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  1. I know -- I wish I could come for that course. ReaperCon should set up a camera and record Anne's full class. I would gladly pay for DVD or download. Hey -- maybe Anne could stream it!
  2. There have been times when I wanted to smash them with a hammer! Most of the time I find that if I put them in the punishment box for a few days they don't seem as bad when I come back to them. If they do, its back to the punishment box!. Repeat that a few times then move to step two -- to strip or not to strip. Also called golag or restart....
  3. So I was painting some figs last night and singing the praises of Nightshade Purple -- so dark, so rich, so cool... mmmmmm -- sorry distracted myself there -- I started wondering do others have colors that they just loved or hated to use for painting either because of the pigment, the shade, the difficulty of making it look good, consistency or whatever. For me it goes like this: LOVE!!!!!! Nightshade Purple (did I mention this already?) -- its wonderful shading or just adding depth to darker colors. Carnage Red -- because I love red and it seems very forgiving for a red. Its a wonderful mid tone which I can move up or down with. Volcano Brown -- works on its own or mixed with a little... (you guessed it) nightshade purple to darken it. HATE!!!!!! white and off white - because its difficult ot make them look good. One of these days I going to force myself to paint several miniatures with white theme in hopes of getting past this block. In the mean time, I'll just put it on my hated list. Anyone else have an opinion?
  4. I have a pair if each and I have to say that I like them both for different reasons. If I had to choose one, it would be the mageyes because it allows me to see the TV while I paint. I ended up getting two sets of the mageyes with two different lens so I could save time by not switching the lens. Oh and I am 47--no wait 48 almost 49 and I have embraced magnification even though I never had glasses... So listen up you whipper snappers magnification is good....
  5. Wow I'm a convert! This worked really well -- thanks all.
  6. Thanks all -- I plan to give this a shot ASAP.
  7. One of the bazillian things I learned from the Darksword DVD is that you can airbrush reaper primer... Who knew? Anyone have experience with this? It sounds far too handy to be true. I'm going to pick up some and give it a try but I was wondering if anyone had already done it and could point me away from the pit falls just to jump start me. No point in reinventing the wheel if I don't have too. Is this also true for the sealer? Advice and tips from anyone who can point me away from the pitfalls would also be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff Also is it weird to play the DVD in the background while I'm painting so I feel like I'm at paint club? Too much sharing?
  8. I have to admit that I have several miniatures started a one time that may never be finished. For me there is a certain tipping point where I feel I have painted too far to start over, but it is still not complete or the color scheme just isn't working or whatever. If they stall out for too long I just remove them from my painting table, but sometimes for some reason I get excited about them again and they get finished. I think is because I forget what about the figure frustrated me and I don't focus on it anymore.
  9. Hi all, I was thinking about this the other day and wondering what everyone would consider their top 5 painting tips that you could not live without. Advice that you would give anyone from the beginner to the most advanced painter or things that drive and/or inspire you. I'll start off with my five as an example. 1) When you think a miniature is turning out just awful, put it aside for a day or so. I have found that when I come back in the morning the miniature looks MUCH better than I thought. 2) Good Tools -- Brushes and Paints and lights and whatever else you use. Never go cheep if you can help it. Good tools will improve your paint and bad tools... blah blah. 3) Every so often try to copy someone else's miniature to see how close you can get. By removing the color scheme choice, you are forced to focus on the techniques and push yourself to try new things. 4) Take a class from a master painter. I have only done this once but I will jump at the chance if it ever comes along again. I learned a ton and had a bunch of fun. 5) Always try new things. Even your failures make you a better painter. who's next?
  10. That's two pre orders for the DVD. I have heard that there isn't much demand for advanced DVDs, but I have never seen one devoted to color theory and color mixing. I would think that every serious painter would want it, but I'm weird. I guess you have to at least a little bit off if you are into this hobby. ;).
  11. I grabbed a copy on eBay and it was signed as an added bonus! How cool is that? (Thanks to Jen and Anne!) I loved the color theory part -- Is there any talk of expanding that to a whole DVD of its own? That would be an instant purchase for me.
  12. you are right... we should start throwing stuff sooner...
  13. I have to say that I am very impressed with all the entries -- they are all so good! oh and hey Anne... good thing you asked about the time, cuz I made that mistake in the summer contest only I discovered my mistake AFTER the deadline. :) Good luck everyone.
  14. Keep your dog off MY lawn!!! Here is my entry. Hope you like it! Max
  15. I have to say that I really like the Miniature Mentor videos: http://www.miniaturementor.com/ Awesome paint job is very good: http://awesomepaintjob.com/Videos.html I found these helpful. There is a spot on sculpting that takes the fear out of converting miniatures: http://www.paintingminiatures.info/DVD%20Box%20Sets.html Painting Miniatures with Jeremie Bonamant Teboul (DVD English) is great -- If you can get a copy. And of course the Hot Lead Disks are great also: http://www.amazon.com/Miniature-Instructionals-Hot-Lead-DVD/dp/B001O6CG9C
  16. I can add a couple of thoughts. 1) You may want to pick a few figures that you will not need for your game for a while and start with those. This will help keep the feeling of having to rush at bay while you paint. Also, if you start with miniatures that don't need to assemble, you can concentrate on the painting part first. Once you are comfortable with the paint process, you can move on to more complex miniatures. 2) Once you start painting a miniature don't use it for gaming until its finished and sealed. This will keep the paint from rubbing off during gaming. 3) There are lots of ways to strip the paint of your miniatures ( Stripping Compendium ), but I would suggest that you don't do that. As you improve (and you will improve) it helps to look back at your previous work to see how much you have improved. I have miniatures that I painted when I first started that still make me cringe to look at but I love to see how far I have come. 4) Make use of this forum and others to get help. Also, see if your local game store has painting clubs or classes. I haven't met a painter yet who is willing to help out. 5) Lastly, have fun. Above all else, you should be having a good time with painting. Cheers! Max
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