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  1. I'm pretty firmly in the glass bead camp, but I only use them for special mixes. The best thing I have found is the hobby paint shaker. I love mine. <<<MOD>>> Edited for removal of commerce link.
  2. So just to make myself feel better... Do you get the "you should have sculpted me better" and well as the "why can't you paint me properly" comments/looks/threats? That is something I have never thought of before..... Okay so lets make a pact to "not be defeated by the miniatures" and this weekend make some good progress with them. I don't know if this means that we wrestle them into submission, destroy them with logic, or just move ahead with my two greatest weapons. Brute force and ignorance. :) Or we could make peace with them... Who is with me???
  3. We may need a battle cry to rally us. We can't let the miniatures win!
  4. Hey I was wondering if anyone else was fighting with their reapercon entries this year? I feel like mine are really kicking my butt. I may be losing my mind, but I swear that one is heckling me. Last night just after I put the second brush stroke of the night on it, the figure looked at me and said "Really?" in the most disapproving tone you can imagine. You know the one.. The one your second grade teacher gave you when you were trying to slip something past them.. Or the one you got from your parents when you did something stupid.. Or the one you get from a normal person that you are trying explain just how frackin' cool this hobby is. I sort of half expect them to wake me up in the middle of the night to explain that I should just give up and start over.... with another figure... because they are tired of working with me. Maybe I should develop a punishment strategy for the miniatures that are misbehaving -- Like an elaborate walk of shame or something. Or I guess I could up my dosage and carry on. Anyway, anyone else having trouble like this? Did I mention that I love this hobby Maxstyles
  5. How about using brush on sealer? You could just carefully brush on the sealer and avoid anything you don't want it on.
  6. Can anyone give advice on transporting paint on an airplane? I am guessing that I don't want to put it on my carry-on bag.
  7. Did you prime the bones with anything? That can make the paint react funny among other things. How about the paint -- is it old paint? what manufacturer?
  8. In the past, were you adding anything to the wash? I know people who added future floor polish and I used to add some matte medium to make it stay where I wanted it.
  9. Never dip your brushes into the paint OVER the feral... I forget how I learned that one.
  10. @Leopardpixie I fly out on Sunday around 9pm and I would be happy to share a ride to the airport. I arrive on Wednesday afternoon @2ish if anyone is interested in rideshareing from DFW.
  11. Flight booked room booked Reapercon 2015 gold ticket Reapercon 2014 shirt wait.... what do you mean I have to WAIT!?!?!?! I can't wait! Jeff
  12. I thought I would show off my latest attempt at the perfect paint storage solution here. This also gives me an opportunity to give kudos to mikegolfj3 for sending the plans for his solution to me so I could bastardize them. Thanks mikegolfj3! I will also take this time to give a hardy thanks to mikegolfj3 for is MSP charts. I used them to make where colors should be stored in the rack. Thanks mikegolfj3 -- you rock.... or is that you rack!
  13. oh so THAT is want the search is for.... :) thanks
  14. So I'm trying to avoid working today by redesigning my paint storage and I am wondering what the dimensions are of the RMS dropper bottles? Height mainly.
  15. Forgive me if these two ideas have already been suggested but try these: 1) Pick a miniature and paint it for a friend... especially a non-gaming friend. This often helps me get back into painting when I get stuck. 2) Have a nongaming, nonpainting, interested friend have a look at your miniatures. They tend to be really impressed by them and you can get a quick dose of their enthusiasm. Heck, my friends act like I am a Anne Forester or Jessica Rich! 3) Give yourself a time limit to paint a fig -- something like 15 minutes. There is not a lot extra time to think too much under that kind of time constraint. 4) Speaking of that -- I usually watch TV while I paint. Maybe that might help you to quiet the critic in your head. 5) Try telling that inner critic that you are currently busy and you will speak with him when you are ready. I heard this one from a musician friend of mine. It worked for me, so I give it to you. 6) Just paint! the world needs more miniature painters! 7) Pick a painted miniature that you like and copy it. No need to make color choices because they have already been make for you!
  16. One thing that I do is get half the money up front that I know they are committed. I cover one way shipping back to them via parcel post but they can upgrade that if they like. (All of mine have so far) I also like to send pictures of them to the customer when I am finished so they can comment on any changes they might like, although none of my customers ever have asked for any changes. I would not consider myself a great painter so I only change between $10 to $15 bucks per figure for a human sized fig. I hope that helps...
  17. I like the black/grey burned on the inside idea but I might add some dirt and scratches from the crash on it as well. If you wanted to get really involved you could use a dremel to create an opening then sculpt the wreckage inside but that would be pretty involved.
  18. @MikeGolfJ3 -- Don't suppose you have building instructions for those laying around some where? :)
  19. Love it -- thanks for doing this for us. Now if I could get a poster version for my wall :)
  20. Thanks for the suggestions y'all. I'll play around with several of them and see what works out.
  21. Does anyone have a good recipe for zombie flesh? I am working on a zombie horde and I would love to have a nice mix of freshly dead to old and crusty. Thanks in advance.
  22. I'm heading up to Seattle Washington in a few days on vacation and I was looking for some fun game stores to visit while I'm there. If there was one near Arlington (yes I know my in-laws live in the boonies) that would be great. As part of the trip we are stopping in Seaside Oregon for a few days so I would love game store recs for that area too. Shhhhh.. Don't tell my non-gamer wife. Its a surprise... Thanks, MaxStyles
  23. @redambrosia you didn't fail if you had fun! I have to say that there were some parts early on that I was not having fun. The real question is this: Did anyone learn anything about their painting? I learn a few things. 1) My color choices get really wonky after about twelve hours. 2) My quality of painting doesn't drop as fast as my ability to speed paint. I get slower the longer I paint. 3) I can't hold a color scheme in my head after about 12. On the plus side, it breaks down my inhibitions about trying different colors together. How was everyone else's painting experience?
  24. Oh yeah I posted some of my pics here. http://www.maxstylespainting.com/blog/
  25. Wahoo! I did it! Thanks to everyone making this a thing! Goodnight y'all.
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