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  1. I was wondering if something like that would happen to the bones. I'm not a chemist. Not even a chemist. Not even close. So if you are a chemist and you think/know this is a bad idea, let us know.
  2. A few months ago I had a professional house painter friend of mine help me with painting some galvanized metal because my prime was easily scraping off. He told me to wash the panels with white vinegar because it makes the surface take the paint. It worked great... Fast forward a few months. At a paint and take I ran this weekend my painters were having a terrible time laying down the first coat. It was very frustrating for them even though I kept telling them that it was really fun and relaxing hobby. :) Last night I starting wondering if the vinegar trick would work on bones, so I tried it with a few miniatures left over from my paint and take. I just got a bowl, poured in some white vinegar and submerged the test subjects. After about a minute I removed them and rinsed them in plain water. After drying them off with a towel, I tested the paint on them. It worked like magic. I only tried two of them so I might have just gotten lucky with two that were not bad anyway. I'll some more testing tonight but I thought I would open it up for a larger test group. Go test and report back your results.
  3. Just to be clear -- I would not add to the paint pot. That could ruin a whole bottle of paint which you do not want to do. I'm pretty sure you didn't mean that but better safe than sorry.
  4. Good news everyone. I got off my butt and ordered ribbons which should fit under your reaper badge. If you were a participate in this event and you have not PMed me your address, you should do it now. When the goodies arrive I send you one. Jeffster
  5. Hi everyone, Turns out my co-worker doesn't have time make these for me. I am exploring the ribbon idea now so if anyone has a good contact for ribbons let me know. I am sorry this is taking so long but I will make good on my promise. Full disclosure: I might be January before I can get this done with Christmas and all. Sorry for the delay -- on the plus side if I get a big order of ribbons I can hand them out next year. :) Jeff
  6. @Wren -- No Apologies necessary. All that info was great and there were many parts of it that I would have never thought of. You even supplied me with all the text and signage I need for the project. You are my hero!
  7. @Wren - Thanks for the almost overwhelming amount of information :) It took a bit to digest it but its all really good advice and now I feel like I have some real world experience running one of these. Pretty cool. One of the sponsors is a local game store and I bet they will have some merchandise for sale there. It might be a good idea to have them purchase a mini from them so they can get to know our local game store. Of course I could have some extras on hand if they cant do that for some reason. I contact them and ask. Does anyone have any ideas for a way to describe this in the convention schedule? (you can probably guess that writing is not really my strong suit :) )
  8. Thanks Jokemeister. That is some great advice. Its been a long time since I was a newbie so I tend to forget those things.
  9. Hi everyone, This may not be the best place to post this question, but it is a request for advice. There is a local game convention getting started in the area (its in its second year – hey you have to start somewhere). I am helping out by running a few miniature games and I would love to run a paint and take type of thing. I have lots of miniatures from the first bones kickstarter, lots of paint, and a few old brushes but what I don’t have is any experience running one of these. I want to expose new people to our hobby by putting the “miniature monkey†on their backs – er ah I mean joys of painting. Does anyone know if Reaper still supports this type of thing? Does anyone have any advice on making this type of event enjoyable for new painters? Any help is appreciated, Max
  10. I have used this technique with all types of paint. The key is thinning the paint down so that its transparent like in his pictures. It doesn't matter how thick the paint starts out. Its how thin you make it so keep adding water until its very transparent like in the pictures. It takes some fiddling but it comes quicker than you think. If you are asking for color substitution, I would use RAM Black for Coal black, but my shader of choice is Nightshade purple. I hope that helps.
  11. Hi everyone, My co-worker finely got some time in his schedule to make the ribbons for people who played. If you want to pm your address to me I will mail you one. Jeff
  12. I have had problems with the inks reactivating when I got them wet as well. One solution that seems to work (for me at least) is to give it few coats of brush on sealer applied with an airbrush. I tried to brush in on at first but that seemed to "smear" the ink so I moved to the airbrush. Another option is to make your washes with paint that way you do not have the same problem as the inks. The proportions would be different, the effect would be different. Keep experimenting and tell us what you find out.
  13. One thing that i didn't see mentioned was brushes (sorry if I missed it). I would spend some money on brushes and take care of them. They will last a long time and making painting fun for you. Sounds like you have the bug already so welcome to the club... Thats my 2 cents worth and happy painting!
  14. WOW Everyone one did really cool stuff! We lost internet connectivity at our place this weekend so I ended up posting stuff via my iphone here. Right here. On the plus side it made reading everyones progress this morning very exciting. Congrats everyone. You all ROCK! I learned a few lessons: 1) Always move your miniatures away from the edge of your desk -- especially if you turn your chair around. 2) Taping and prep work will take longer than you think. 3) The airbrush is your friend. 4) I get slower as I get more tired - wait I already know that... Well its confirmed. 5) Get up and walk around every now and then. 6) A wet palette is a good palette. 7) Google image search is a valuable resource.
  15. I'm getting ready for the start. I think I am starting at midnight PST -- I will get off work, grab some essentials, take a nap, then start at midnight. What are your plans?
  16. I updated the info on the first page to make it a bit clearer.... hopefully.
  17. @slendertroll -- no problem. Just do it next week and post some pictures. its all good. You should jump right in. I've been thinking that it should be any time in the month of july anyway.
  18. My original idea was to have a day/weekend/month where we celebrated our hobby (as well as an excuse to paint some miniatures) and I wanted it to be as inclusive as possible. 24 hours over the course of the weekend certainly fits right into the concept so I say huzza! This event is all about fun and the more people the better! I like the crossed brushes over a stop watch idea. Maybe brushes as the hands of the watch. Anyone have mad line drawing skills?
  19. That is a clever move. I should do that as well.... hmmmmm.... maybe I am getting sick.... cough.... definitely getting sick, but it is a very slow moving virus.... should peak on the Monday after...... I have a great immune system so I should be able to fight it off by the next day though....
  20. We are a little less than 2 weeks out. Is everybody getting excited for this event? Have you decided what you are going to paint? Me? I have a bunch of scenery for a commission I am doing, but that will not be whole time. I also have some reaper ogres that I want to get started on and then there are some infinity and War of Kings figs I want to start also. If it goes like last year I will differently have a slow time from about 3am to 5am so will be ready to prime and clean at that time. How about you?
  21. I've had limited success by placing them on a fan so there is air constantly moving over them. I let them set for about 24hrs that way and it seems to sometimes do the trick. If you decide to strip them you can use Simple Green (as someone suggested) or purple power also does the trick. good luck!
  22. actually more seriously... 1) every year paint a miniature for some one else. 2) Don't listen to negative critics -- only constructive ones. 3) have fun! (should be first). 4) To learn you must try to paint above your skill level. You will make mistakes but that is the way you learn. 5) Learn from other painters. 6) Don't be afraid to try.
  23. I found these two videos to be really helpful. https://youtu.be/az00Gcx5sO8 https://youtu.be/McBGNjQ7OtQ The first one is an a great talk Ken Schlotfeldt from badger airbrush. He covers the types of airbrushes and their use. He even covers cleaning and needle juice at the end of the video. He only uses water BTW. The second one is a interview with Ken which covers some of the same topics as well as some new ones. After listing to both of these I have switched to water for cleaning and thining and haven't had any problems. Just my two cents worth.
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