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  1. I don't suppose you could use Reaper's giant scorpion, clip the tail, and convince people it's really a lobster?
  2. How about a pig in the next familiar pack? Then I can do a conversion....
  3. The tattoo thread below seems to be acquiring some good suggestions and links. So, why not this one, too? Anyone want to share good places online to get inspiration for warpaint? Anyone know of websites with historical examples? personally, I'm looking for celtic / scottish ideas (think: Braveheart), but I'd bet a whole thread of general inspiration would be useful to people. (aside: This was actually what I had in mind with the tattoo thread. somehow between my brain and the keyboard something got lost.)
  4. I was hoping people could point me to some websites where I could find tattoo ideas. I'm particularly interested in the celtic variety, but maybe it wouldn't be bad to get a whole thread on this.
  5. you mean like mixing it with flat top-coat?
  6. I'm working on 2793, Arianna. She's just about done, except I can't get the wings right. I don't want them to look "solid". I figured I'd paint them a light base color and ink over with purple. Trouble is, they're so flat that the ink pulls away to the corners and won't actually stain the surface. Is there a way to fix this? or any other suggestions for painting fairy wings? Thanks.
  7. I'm not very good at sculpting. Particularly when it comes to very small pieces. Basically, I know how to fill gaps, that's it. So can anyone offer alternative suggestions for creating earrings on figures? I'm not talking about painting a small stud on an earlobe, I'm talking about adding decent sized hoops. and probably a lot of them. thanks
  8. oh, I do have big plans for this werewolf... but they're a secret. I'll post when I'm done. but be patient, first I'm finishing 2793 Arianna. as for Branson, I like the sculpt. It's not shorter than the usual reaper fig, but it is a little less ... beefy. I'm going to treat him as an elven paladin, probably giving him metalic blue armor or something equally unusual. My only problem with the fig is that it seems the sword is a little out of shape, it's wider at the tip than the hilt. Not sure if I'll fix it though, it may be acceptable as an odd elvish weapon. Is this the sculpt, or is mine just molded pooly? my other problem is that there were 6 figures I wanted to paint from this batch. I have to go back to get Talarand, Ilsa and the Skeleton Centurion. I'm never going to have time to work on all of these. eh, this is a problem I can live with.
  9. just realized I didn't share my own solution. my latest craze is the Bag-O-Zombies. I've marked the bases with different color paint for bookkeeping.
  10. I do drow hair with a very light grey and a wash of white ink. I add a drybrush layer of white if there's a lot of depth in the hair. It ends up with a texture that's much deeper than pale white. I figure that same tactic may work here, if you start with light yellow. I've been staring at the female justicar figure and waiting for inspiration to strike. I think you've just given me an idea. so I can tell you how it works out.
  11. It's tough to have hordes of baddies painted for a gaming session. It's even tough to have the right kind. (just how many goblins can one guy own?) so I'm just curious about what other people like to use to represent the evil hordes on a gaming table.
  12. I glue minis to wooden thimbles. They're easier to grip than block of wood since they're tapered out on both ends.
  13. How are the final rules for Warlord going to end up being distributed? I'm assuming they'll be printed, instead of just on-line. Maybe there could be a special edition Warlord Sophie packaged with them? It would be fitting.
  14. ok, ok, I'm moving there. (always checking the wrong board first... grrr)
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