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  1. @olliekickflp -- don't forget to pack your purple worm.....
  2. I think we should draw names out of a hat for who gets to be his new friends. Or maybe it could be part of the auction.
  3. How much is the basic set? If they were coated, I would use an overhead projector pen on them which might be handy....
  4. I've used the Liquitex and Golden brands in both gloss and matte without any problems although neither the Liquitex nor the Golden was as matte as Testers Dullcote. Liquitex is suppose to make an Ultra Matte but I have only seen it online. Anyone have any experience with it? Or any Acrylic Matte that works as good as Dullcote for the matter?
  5. @Amalor - LOL I have done that one myself.. Here is another one...I once glued the tip of a brush into a fine point by not waiting for the superglue to dry. Of course I did not figure it out until later in the day when I was trying to paint a line and I couldn't figure out why the paint kept "drying" on the tip of the brush. Man that one hurt...
  6. I thought I would share my latest stupid mistake in order to make myself fell better and give everyone else a chance to purge as well… So I had just finished painting some armor with a tint of green on it, but the process had left the armor very glossy. No problem I thought, I’ll just grab my reaper brush on sealer give it a coat or two and it will be perfect. I had never used my airbrush for this, let me give that a shot because I have never done that before. The little voice in my head kept telling me not to do it without testing it. Nonsense! I have been using brush on sealer for years without any problems. I know that it requires lots of shaking to make sure it is mixed thoroughly so I placed it on my paint shaker while I dug out my airbrush. Boldly I snatched up my airbrush, loaded the sealer in it along with some water, and sprayed away. Pleased with my results, I cleaned the brush and returned to my workspace to find my miniature completely frosted over. My brain wouldn’t/couldn’t comprehend it. Was it the airbrush? Was it the combo of the water and sealer? Humidity? Too much air pressure? The process I used to tint the armor green? Had I angered the painting gods? I tested for all these and could not recreate the effect… Well it turns out that when I reached for the Brush on Sealer, I grabbed the anti-shine additive instead! @#[email protected]#@!!!! J Man that was a bummer! That will teach me to read labels won’t it! I ended up marking a big red X on the additive, so I guess there is no need to read it. What’s your tale of woe?
  7. I painted my worm too, but I can say I'm too happy with it. Its painted thought so all I have to do is wait.... and wait.... and wait..... still waiting..... is it time yet?
  8. Someone once told me "A painted mini will fight better for you. Doesn't matter how well they are painted". It is good advice. Just focus on the pleasure of painting miniatures...
  9. I would start with the LTPK (like everyone else said), but I wouldn't worry about the mold lines at all. Just take what you get in the kit and give it a go. That way you can find out if you LIKE painting miniatures without spending a lot of time on the project. If you find you do like to paint, you can always strip off the paint and repaint it. If you like it, you will be surprised at how fast you acquire other tools such as files, knifes, pin-vices, and blah blah blah.... You get the idea.... And this forum is a great resource (but you already know that) That is my 2 cents
  10. I ended up with a couple of extra ones some how so I thought I would paint one and bring the other two with me. I hope this is still a thing :)
  11. No love for Nightshade Purple? Volcano Brown? Both of those are as handy as a pocket on a shirt. Love the liners too, but I don't use them much.
  12. No pick-ups makes sense with that many orders, but it never hurts to ask. :) I was planning on buying more mini's anyway cuz... you can never have too many minis. Anyone know if I can pick up some unpainted dinosaurs there? My sons (6.9) would LOVE to paint them!
  13. forgive me if this has already been asked somewhere else but would it be possible to pickup our KS bones stuff at reapercon? It would save reaper cash and we could get our stuff... Not sure how much trouble it is or if it is worth it to reaper but I would be interested... Max
  14. Always make sure the Superglue is dry on you miniature BEFORE you start painting it. Good way to ruin a good brush....
  15. Wait -- hold the phone -- There is something to do in Dallas BESIDES Reapercon? Who know?
  16. My plan is to get some of those disposable ziplock containers with the screw on lids and fill them with warm soapy water. Put figures in. Shake well. Dump into a calendar and rise. Repeat for the next batch...
  17. Works for me. It will just be fun to have a bunch of worms painted up by different styles... Tooooooo fun. Thanks for suggesting it.
  18. The cool part is that everyone ends up with a worm painted by the group. Within everyones worm there are all kinds of skill levels of painter...
  19. I like the Worm painting session idea -- and it would be fun to see how each person approaches painting their worm...<giggle> what about a group worm paint thing as well? something like paint your worm for 30 seconds then pass it to the painter on your left. repeat. Might be fun and you would certainly get a unique piece out of it. Trying to wait patiently, Max
  20. My Purple worm is on the way... As far as the rules go, I lean toward simplicity... If its a worm or its Purple it counts! Does any one have some adventurer figs for the center? Or are we dropping that idea?
  21. I have been using an Scriber/Marking tool to make a hole before I start to drill. It really helps on those "difficult to drill" places and things. Oh and I have become a pinning convert so you should pin it... I guess you already did... but I am pro pin.
  22. I'm judge but I'll play one on TV.... Sounds great to me. I wonder if we should set a time (and place?) for the "great purple worm debate"?
  23. In the frenzy I signed up for two color theory classes (13-241 and 13-341) which I think are the same class... Can anyone confirm this?
  24. I feel like the target commercial -- open. open. open. open.....
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