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  1. Any suggestions for minis? A tall ask, I know.
  2. Kengar

    Photo box

    I've been eyeing one on Epsilon Bay for about $15. It's listed as "Puluz 40 LED Folding" if you want to see it (didn't want to post an auction link). Any ideas if that's a model worth trying?
  3. Sweet! I love having minis like this for an old-school party.
  4. Heading to the April meeting of my painting club this weekend. First time I've attended in months! I got my glasses prescription updated (new specs on the way), so hopefully I will be able to see what I'm doing a little better. I also auctioned off a bunch of Bones I was never going to get to, and now I'm going to try and focus on the stuff I really want to paint and/or finish. So for this weekend: A couple of Bones bugbears that have languished forever. Assemble my Bones Viridius I am also putting some of the auction money toward building a new gaming table. I'm going to insert an LED screen flush into the surface for projecting maps, etc. via Roll20. So that's on my list, too! Once the table is set up, I'll be able to re-organize the gaming and painting area a little better to make it easier to work on things.
  5. I love the "uruk-hai" vibe to their armor!
  6. I have no idea about Reaper's plans for that, but everything I have read and seen about the 3D printing industry & technology points to it being the future of things like this (and more). Just like when companies said "Websites? Online orders? What are those? We don't need that silly stuff. We have catalogs and contracts with brick & mortar stores!" There are already companies that sell files for minis and terrain. The hardware continues to improve and get lower in price, too. I can take files to my public library and print things there, paying only for the medium (plastic) by weight. The printers that can handle the same level of detail as minis casting are still rare and/or $$$ for now, but I suspect that GW, Reaper et al will ultimately have to adapt or perish.
  7. No tags in the Figure Finder. No wonder I couldn't locate him. Thanks!
  8. What is its name? I could not find it in the figure search or a name for it anywhere.
  9. A slight veering of topic, but I find that my Reaper minis (especially the Bones) are great for using with Gansesha Games' "Song of Blades and Heroes" rules, which are actively supported.
  10. I have a fairly scattered assortment of dremel attachments, but I was wondering what the hive mind thought were the best ones for dealing with mold lines on pewter or Bones? Though frankly, I think the X-Acto is better for the latter.
  11. February Goals?! My goal is to paint any $%@& thing!
  12. I wanted to do the embedded screen, but lacking a woodshop, it was a lot more effort for me. The box was a compromise. Later days, it may get upgraded into a table set up.
  13. I'd seen other people do things like this with projectors and LED screens, so I said "Why not?" There is a little refurbished HP Chromebox (with wifi) attached to the back via HDMI and a wireless Keyboard and Mouse. The screen is a 32" refurbished Element screen from MicroCenter. The frame is just 2x4's and some chair glides for feet. I put a sheet of plexiglass over the screen to prevent scratches. The idea is to put a player session of Roll20 up on the Chromebox and run the DM side from a separate laptop. The players at the table see the PC POV of the map while the GM sees the full map. The image in the picture is just a jpeg for sample purposes. The electronics (with cables, etc.) cost about $230. The lumber, etc. cost about $35.
  14. I think the Safari one knarthex posted would suit the encounter nicely. It's pre-painted, but still looks pretty sweet and the price is right!
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