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  1. Very nice. I would have just defaulted to a rust/brown wash, but the blue-green is MUCH better!
  2. Can't see the above link from work, but the Knights of the Dinner Table did a Head of Vecna strip a while back. Particularly funny since it was so believeable for those characters. :)
  3. Big fan of SBH. It's the only skirmish game I play. I like the 2 failure rule. It's a great cost/benefit trade off. I got Andrea's RPG (Tales of Blades and Heroes) but haven't really been able to get into it. I'm currently working on an SBH battle board and scenarios for a Moria game. (some updates on my "48 orcs" blog). You can also see a short video I did to explain the basic of the SBH rules .
  4. I want to finish my GW Balrog. Also, make and paint my scratchbuilt Watcher in the Water tentacles. (Working on a Moria skirmish board).
  5. http://48orcs.blogspot.com/2013/06/66-minutes.html
  6. Yes, it's the RK series I'm looking for, but all that is for Spain/Europe.
  7. While not a goal to finish in May, I am starting a project this month that I want to keep up with: http://48orcs.blogspot.com/2013/05/go-big-or-go-home.html
  8. I have a few Vallejo sable brushes I'd bought years ago. I love these brushes! I've tried Citadel, W&N S7s, Raphaels, da Vincis, but I like the Vallejos. So sue me! I can't seem to find these brushes any more. They came in a 3 pack: 0, 1, & 2. The handles were wood grain. I see Neal at the Warstore has Vallejo Toray brushes which are synthetic, yes? Where are the Vallejo sables? Any suggestions? A US distributor would be preferred.
  9. First session is tonight. I'm stoked! I think that I'll let them knock around Port Gangrel a little, tossing a few plot hooks out and maybe a tussle with some local thugs. I want to get a feel for what they want to pursue as a group (and individually).
  10. Is that book on ebay what came in the box set? I've been looking for the boxed set a while now. Purchased! Thanks for the heads up!
  11. I'm planning on having the PCs be pretty new to the setting ("Freshies"), so they'll have a chance to discover the factions as they go and develop their own opinions about them. It's not necessary that they ally with one group or the other, but the option is there. I'm thinking that the Reven, the Reptus and Necropolis haven't emerged as major players yet. Denelspire has been re-taken by Gerard, and Ashkrypt rules at Craclaw. I also think the mystery of the Reaper under Thule may play a part.
  12. Just an FYI, I'm getting ready to start GM-ing a Labyrinth Lord + AEC campaign for my gaming group. They'll be playing Taltos. I'm basing most of the fluff on the 1st ed. faction books, but some of it is just my own tweaks. I've set up an Obsidian Portal page for it, too. http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/battle-for-taltos
  13. S&W should be easy to use with things like 1e modules, etc. If you want actual 1e rules in a retro clone, OSRIC is the closest to 1st edition, followed closely by Labyrinth Lord + it's AEC (Advanced Edition Companion). I actually prefer LL+AEC, because I tend to run lighter rules, but YMMV.
  14. Does anyone know approximately how many people attend GW's GamesDays in the US (Chicago, Baltimore, etc.)? I had a friend asking me and I really didn't know. I couldn't find anything online easily, either.
  15. Oof! It's a lot of dice, but I may have to go that route.
  16. One of my players bought some garnet colored gem dice (dark red) and asked if I could ink the numbers for him. He picked up a white "paint pen" for me to use as well. The paint seems too watery and difficult to control flow-wise. Any suggestions and/or another method?
  17. SOGD (Song of Gold & Darkness) is a nice expansion. I'm also looking forward to giving the new RPG rules (Tales of Blades and Heroes) a whirl.
  18. I made a short video demo-ing the Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish game using some Reaper figs. Enjoy! Sorry the text goes by so fast. I was trying to keep the vid short/small enough to email to my brother when I decided to upload it to YouTube.
  19. I like the ogre and unicorn ideas. I was avoiding NPC good guys because this was to be a very "bare bones" set. We shall see if it expands over time. Thanks for the feedback!
  20. I'll have to look at Paizo's. What I'm most curious about is which creatures/monsters are the best choices for a "starting lineup."
  21. My 12yo niece is running Labyrinth Lord for her sisters and friends. My brother and I have gotten her dice, the basic books, and she's got the mini Chessex mat she borrows from her dad. I'm figuring what this kid needs is a basic stable of minis. We're talking old school here, so I want to come up with some classics that she can really get some use out of. I'll probably scrounge the actual figs from things like Reaper or WOTC prepaints (maybe HQ), but I'm trying to think what the top monster types would be in terms of table time. Goblins (can stand in for most humanoids, I figure) Skeletons (for most undead) Giant Spiders Dragon Bandits Wolves Rats Evil wizard/priest Anything else? Or anything that you think should be swapped out? I could try to get her some PC figs too, but that gets trickier, as people like those more personalized, IMO.
  22. Pure awesome! Now it just needs a little Capt. Amerifrog chasing it!
  23. Finally finished the Space Hulk genestealers, so that cleared the decks a bit. I've got Shoatima for my wife, but that won't be a speed paint. I've also finally assembled a box of GW Dark Elves (16 figs) that I've had sitting around forever. My theory is to paint them up for TT and stick the set up on eBay. I plan on priming them later this AM. I also have a few sprues of WFB dwarfs that might get the same treatment, but I've not assembled those yet, so we shall see about them. EDIT: I also got 24 ROTK Warriors of Minas Tirith assembled & primed, so I guess I should do something about them at some point too. I wonder if I should work on them or those CSMs that have been waiting on the shelf for a year and a half?
  24. Most of Disney's biggest sellers are PD: Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan & Tinkerbell, etc. On account of they were almost all created so long ago.
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