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  1. A simple quartering of the shield with one bright and one darker color (Yellow and Blue, maybe?). Would do very nicely.
  2. For those of you without a front loading washing machine, I suppose you could try this with the minis instead.
  3. Heh. Yeah. Like I say, that flesh color really came out red in pic. It's not that bad in person, but it's definitely ruddy.
  4. Here's Traeg (14207). Done in about 2 hours using TAP's Warpaints. The "Barbarian Flesh" is a little redder on camera than in real life, and the fig needs another shot of matte, but otherwise I'm pleased with the results for a tabletop piece.
  5. Still enjoying the Mega Paint set I picked up. Here are some recent efforts. The Space Marines were mostly for fun, and the beastman has been languishing a while, so I felt like I should do something about him. The night goblins are part of the Skull Pass set I'm trying to mine for more greenskin goodness. The images are a bit large, so I'm posting a link to the blog post that contains them. http://48orcs.blogspot.com/2014/07/painting-away.html
  6. Coal black is a cool color, but isn't it too green for the base coat?
  7. I want to take the Assault on Black Reach Ultramarines dreadnought and make it a chaos dreadnought. Ideally without buying a jillion bitz. I have a CSM box set that I made a squad from, but there are a few pieces left there. Any thoughts?
  8. Heck! I'll be happy if I just get back to painting regularly. I did manage to paint a couple SMs last night that have been languishing forever. One Alpha Legion and one Ultramarine. They still need a final wash and the decals, though.
  9. I tend to switch back and forth between black and white primers, depending on the model type. I've also had good luck with TAP colored primers for larger projects (Goblin army, etc.)
  10. I think a brown ink wash like chestnut or devlan mud or similar would go a long way. Just try to clear it away from the blue of the eye sockets. You probably want those to stay brighter.
  11. Nice! Very Harryhausen Love the bases.
  12. The next big challenge is painting the chasm under the Bridge of Khazad Dum two-dimensionally. I may need to print something and attach it to the board.
  13. Well, I thought about hydro-centric aspect of the board myself. I hate having a ton of wasted space, but in trying to recreate the idea of the "good guys" trying to get into Moria while the tentacles are trying to drag them to a watery grave, it sort of made sense (to me) that the amount of dry land available would be limited. If people can back up too far from the water, then the tentacles pose little threat. I haven't fully hashed out the rules about the water yet. Perhaps the Watcher has to get them a certain distance from shore before the pool is deep enough to drag them under? For the walls, I took some 1" pink insulation foam and cut it to size. Then I layered some spackling on and textured by pressing stones and crumpled tinfoil against the surface. There will be a short corner piece with the door. I think it will look decent once it's painted up and mounted on the board.
  14. 1) My Moria skirmish boards: Watcher in the Water, Balin's Tomb, and the Bridge at Khazad Dum. 2) I've got about 40 Skull Pass Night Goblins I'm going to try and get through using TAP color primer and "dip" method. (I made their cloaks purple instead of black). 3) Marthrangul: I don't expect to finish him, but I want to make some actual progress on the mini and the base.
  15. So I've been working on a bunch of minis for some LOTR-y skirmishing and wanted to make a "Watcher in the Water" board. I've got a 2' x 2' piece of MDF cut for the base. The idea will be something like the attached image, with the door in one corner and two faces of the walls running along the water. What I'm looking for is a fairly simple, yet decent looking way to do the cliff walls. I have various sheets of foam, but I want to make them look more like natural rock faces than a "dungeon" wall. Any thoughts?
  16. Very nice! I have a few of these plus a bunch of their orcs. They are a great deal for the $. I may have to get some more of these for a Middle Earth dwarven army. PS- Here is a great article online about modding the EM4 orcs: http://www.combatzonechronicles.net/em4/orcsy.htm
  17. Here's another mini done with TAP Mega Set. It's a GW Moria goblin archer captain. It's a metal figure, not a plastic one from the box set. I was trying to match the colors I had done on some of the other minis in the past. It came pretty close, I think. Again, this was basically base-coating with some light dry-brushing here and there, followed by an ink wash. The brush on matte varnish looks a little too shiny here, but now that it is warmer I will spray seal it.
  18. I'm quite lazy. MSP's Linen White or GW's Bleached Bone with a brown wash (Devlan Mud or similar).
  19. Yeah, I followed that thread back then. It was the reason I was looking at the sand/yellow yellow for the scales at one point. Marthrangul also has a sort of mane (fur) along his spine as opposed to more scales, so I was trying to find two colors to work with the red.
  20. For that size, I'd carve out a piece of insulation foam into the general shape you want, then augment it with things like rocks (bits of foam, sculpey, or actual rocks), flocking sand for soil, and vegetation. I'd paint the far inside black and lighten it near the mouth (dimly lit) with textures on the internal visible parts.
  21. I have a Marthrangul spray-primed TAP Dragon Red (original, I know). I'm pondering scale, fur, and wing membrane colors. The red will probably end up highlighted toward the orange end of things. The claws and horns could go either ivory or black. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  22. 3" x 3" ? How big do you want the entrance? That first pic looks like it would have to bigger than that if you used the scale indicated by that walkway.
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