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  1. *drool* Must...have..Wight mini!! :p
  2. DO OR DICE carries Confrontation, but I don't see Mira on their site :(
  3. there are some clockwork gnomes available from Kenzer for their Fairy Meat game: http://www.kenzerco.com/xcart....tegory=
  4. Bear in mind the Hackmaster beholder mini is out of print now. http://www.RPGShop.com had them in stock last I looked (Mine just arrived in the mail from them a few days ago). The flashing and seams will definitely need some filing and putty, but the piece is simple enough that it should look fine with minimal effort (famous last words! :) ).
  5. Definitely check out the Trodgor game on the site as well.
  6. I dunno, if the broadsword is big and sharp enough and she knows how to use it...I doubt the boys will give her TOO much trouble. :laugh:
  7. On a tangential note, I am slightly confused. ??? The 'Monique' in the DH:L gallery (#2234) looks different from the one I've seen on some websites, as well as the concept sketch. Are there two models?
  8. Well, I took the plunge and painted off and on all day Sat. Here's what I came up with (apologies for the mediocre image): (It looks better in person :) ) You can't tell very well from this image, but the scales are basically a Goblin Green, with some yellowish drybrushing and a dark green ink wash. The claws and some of the scales aren't as "crisp" as I'd like them, but overall, it's a pretty nice-looking monster. The base was added primarily for stability. Next time I'll try to do something more interesting. Thanks to everyone for the advice and encouragement. :)
  9. I have Photoshop at home, so maybe I'll give that a try. If I'm less than 3' away though, things start to blur. The problem -I'm told- with digital zoom (on the camera) is that it doesn't sharpen the image, it just magnifies it.
  10. So I bought myself a Reaper Amber Dragon, got him filed, glued and primed (black); now I'm terrified to start painting! I've never painting anything larger than an ogre and something this big and (hopefully) impressive is intimidating to me. Any good general advice on painting dragons? FWIW, I was thinking of a green or red dragon for color scheme.
  11. I have an HP Photosmart 315 (x2.5 Digital Zoom, 2.1 megapixels). When taking pix of my minis, I can't seem to strike a balance between being close enough for detail and far enough away for a sharp pic. Any advice? Or am I just doomed with this camera? ???
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