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  1. Its 10 minutes to the start of my painting marathon and I feel like some some sould be singing the nation anthem.
  2. @pcktlnt it's starts whenever you do. :). I'm starting at midnight tonight
  3. Wow I have to say this is starting to feel like a thing... I am prepping for tonight ans plan on taking a nap for my start at midnight. Wondering how to handle meals. I think maybe just sandwiches....
  4. Less than 24 hours to go. My plan is to start at midnight so I finish at midnight and sleep all of Sunday if I want to. Anyone else have a plan?
  5. I getting so excited for this! I have stock piled loads of drinks, movies, painting DVDs (Darksword's Jessica Rich DVD should last a good chunk if it), and mostly paint, miniatures.... Wahoo... Hope to see on the painting side! Jeff
  6. Thanks for moving this thread oneboot! It made the link to my blog much easier to make. :) I think you are right about the motto too.
  7. Yep. There are no official rules, no prizes, and no regrets. I think we decided that people could start and end whenever they wanted. Drop ins are always welcome. Its all about the fun of the event. I started calling it the <80's WWF announcer voice>World Wide Miniature Painting Day</80's WWF announcer voice>so it sounds more official and fun. Also it encourages T-shirt creation so if anyone has any ideas for that, let me know. It didn't occur to me this year, but next year I would love to get the local hobby shops involved.
  8. Ha ha ha -- I'm now calling it World Wide Miniature Painting Day so it sounds more like "a thing". Glad to have you aboard. :)
  9. Rescheduling is not a big deal. Its all about having fun anyway so whenever you try it is great. Let us know your results.
  10. Don't worry about it -- just do it on the 21st! You will still get credit. :) --Max
  11. July 12th is approaching! Has everyone been training for 24 hour event (or whatever time period you want). I was thinking we should call it World Wide Miniature Painting Day! There is a TableTop Game Day. Why not a Miniature Painting Day? A WWMD? Okay so I'm overly excited for this.... :)
  12. We could concept a bit so that you had to start or stop some time on July 12th. That way it makes it a bit more flexible for people who what to try the challenge so there will be some overlap of people. Of course, every painter would be at different time makers but that could be fun too. We could also say that you have to start some time that week for more flexibility. The important thing is that it should be fun! Jeff
  13. Wow this sounds like its going to be a thing. We could do a 12 hour event and those who wish to continue could try for the 24 hour mark. Its suppose to be a fun event so people should be free to pop in and out if they want. I'm getting excited!
  14. Probably for most of us weekends are the easiest. I really don't have any time until after the July 6th though. I was planning on attempting sometime after that just to see if I could do it... I think July 11th or 12th works best for me....
  15. I think I first saw this idea over on the Hirst arts boards when some one else was saying they say it somewhere else.... Anyway the idea would be to paint for 24 hours straight just to see how much you can accomplish. Yes you can take time out to eat, drink, use the bathroom, put another DVD in the player, and answer the phone. I'm thinking it might be interesting to see how my work degrades after hours of painting straight and if it will affect my color choices. How many miniatures could I finish in that time? And we could all report back after its all done with pictures of our work.... I will need some time to plan around family and work so I'm thinking mid july for me. anyone else interested?
  16. Wow got a chance to look at this an my eyes popped out. This is a great piece! Beautiful work! The only suggestions (and I am be really knit picking here) is maybe sprinkle a little bit more of the rune color on the other parts of the model. I love the way that it pops off the runes and knee pad so maybe add it to some of the other equipment? Don't know if that may be too much but its something to consider. Also maybe darken the under wings a little more? its hard to tell from the photos how dark it really is. The phase I keep hearing in my head is "Higher Highlights! Deeper Shadows!" (thanks reaper college!). I agree with Mr Melons about the eyes... Maybe make them match the rune color? Nice Job! Can't wait to see more photos.
  17. late the party here -- I use Reaper Brush on sealer mixed with water about 1:1 so I can apply it through my airbrush. I try to give it multiple thin coats as opposed to one thick one which seems to do the trick. I do have to shake the sealer vigorously (I use one of those hobby paint shakers) for about a minute to maker sure it is thoroughly. I have been able to get a really high gloss shine down to a ultra matte finish this way. I swear by Reaper Brush on sealer.... Just my two cents worth...
  18. I would be up for this! I could be perfect for me since I kids.
  19. I'm in the Thursday 2PM Bones class and I am definitely more (A) than (B). Sorry MadMouser, I didn't mean to cancel your vote :(
  20. Less that a week!!!! I can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!! Is it time yet? Now? how about now? how much longer? Now?
  21. NOT IT! I'll be the one painting the sophie tramp stamp....... miniature...... Seriously -- lets all agree to write on forum names on our badges and encourage others to do the same. everyone one carry a pen for just this purpose and we will crowd source it.
  22. maxstyles

    Name Tags?

    Anyone up for wearing name tags of something similar with our forum names on them so we can identify each other easily? I meet lots of people last year but only remember two people's names on the forums.
  23. bring "space" in your luggage to take lots of stuff home. Last year was my first year I and was unprepared for how must cool stuff there was to get. Also, get ready to meet a lot of really cool people and have more fun than should be legally possible. I hope to see you there.
  24. Have you added a little flow improver to the paint? I add a touch to the brush tip before i load it with paint when I doing eyes. I don't thin the paints very much if at all but the flow improver in the helps the paint come off the brush. Lately I have been using flesh tone highlight instead of white for the eyes as it seems to look a bit better. I rarely manage to get the eyes right on the first try, but you can easily start over with the brown if you really missed it up or just go back to the "white". Thats my two cents worth
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