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  1. MamaGeek has a great idea with the addition of drool and a puddle. I can just see it now the beast knows that its prey is coming and has started to salivate over its next meal. Just as the party enters the lair the GM produces from behind her screen this wonderful piece that will be the show case to the adventure.
  2. I would stay bare on the base; it is not a diorama piece so leave it as a miniature that you sculpted. I like the med. blue or lt. tan background for pictures they both bring out nice aspects of your sculpture. I agree that it has pushed frenzy up for the project but that is a good thing. I believe that WIPs are one way to make people keep coming back to find out if an item is released yet and to see what is coming next. You are a gifted artist I cannot wait to see more of your work. Yours Sean
  3. Andy this is outrageous work from start of sculpting to finish and final paint. Do you know if these will be ready for Gen-Con I would like to have at least one. Sean
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering what people use to make the core of a large figure, say somthing like a dragon or gaint (things bigger than 25-30mm). to make the figure castable is it green stuff all the way or is there other things that can be used then skinned with GS for details? Thanks for the help, Sean
  5. Here is another piece that I made for the GenCon sculpture contest. This one is out of green stuff. I did not go the classic pointed hat route instead I used a action pose, I had thought about making the hat on the ground next to him and a sword on the back of the belt but decided that those would might clutter up the figure. I put in a "walk around view" and have been working hard to keep under the posting size. Let me know what you think, and thank you for taking time to look.
  6. Thank you both for the comments. Derek very helpful critique of the work. Your right on the mark for the sculpture and help me to see more of what I need to focus on. Thank you very much. Sean
  7. Here is a look at some of my work. I entered this into the GenCon sculpture contest last year. It is one of my characters for D&D 4E, a Genasi Stormborn, Sorcerer. I have 3 views of him, let me know what you think. I used Kneadite for this one, home made twisted wire armature, and guitar string for the staves. He is "flying" supported buy a wind cloud under his one foot.
  8. I would very much like to enter but at $3.81 USD that is a bit pricey to enter a compition, and I am not even sure that they will ship to the USA.
  9. The pose is awesome very dynamic, it grabs the attention and you just know that the action is about to or is already happening. Keep working Can not wait to see the finished work.
  10. Very good work, the pose you have chosen add to the sculpt a great deal. I would love to see a close up of the head to look at its details if you could.
  11. Outstanding, I do not think anyone could look at his work and not be inspired! Thank you very much for sharing, you mentioned that you took a life drawing class from him, would his studio be close to Ohio by any chance?
  12. Excellent work, I like the texture and layout to your entire work. I think that the Eye stalks have a "flytrap" quality to them and it is a different take on a classic Iconic monster. I would say I think with the size I would have liked the "main/central" eye to have some detail to it, that being said the detail and texture throught the work is very well done. I really like the eye stalk tounge and believe that you have really taken a monster and placed your own twist on it. I would love to have one and look forward to being able to HOPEFULLY pick one up at Gen-Con.
  13. Well I was going to post and be FUNNY and sarcastic about the entire message here, but I just step back and say. 1. I personally will miss REAPER minis at Gen-Con this year. 2. I would like to know will I be able to purchase Reaper Minis at the con, I think last year at Origins you guys had to step up some type of alternitive shop because of a conflict. 3. I wish I could just use my Tab key in the forum to add spaces 4. Would there be people there that could look at and give a review of sculpting work? 5. Is the reason that sculpting demos not at Gencon (only 4 or less) because Reape
  14. My two cents, Us plastic, a dremel tool, and some files. I picked up some "StripStyrene" from Evergreen scale models at a local hobby shop (stuff for model trains/cars ect) ad found it to be fast and pretty nice to work with, plus you can add green stuff on top for details and other things. The material comes in sheets (which I bought at first but not really what I needed, then I found the strips, they come in various sizes and lengths/widths which make it perfect to make weapons out of and other things.
  15. What about Space Odyssey Sophie, since it is 2010.
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