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  1. Thanks for the shopping tip, Grump! I heart the WarStore. I'll look for shieldless archers there.
  2. My commission from Call of Catthulhu is finished (37 custom painted cats!). YAY! So now I think I shall work on my own stuff for a while. There is some Moria/LOTR terrain I'd like to make, but for painting, maybe Marthrangul as Smaug. He's already primed (red) and assembled.
  3. Remember too that Bones are pretty easy to convert, if you are inclined to get more variety from what is available. ~v What Bones really needs (in my case) are those archers plus some of the more High Elf spear guys
  4. I looked at the Bones minis, but didn't really see what I was after. I'll check again, and Mantic too. Thanks! EDIT: Mantic is too $$. GW would be cheaper after taking out the UK to US shipping. Also, their archers are holding shields. (??)
  5. I'm looking for a couple dozen elf warriors to use for general gaming. I like the warlord packs, but $40 for 9 is a bit much for the quantity I'm after. GW isn't a whole lot better. Are there any other elf sets out there that might do the trick? I'm just after fairly generic fantasy elves with the usual assortment of spears, bows, swords, etc. Thanks!
  6. So far, I haven't noticed any leaking or clogging. @Baugi: I think that may be due to the wider opening in the dropper nozzle.
  7. I haven't tried the flesh tones yet. I did finish painting the orc, though. The metallics went on very nicely, with good coverage. The consistency was unusual in that it felt thick, but spread very smoothly and evenly. The normal colors were fine, though I didn't shake them up enough to begin with. I mimicked TAP's method of basecoat and shade. I used the ink (strong tone) instead of the dip, though. Here is a quick pic of the orc. It was a total speed paint job:
  8. I think I have to play with my white balance. Everything looks yellowish in the pics with the box.
  9. While I am at best a "Tabletop+" painter, I never liked the Raphaels. I've used the W&N's with some success. My favorite brushes were the Vallejos, but those are off-market as well. Lately, I've been perfectly happy with the Citadel brushes I picked up a few months ago. Of course, over the years I've learned to take better care of my brushes, so maybe I'd be more impressed if I re-visited the top shelf ones again.
  10. I never want to see a cat mini again after this month. http://48orcs.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-dream-of-thousand-cats.html
  11. So, in a fit of curiosity, I bought The Army Painter's "Mega Set" with their complete Warpaint color line, including inks. Their range of colors is much more limited than Reaper's or GW's, so it's not as big a purchase as it sounds. Many of my assorted paints were dried out so this was sort of a mass replacement/restocking. Other than the fact they forgot 4 of the inks in the box, which Neal at thewarstore.com took care of for me (Seriously, those guys RULE!), the box is pretty nice. I've only had a brief chance to try the paints by starting a Warlord reven berserker, but they seem decent enough. The dropper bottle is a little bigger (more paint for less $) and the nozzle a tiny bit wider (hopefully fewer clogs). I haven't used the brushes as yet. The painting guide included is really for beginners, but the advice is solid enough. Even though they are touting their method (and product line) more than general technique. One of the selling points they market the paints with is the idea that the paints match their color primers exactly, which is supposed to make touching up spray-based minis easier. I have some of their blue and red sprays, maybe I'll take some of my Skull Pass dwarfs and try it out.
  12. I made one this weekend with some cheap white muslin from Joann's Fabric. The bristol board paper I have is 9 x 12", which was fine for the bordering, but too small for the curved backdrop (I had to tape two pieces together and now there's a visible seam). I'm going to try some 11 x 17" laser paper and see if that works. I also need to find the right height setup for my tripod and camera, but that should be (hopefully) minor.
  13. The yahoo group is the best place to ask rules questions. It's pretty active. http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/songofblades/ EDIT: & Andrea checks it regularly.
  14. A little of both. I typically use the supplied lists and fit my minis to the examples, but the warband tool is useful sometimes. EDIT: Data cards sound fun!
  15. Sure, it can drive me crazy at times, but for us it really adds to the tension of the game and seems to come about about even. (Plus it's pretty hilarious when your opponent gloats because you rolled three 1s and then does the exact same thing!) Plus, as Andrea often says, it's your game so feel free to modify as you like. :) The two-faulure turnover rule makes the game far more exciting for the reason cited by others above. I know it can be frustrating when it happens, but it's one of the things that keeps SBH an exciting game; the gods of chance can be fickle!
  16. I had a brutal defeat from this a year or so ago. A gnoll with Savage torn my human captain's head off and the whole warband basically disintegrated.
  17. Go Zocchi (Gamescience) or go home!
  18. @jdizzy: Gaming 14 years? N00b. I've got twenty siders over twice that old! (no, really. I do!) Seriously though. Thanks for the info. I'll need to pull the books back out this summer and look at them again (I also get the first "Perils" book).
  19. I like the iron-ish look to the armor. If you go purple on the cloak, you might try a greenish "balefire" look to the sword for contrast.
  20. The yahoo group is much more active than the Ganeshagames forums, so it's a good resource for all things SBH. Not to hijack, but have people tried the RPGTBH (Tales of Blades and Heroes) much? I picked it up when it came out, but never really got a chance to try it much. It looks like it has some cool potential, but it's different enough from classic D&D-type gaming that I didn't get a good feel for it just from a read-through.
  21. "Tall guy, weird clothes. First you see him then you don't."
  22. Pretty darned big, in fact! Here he is partially assembled next to a Warlord elf on a 1" square Hirst base.
  23. PF is a good way to go for crunchy rules, but I am still irked at the fact that their $50 (retail) 375 page "Core" book is not a complete game. (No monsters)
  24. I dunno. Showing that much leg might be a tactical advantage.
  25. If you can't find someone already playing Warlord, paint up more than one faction and let a friend borrow one to play against you. I have Crusaders, Reven, and Necropolis myself. Of course, lately it's mostly been Song of Blades and Heroes, but I still like Warlord. I just ran a Taltos Labyrinth Lord campaign set in Port Gangrel.
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