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  1. Please post finished pix! I still need to file & prime the one for my wife (also a river otter fan) and I'd love to see what others do with the sculpt!
  2. So my brother says that he was told at GenCon there was a "problem with the Shoatima green." Please say you aren't waiting on a re-sculpt!
  3. I got the VIXIA HF R10 for my birthday last week! So far I am enjoying it. I've taken a few test photos and they came out OK, but I need to set it up on the tripod properly to really try it out. The video is decent too. I read some reviews where folks complain of a whirring sound from the onboard mic, but i haven't noticed it yet. The battery could last longer, though.
  4. Hooray! I've said in other threads that the whole reason I collected the other three was that I was waiting for Shoatima! My wife loves river otters and playing archer characters.
  5. I will definitely being following this thread. I periodically scan eBay for this piece, but have yet to spot it at less than $200 (well out of my range).
  6. Gah! Well, at least it's just a tabletop job. Thanks for info!
  7. I have an orc mini I finished & sealed that has a few spots which have remained sticky for weeks. I think it has something to do with the super gule under the varnish (I painted two parts separately then glued them together). Why is this happening and how do I fix it? Thanks!
  8. Good Luck! I did a similar challenge, but it was all speed paint on very similar models. http://48orcs.blogspot.com/
  9. Awesome! thanks for the samples!
  10. How does the Canon do with macro pix (i.e. close-up pictures of minis, etc.)?
  11. I'm looking for a new digital camera for taking pics of my minis, but I have one oddball feature I want. I'd like a camera with an external microphone jack for video. Does anyone know of any that aren't $$$$?
  12. I was just gonna ask the same thing. SBH is way cool. I'm thinking mayne for the ettin, use ogre + a Q boost for the extra set of eyes and ears.
  13. The combat bonus for mounted and long move is a big boost for a runty gobbo. A pretty decent fig for 47 pts. Not much to do about their cruddy Quality unless you spring for a leader, though.
  14. Ganesha Games has a modern skirmish called Flying Lead. I haven't played this one, but I've played Song of Blades and Heroes, their fantasy rules, and love it.
  15. You can see bigger pics on my blog here. I wanted some warg riders for RPGs and Song of Blades and Heroes, but I didn't want to spend a ton on them. I had some WFB goblin "rider" legs from a an old Orcs & Goblins sprue, but I'd already made and painted the goblins from that set as foot troops, so I didn't have many torsos or heads left. What I did have were a bunch of Heroquest goblins. I also had 10 WotC plastic Timber Wolf minis plus a few Reapers wolves (from a 3-pack). I drilled a small hole in each of the wolves' backs as well as in the "tailbone" of the goblins (ouch!). Then I glued a small bit of wire into the hole for each goblin. I then cut the HQ gobbos in half and glued their torsos to the WFB legs. A few of them I also swapped arms for bow-holding WFB ones. The gobbos got some quick paint and some Badab black wash. The riders are mounted on the wolves with the wire pin, but are not glued. That way I can use the wolf minis as just wolves as well. Here you can see how the wire works: Here's a closeup a few of them: Here's the whole gang: Here are the "squads" 1 & 2: Here's one of them on a Reaper wolf: I ended up with 13. The last one is not pictured. There's also this guy, who can be a sort of hobgoblin/orc boss. (mounted on a WotC Winter Wolf):
  16. In 15/18 MM scale! http://www.splinteredlightminis.com/images/goblinoids/BUGB04.jpg Shame, I did like these guys, remind me of the harlequin miniatures heavy orcs with crossbows. Yeah, I ordered a few to check them out. They're nice, and would work fine as place holders for riders, but definitely small compared to GW or Reaper. I did luck out in that I found a stash of WotC Deathknell Timber Wolves that I had bought a jillion years ago (10 for $1.29 each!). So it turns out I've got my wolf minis after all.
  17. Completed with a day to spare! Group pic
  18. I just ran across these guys: http://www.splinteredlightminis.com/goblinoids.html $6 for three goblins + wolf mounts in metal.
  19. No one has ever accused me of being overly bright.
  20. Been updating the blog mostly with status and pics. I'll add the link to my sig. Quick recap is by end of Week 2 (Fri PM/St AM) I have 24/48 painted (exactly on schedule)! Today (Sunday) is my painting club meeting so I hope to get through a good bit there.
  21. I am SO over zombies by now, but your hospital-johnnie undead made me smile.
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