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  1. For what its worth, my two sons painted their first miniatures at 5 and 8 so I don't think that size will be your problem. When they were 6 and 9 they painted some of the bones I brought back from the last reapercon with some of my old paints. Both of them loved it. If you do it I would love to hear how it goes. I have been thinking of doing something like it for my sons classes.
  2. Wow that is great! Are the shelves adjustable because of the pegboard? Now I think I want to redo mine like yours.
  3. Try using a bit of hair conditioner one it. Form it to a point and let it dry. Next wash out the conditioner and give it a try. There is also some brush re-conditioner products available from art supply stores that may be of use.
  4. Superglue is the best thing that I have tried. I like the Gorilla brand as well, but the bottle I got went bad after a couple of months probably because it was on the shelf for a while.
  5. I printed up a chart with the names of the colors and a space to paint a swatch on some card stock. Whenever I opened a paint to use, I would fill in the swatch since I had the color open already. It took a while but it was filled up eventually and its are really handy reference. One of my best paint jobs ever!
  6. I usually use any artists soap to clean them. I heard of people using shampoo to clean them since they are hair, but I have never tried them. Its always a good idea clean your brushes everyone so often to get rid of dried paint that has built up in the brush. Is this the first thing you painted with the brushes? If so, there are a number to things that could have gotten on them depending on where you purchased them. Are you still having trouble or did it stop happening? (sorry if someone else already asked this) All that being said, I haven't ever washed my brushes before I use them... LOL I guess I should start now huh? ;)
  7. cool -- i was pretty sure you had, but I had to ask. :) Another long shot question... Did you get something on your brushes? Not rinse the soap out of the brush completely? Rinse water contaminated? I'm pretty sure that the paint wasn't shaken enough, but I wanted to be thorough.
  8. This is probably a long shot, but did you handle the rats after you washed them? Oils from your hands could have gotten on the plastic and caused your paint rubbing problem. I have had the same problem on some metal figs when I started paint back in the day. Also were you using brushes that were also used with enamel paints? you can never get all the oils out of the brush which leads to contaminating the acrylic paint you are put on the miniature....
  9. you can never enough paint.... can you?
  10. I have tried both the optivisor and MagicEyes, both are good and you can wear them over glasses, but I prefer this one: http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Megaview-with-Three-Lenses/115717?Pos=9 Its kinda pricey but It comes with three lens. I can't image painting without them. The head band is really comfortable even after longer painting sessions. The lens swap out easily and quickly. The only drawback is the price, but what in this hobby isn't expensive. :)
  11. This is great! I'm gonna print it up on 11X17 paper and make a poster! Thanks for all the work on this. Nice job!
  12. Okay I have bought a pack of bases in an attempt fo get over my issue with square bases. I have to admit that I am warming up to the Reaper ones cuz they have that little lip. That lip opens up a lot of possibilities....
  13. Another Newbie here -- Just wondering about the Crusader Faction? I like the figs so that requirement is more that satisfied, but how fun is it to play?
  14. I can't wait! That will be really handy.
  15. @joshuaslater - that will never happen. I don't even let a rule set stand in the way of a good time. @inarah - that is a good idea. I may give it a try.... I think I will just get over my aversion to square bases. At least the reaper ones are an inch so there is room for the figure to stand on it.
  16. Okay I admit it, I have played that other miniature game which require square bases, but I have since recovered (and my wallet has thanked me for it). The only problem is that I have developed an allergy to the square bases which causes me to use only round bases. So much so, that I will actually buy those lovely round bases to replace the square ones... So my question is this -- are the square bases required for Warlord? I have picked up the book but his has not arrived yet although I did get a chance to flip through it at reapercon. It doesn't seem that there are any unit formations that require that base to base contact. I know that round bases will be okay for informal games but would it disqualify me from any official warlord tournaments ? Long way to go for such a short question but thats how I roll... :) Jeff
  17. maxstyles


    I just wanted to add my thinks to everyone who had a hand in the ReaperCon this year. I was my first (of many hopefully) and even thought I was a rookie I felt like part of the family. I kept hear people say it was like a family reunion, but what they didn't say was that everyone is part of the family. Thanks for to everyone for a good time!
  18. It might be fun to have people post their purple worm photos and we could maybe photoshop them together or something... And by purple worm I mean their bones purple worm.... And by bones purple worm I mean thier Reaper bones purple worm... And by.... Well you get the idea..... It was a fun thing to be a part of.
  19. Thanks -- DId you really just post your number on the forum... brave man... :)
  20. Me too. My plane lands at 11:20 so I was planning on rushing straight to the hotel then to reapercon. If I know the shuttle schedule from the hotel to reapercon, I could stop hearing the voices in my head....
  21. what time to things wind down on sunday? I just want to make sure I don't have to miss anything... :)
  22. I would love to learn two brush blending.....
  23. Hope so -- I fly out of San Diego at 6:20 am on Thursday morning on AA....
  24. Cool I'll bring some of my square bases from GW... I base everything on the round lipped ones now. Although that my change if I start playing warlord.....
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