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  1. I've posted a few more pics on the blog if people are curious.
  2. Well, these aren't Bones, but I may try that on the knights!
  3. I've been working on a set of HeroQuest minis and I used the colored spray primers from The Army Painter to speed things along. I sprayed the chaos knights and the dwarf with Plate Mail Metal, the first time I've used a metallic primer. I just painted the dwarf. It turned out OK but the metallic undercoat was very smooth and seemed to be difficult to cover with other color where the mini isn't supposed to be steel. Anyone else have experience with this primer?
  4. Thanks. Fortunately, I accepted that I have a brown thumb long ago, so I ignore planting or gardening. Here's a Fimir, too! http://48orcs.blogspot.com/2015/03/hq-fimir.html
  5. Here's the color test orc from the batch:
  6. I was going for "incorporeal glowy-ness." Didn't quite work out. Ah well, onwards and upwards!
  7. Today it may actually get warm enough to spray prime some stuff! I'm going to prep this set of HeroQuest minis I am painting up for my brother. I'll be using colored TAP spray primer.
  8. Very nice! I have this one from the KS. I also have a WOTC prepainted gorgon that is more silvery. Maybe I'll paint my new one more brass to differentiate.
  9. Another quickie: It's for use as a "Barrow Wight" in some LOTR skirmishes.
  10. Me like! I have some of these fellows sitting in the TBP pile. These will make great reference pix!
  11. Love the colors on his cloak and armor!
  12. Niiiiiiice!! I may need to get one of these!
  13. I have the metal version of this one, its feet would fit nicely on a 2" base. I plan to paint it as a white dragon.
  14. For March, I want to make a "Get it on the Table" video showing rack painting techniques with the Bones 2 bugbears (or possibly the gnolls). I also want to paint the set of HeroQuest minis I have for my brother, but I'm waiting on spray priming weather right now (4ºF this AM, ouch!).
  15. I noticed the Feb. 9 updates are all at $0 and not viewable in the store. Is this deliberate or an error on the site?
  16. A full set of Heroquest minis for my brother: http://48orcs.blogspot.com/2014/10/a-new-project-looms.html Also, I am (slowly) working on re-modeling my gaming and painting area.
  17. I had not heard of this line of products before. Thanks for bringing them up. There is some interesting stuff on their site.
  18. An ominous shadow on the brickwork from off-base? Excellent job, btw. And FWIW, I love Eccleston as an actor ("Shallow Grave", anyone?) but I am unimpressed with him as the Doctor. Overall, the writing improves under Moffat, IMO and Matt Smith is my favorite of the new Drs. Tom Baker is always the Doctor to me, though. YMMV, IMHO, etc.
  19. Episode 2 (both parts) is now up! Here's the finished druid as well (you can see him at the end of E2 pt 2): All in all, about 90 minutes of paint time, not including the filing and priming or letting the glue dry on the flocking. He's also sealed with a layer of Krylon spray matte.
  20. Clear spray sealers/varnishes are the easiest to use. Citadel and Army Painter make some, but I just use Krylon. For extra protection, use a couple coats of high gloss (let dry between coats), then once the last coat of gloss is dry, hit it with a coat of matte to kill the shine/glare. The gloss gives is a nice "shell" to protect it. Spray from about 10-12" away, keep the can moving. Shake well and spray outdoors in fairly low humidity and not too cool temperatures (check the can). Don't let the spray "pile up" on the mini(s). A couple light mistings is what you are after. Hit the mini from several angles (rotate it on a piece of cardboard or something as you spray. Let is dry COMPLETELY before handling. Acrylic sealers dry pretty fast though (10 minutes or so).
  21. As soon as I convince my daughter that Daddy's MacBook is not her minecraft computer, I'll get part 2 up.
  22. This stuff is probably WAY beneath the skill level of most people here, but I decided to put up a series of basic YouTube videos about getting minis tabletop-ready. I'm still fiddling with the best format and setup to use. The first couple are online now: Episode 1
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