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  1. as a new player this army list is a blast, and since my book hasn't come in yet I like the way it tells me what the special abilities are. :)
  2. so how many do you need to take, I haven't played before and I don't have my rulebook yet (its on order) and am trying to plan out my purchases. :)
  3. A male or female caster (or both, or other classes) with swappable heads so they can be elf, human, or other humanoid. Could be hellborn by having a spot in the back for a tail which could be swapped out with another item (like a scroll case) More female spellcasters in practical clothing, not dresses. :) :)
  4. Yes, those will make a good core for my army and allow me some flexibility in building lists, a few more small character models for leaders and such, and the incubi/arachnids to expand later on and I'll have a good solid list. I just couldn't resist Rhal to lead up some demons, and I understand there is something called a "pain cage" that archers are good for ;)
  5. Well, Rhal, D'khul, Nasithe, Keraadan, and 2 arachnid archers are sitting patiently in my truck till I get home. And my game store has a short order list now of Demon Warriors, Lesser Devils, Isiri Archers, and a Marilith. :D
  6. That is indeed especially handy. :)
  7. A lot of my questions are coming from being hard to tell what things are by looking at the gallery :D Lesser devils look really cool too :D
  8. It's cool that you can mix unit types (meaning that I can toss in some arachnid archers with my warriors) I guess my real question was how does it work with mixed movement speeds and types? Is there a troop coherency or anything that I need to worry about. Say my incubi fly ahead of their non flying leader, that tends to be a bad thing :D So, what kinds of flying leaders are there for them? And which ones are mages? The Witch Queen, Thuusia and D'khul I'm guessing? Any others? (as long as you folks keep answering my questions, I'll keep tossing the at you) ;)
  9. So troops (which I'm guessing as meaning the same thing as unit, a group of models that activates together) are lead by a sergeant, captain, or warlord, unless they have a special rule. Can you nominate one of the models in the unit to be the leader, or do you have to take a special model to be the troop leader. IE: If I buy the box set of 7 incubi, can I play them out of the box or do I need to purchase a second model to act as their boss? Is there more than one model that fits that bill? this is all really good info so far, really helping me think through what I want to pick up. :)
  10. please, ramble on all you want. Any information is new to me. :) So, which ones are the warlords? Rauthoros, Guros, the Witch Queen and...? (Rhal maybe?) I'm guessing it's Warlord, Captain, Sgt, with Warlords giving bonuses to the army and Cpt and Sgt giving bonuses to units?
  11. Thank you Gus! basically I mostly worried about can I play what I want? For example, in GW games I can't, say, play an army of nothing but Terminators or Chaos Knights. I *have* to take some basic troops first, and then fill in. So, for my Darkspawn Army, I see that Arachnids and Succubi are all adepts, so can I field them without having to buy a bunch of grunts first? That's my biggest concern as far as preliminary purchasing. :) And I see the reapergames website being updated even now, so that's good. I look forward to seeing stat cards maybe yes for armies? ^.^
  12. A bit of background on me. I'm a gamer, through and through. I play 40k, Warmachine/Hordes, and Monsterpocalypse & D&D(4e) actively and have played/sometimes play Anima Tactics, WHFB, CCGs, ... Ok, I have played / do play just about everything. :D I want to play warlord, and since I see there is a new rules set coming out soon (for the moderate price of $20?) I figure now is a good time to trick...er ah...convince some of my gaming buddies to pick it up and play as well. Looking at Reaper Games I see a bit of stuff, but nothing that really tells me what I actually need (other than 10 sided die, miniatures, and a willing victim..and a deck of cards?) or how to build my army so I know what I can/should start buying. What I want to play is Darkspawn. I love the Isiriri Arachnids, Nasithe, the Marilith, and the succubi/incubi (is there a difference for the game?). But...well, I don't know how to make an army, so I don't know what I want to start purchasing. Soooooo...help? Advice? anything...
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