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  1. REally Diggin the Deva Bard, I need to paint up some Devas for my game thanks for the inspiration
  2. Wow Amazing! love it! I never thought of copying minis right out of the books I have to give that a shot seems like it would make you paint things you wouldnt normally try.
  3. Getting back into painting after a move in august!!

  4. Thanks for the compliments! He will make his spell slinging debut friday.
  5. This was a very quick job for a friend in my D&D Campaign. Whole thing took maybe a hour and a half.
  6. Wow thanks for the feedback! I will share my secret on the static grass.... its Silfor's Buffalo grass. you can get it from scenic express. there are 4 seasons to pick from. the ground cover is a mix of woodland scenics turf colors.
  7. Yea one of my more favorite things I have painted this week. I wanted that exact feel I also just didn't like how the arms attached to the out of the blister model so I chopped off the balls they go on and did it a bit different. The dust devil is eh but I am not gonna waste time redoing that one it will serve the purpose. (lots of trouble of a unsuspecting group of adventures)
  8. Knocked out another couple of monster for my D&D game. Black Primer took about 3 hours for both This is table top quality not for painting contest. 65072 Dust Devil 14444 Earth Elemental
  9. Just building up my stock pile of Creatures to kill off adventurers with! So the key is fast paint job and look realistic 02833 Medusa Black Primer 2-3 hours
  10. Heres a quick one this afternoon Black Primer Build Paint time 2 hours
  11. The Dwarfs color is Graveyard earth blended up to Kommando Khaki. The base is Adeptus Battlegrey then Badab black wash then drybrush fortress grey with some khaki in it.
  12. Here is a mini I painted up tonight. Black Primer GW Dwarf 1.5 to 2 hours - Granted one color so.. This is to represent my Stonelord when he Stonemelds.
  13. Some of you have asked for pics of my WW2 work so here you go. Here is a hot wheels I converted into a Iraqi Ambulance for 20mm Moderns I had a Friend over last night and he wanted to learn to paint so this is his first miniature EVER, I was teaching him as I painted the Paladin from the other post. I told him it looked Great !
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