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  1. Don't start gaming -- try dating instead.. :)
  2. I just got a vortex mixer of ebay and I love it! It doesn't have the attachment to hold bottles but I have an idea of how to fabricate something myself. The Vortex is way quieter than the Robert shaker I have so I can use it without waking up the family. It seems to do a really good job of shaking the paint (bear in mind that I have only had it for two days now) and has a footprint about the same size. I tested in on reaper paints and some scale75 paint and it mixed them nicely. I didn't play with any of the speed settings. I just turned it up to 11 and went to town. If it continues to work as nicely as it does now, I am hooked. I love the touch option! With out that, I doubt that I would be as in love with this device as I am. The only downside was the price. I put offers into on several of them and ended up getting one that was in my price range. I think the key is to decide what you are willing to spend and just keep looking for one that fits for you.
  3. Its a SIN!!! Its a sin using Beethoven like that! lol Like them both...
  4. Wait..... Hold up!!!! You are suppose to FINISH them? I thought you just abandon them after a promise to return to them later...... Seriously, I block out the entire miniature then pick an area that I want to finish completely and get it about 80% there. When the whole fig is at 80%, I finish the details on the figure as a whole.
  5. So how noisy is the Vorex or Proshaker vs the micromark one? Its pretty noisy.
  6. sounds like we should all binge more often!
  7. I managed to start 3 or 4 figures and finish some tavern bits for someone but that is all. :( I was hopping to have more time.
  8. I will have some painting time during the weekend as well and I want to play too! I doubt I can talk me wife into the 24 thing (because I want to keep getting some ) but I will paint for some part of it. I assume someone set up a chat somewhere? <insert your smart-elf remark here> No I didn't read the whole thread.... I'll post pictures for sure... you gotta love this forum!
  9. I talked to my co-worker today about doing some of these and I think its a totally doable thing. I just need to round up some line art and verbiage. Any thoughts on it? Any ideas for line art?
  10. As luck would have it a co-worker a laser cutter and the ability to cut circles with text in them. If I can get them cheap enough, we could had these out to all participants. does that sound good or would people like ribbons better?
  11. Okay unless there are objections, the second weekend in july is the time. Maybe we should have people post when they start and when they stop.... That way we can see who has started and who has finished. For cheering purposes!
  12. I am open to moving the day since the 12th will eventually fall in the week some years. We could say the second weekend in july... Again trying to be as inclusive as possible. Last year we said as long as you started or ended on the day it was good. If I had to pick a day it would be July 11th cuz its a saturday and that might be easiest for people...
  13. yeah I was scouring the web (instead of working ha ha ha) in order to see what ribbons would cost.. I think that travel time to and from your FLGS counts as time toward you goal. I would have to check with my FLGS to see if they would be interested or were booked for that day. I would be really cool to get them involved.... Yep sure wish we could get Reaper backing for this. (re-hint, re-hint)
  14. Oh I am ready to heckle for ANY reason. Its especially fun when you are invited to heckle! In other news, I'm wondering how to make this even more inclusive for everyone. Expand it to anytime during the week? I am open to any ideas. Maybe we could expand it include our friendly local game stores some how? I am always looking to put the painting monkey on someone elses back. Also, it might be fun to commemorate the event some how this year... T-shirts? Ribbons? Badges? Anyone know an artist who works cheep (by cheep I mean free - ha ha ha)? Whats your 2 cents worth?
  15. I feel your pain but remember the focus is on fun. I looked at my notes from last year and my most notable quote was "Never do this again...Why would you!"... Maybe a video blog would be fun this year...
  16. Hi all, Just a reminder that the 2nd annual 24 hour painting marathon is fast approaching this July for anyone who wants to test their metal on this. Its a celebration of all things miniatures! ANY activity that envolves miniatures is welcome. This Years Details: Event: 2nd Worldwide Painting Day Date: the weekend of July 11,12th (or any other day you can work in during July) Time: Any time during this weekend (or any other day you can work in during July) Place: Wherever you are Who: YOU! Here are some details from last years crazyness! Event: Worldwide Painting Day Date: July 12th, 2014 Time: Any time during this day Place: Wherever you are Who: YOU! The rules are as follows (I added one this year): 1) There are no rules. (they're more like guidelines, really...) 2) Fun must be experienced at some point during your day of creating. 3) Feel free to start and stop whenever you want. Some are challenging themselves to 12 or 24 hour painting binges; this is not required, but let us know if you do this (so we know who the crazy ones are ). 4) post some pictures during the event if you can. Pictures are fun This will be the first of (hopefully) many days where we gather together as miniature painters to paint! Sculpting, basing, conversion and any other hobby-related activities are welcome as well. :D The "24 hour" part of the title can either refer to the fact that this will be over a 24 hour period, OR you could take it to mean that you paint for 24 straight hours. The definition is left up to you. The rules are as follows: 1) There are no rules. (they're more like guidelines, really...) 2) Fun must be experienced at some point during your day of creating. 3) Feel free to start and stop whenever you want. Some are challenging themselves to 12 or 24 hour painting binges; this is not required, but let us know if you do this (so we know who the crazy ones are ). And a link to last year.
  17. You should check out Felix Wedgwood's Miniature Mentor Tutorial. It is an amazing amount of information in a single video. I have been taking pictures a long time and he explained things that I was never aware of before. Its worth the $25 if you are interested.
  18. Next year I'm gonna shave my head and let everyone speed paint it!!
  19. A BIG thank you to Reaper! Your dedication to supporting/growing the hobby is amazing and greatly appreciated. Thank you for creating/fostering such an inclusive, supportive, and sharing group of artists, painters, sculpters, gamers, and fans. What you have accomplished is truly unique and required a mountain of work... Thank You!!! Jeff
  20. maxstyles

    Home Safe

    my body made it home on sunday night, but my mind should arrive sometime this weekend.
  21. Also -- I learned not to use my dominant hand to grab brushes. I don't want to lose a finger on my painting hand... It might be the magic finger....
  22. Colonel Kane and I will be working on our countermeasures during the year. I have been working on some titanium gauntlets and the Colonel is invested in drone technology. As always we will employ the battle tested 10 foot pole to augment our heckling tactics.
  23. By this time tomorrow I should be on a plane heading to reapercon... Is it time yet? Is it time yet? Is it time yet?
  24. Oh Man! Its almost christmas or I mean reapercon! I leave in about 36 hours... I'm feeling that excited/stressed thing again... I have a few final touches for my miniatures then they are done.... or as done as they are going to get before the con. How is everyone else doing?
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