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  1. Thanks! I just finished my 24 hours and I'm headed to bed. I plan on posting some pics an stuff tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying the day...
  2. only two days remaining! I play to start on the 16th and finish on the 17th which is my birthday. Haven't worked out the exact start time yet but that is the plan. Now all I have to do is: 1) Clean my work space 2) Stock the fridge 3) set up the camera for time lapse photography 4) decide which figs to paint. 5) enjoy! Anyone else making any special plans for the event?
  3. Less than a week.... Everyone got their miniatures ready? I'm really excited for this year as I plan to post to my blog every hour or so just to record the even. WaaHoo!
  4. This is a stupid question but are you using a wet palette? A long time ago I would use a porcelain palette to mix and thin paint but when I switched to a wet palette thinning the paint became much more consistent.
  5. Cool thanks for the advice. I had some vague memory from your class talespinner, but I couldn't quite pull it back. BTW are you teach at reapercon this year?
  6. So I'd like to try my hand at sculpting a cape or cloak for a model that currently does not have one. (of course -- if it had one I would not want to add one to it -- lol) I'd like it to be "flowing" out from behind the model as if its trailing in the wind. The model will be for display so it will not have any rough handling. What I'm wondering is.... what is the best way to go about it? Should I roll out a thin sheet then cut it into shape then add it to the model, shaping it at that point? Shape it before I add it to the model? Should I get some brass mesh and shape that the way that I want it and cover that with greenstuff from there? thanks for the advice. max
  7. maxstyles


    So just wonder how many pictures you take of each miniature to get one that you like. Me? I take about 10-12 before I'm satisfied.
  8. What brand of retarder is it?
  9. Just a reminder -- this is coming up so get ready! Jeff
  10. I'll add my 2 cents here too... One thing that I have had success with is to undercoat the area with a lighter version of the color you are using (ive even used a different color entirely) then paint; stipple; dab a darker color for blotches. You then glaze the skin with the skin color, repeating several times until the mottling is effective. The more glazes the more subtle the mottling becomes. If you want the blotches to be the lighter ones you can reverse the colors. Good luck and have fun. Post some pics when you are finished. I would love to see them.
  11. I got the new set but I haven't tried it out on any bones yet. I will try to give them a try tonight and report back tomorrow. Any color you are extra extra curious about Talae?
  12. I find that I get more done toward the begin than the end. With this said my stratigy is to save the base coating until the end because I start to lose my detail skills at the end..... I like the A to Z idea. Are you thinking of going in order or just at random?
  13. Hi all, Just a reminder that the 3rd annual 24 hour painting marathon is fast approaching this July for anyone who wants to test their metal on this. Its a celebration of all things miniatures! ANY activity that involves miniatures is welcome and encouraged. This Years Details: Event: 3rd Annual Miniatures Day Date: the weekend of July 16th-17th (or any other day you can work in during July) Time: Any time during this weekend (or any other day you can work in during July) Place: Wherever you are Who: YOU! The rules are as follows. 1) There are no rules. (they're more like guidelines, really...) 2) Fun must be experienced at some point during your day of creating. 3) Feel free to start and stop whenever you want. Some are challenging themselves to 12 or 24 hour painting binges; this is not required, but let us know if you do this (so we know who the crazy ones are ). 4) post some pictures during the event if you can. Pictures are fun. As an added incentive this year I have ribbons for those you participate. All you have to do is tell me that you participated (honor system folks) and pm me our address an I will mail it to you. I can also bring them to Reapercon if you are going. So why a World Wide Miniatures Day? Simple. Its a chance to immerse ourselves into our wonderful hobby without even leaving the house. Better yet, its a chance to introduce this great hobby with anyone who might be interested and, really in the end support, the local game shops, hobbyists, and the companies that make this hobby great. More info to follow so stay tuned.
  14. I'd be up for this... I would not consider myself a newbie but I'm not much beyond that. Beside I pretty much learn from every class or demo I have taken.
  15. @heisler -- Thanks! I just booked my rooms and flight now I just have to wait.... bummer.
  16. Any word on the link to the Fairfield Inn room block.... I'm itching to book my room
  17. @Willen -- that is a great idea. I never tried a toothpick.
  18. Just a side note here. I have gotten those little bubbles if the nozzle is dirty or partly clogged. I have to carefully clean the inside with an old needle. The ultrasonic cleaner does not seem to clear it out this the old needle method (which I learned in Aron's airbrush class at reapercon -- thanks Aron). Its a long shot but its worth a try.
  19. To finish the 6 Deadzone figs on my painting table -- including magnetizing, and assembling the larger ones. After that, start and complete as many Dungeon Saga figures as possible. Also start thinking about my reapercon entries...
  20. I've recently started doing audio books because I have exhausted netflix, hulu, and amazon Prime. When I did the Charleton Heston Post apocalyptic trifecta in one day I knew I needed help so I moved on to audio books.
  21. One thing that seems to help in this situation (other than everything else mentioned already) is to paint something for a friend. It takes the pressure off because it for someone else -- this is especially true if they are NOT a game or painter. They are usually really impressed by any paint job so its a great energy booster. Another thing that tends work for me is to try a speed paint challenge -- usually 10 minutes or so -- where the only goal is to get paint on the miniature. I have even gone so far as to limit my paint to 3-4 random colors and given myself 10 minutes. On last thing that has worked for me was to go to the local game store and teach beginners how to paint. For whatever reason that chased the black dog away. Good luck and remember if you are just getting frustrated and its not fun, try something new. Max
  22. @Blackhawk - nope. There was no thinning of the paint. @Peithetairos - I can't speak to the metal casts and I have not tried any bones modified with green stuff. I will add some green stuff to the vinegar test. So I dropped a test bone in some vinegar a few days ago to see if it will damage the fig in anyway. The plan is to leave it there for a month an see if any damage happens. I'll report back
  23. I did wash them with soap and water which is why I was surprised at how bad the paint rebelled on them. I've had some minor issues after washing them but never this bad.
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