for, well, lining (sometimes called darklining). Slightly thinned, they work really well to line sections of the mini. Green liner for green, violet liner for purple or maybe red, etc. They also make decent washes and/or glazes when thinned. In this case, though it looks like they are being used as the shade color, so they are probably being used just like paints...

    Further to that point: brown liner and blue liner mix together to make a beautifully rich chromatic black, and I've been known to use a few coats of blue liner by itself as a base coat. They're pretty amazing paints all around.

  10. I would have used a warmer (non-green) tan for the stole because the green ochre makes the cloak look purplish-pink by comparison. The green ochre might look fine, however, when you have all the shadows and highlights in place. Perhaps adding some dark green to the shadows of the red cloak would help tie them together.

    Hmm, good call. I think I'll highlight the stole pretty strongly into yellow to bring it away from the greenish ochre. Green shadows on the cloak are definitely in the cards.

  11. I'm looking to do most of the "decorative" metal bits on my Seltyiel figure in Aged Pewter rather than something like brass. I've used it a few times in the past, but haven't put much thought into it and have consequently gotten indifferent results.


    I did a bit of digging with the search function and it looks like I'd be well-served by undercoating and shading the metal bits with a dark green of some sort. Can anyone with more experience with the paint comment?

  12. Looking good so far! I like the colors you've chosen, and while the back of the hood does look a bit rough, it's not too bad. It's certainly better than I could do! For a gaming piece, I think it will be great!

    Glad you like it! I've made a bit of progress on the rest of the scheme (in photoshop, not so much on the figure), and I think I'll be sticking to relatively plain colours -- khakis and browns -- to draw attention to the robe, stole, and spell effect.


    What is your plan for the base? Is that cork he's standing on? Will you put water effects down the center, like a stream, or maybe a lava flow? Or will you fill it with foliage?

    I haven't thought much about the base yet -- and yes, that is cork. The cork slabs will turn into some sort of blue-grey rock to set off the reds and browns on the figure itself. My vague plan for the centre is to paint it up like a muddy and nearly dry creek; if that doesn't work, I'll add enough foliage to obscure my mistake and call it done.

  13. If you want to get all fancy leave some of the pink off to the side when you thin it (so it doesn't get thinned) and use it for deeper shadows. But making pink paint, thinning it with water, and washing the hair is probably all you need to do. Oh yeah, and drybrush white again.

    If you want to get really fancy, drybrush with something like Ghost White, which has a bit of a blue tint to it. The contrast between the pink and the slightly-blue should make the hair pop... especially with deeper shadows.

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