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  1. Anything new hitting my FLGS would be nice. They had three or four gondolas of Reaper stock prior to the first Bones Kickstarter. These days it's a ragtag assortment over the same space. They tell me that the distrubors aren't getting anything from you guys. I know it's on your end because my FLGS can get me anything else I want but your products. They even tell me that folks can't get much by ordering straight from you. Start bringing your A game.
  2. Book of Fragments by Blackball Games has Deep Ones, among other "things".
  3. Heat Sync Labs on Main Street in Downtown Mesa had facilities for 3D printing last I checked. I haven't been in while. Look them up on facebook.
  4. The Queen of Evil seems to dress very similar to a Ral Partha Dark Elf Princess that I have, so I can understand the assumption. Very nice work.
  5. Correct, Inarah. I picked up the habit on my Hordes minis. It is most helpful on round bases, but also with the diagonal mount slotta bases where you can't tell which of two directions the mini is facing. I also use the Steel Sqwire spell area templates so the dot helps my players figure out where to place their cone effects.
  6. This mini was painted for my newest player who was playing a Bard of Persian-analog decent. The lute is from the musical instrument pack. I googled images of lutes and decided to go with a traditional alternating stain finish for the underside and my wife ( the family musician) convinced me to do the face as a modern sunburst finish (achieved with a wet-blending technique). I finished him in September before I went in for back surgery. (It's been a year and he is one of only two minis I have finished this year.) I am extremely happy with the lute and the rest of his his acoutrement. I have never done a "Persian" skin tone and I am not entirely happy with my first attempt. I also need to use a better camera, the photos never look like the real thing with my budget model.
  7. Yeah, I don't think I can get my whole group into it either.
  8. My tiles arrived on the 17th (my birthday). Joy. Missing two diagonal walls from the expansion, and another is warped but otherwise everthing is great. I start running my game again next weekend and now I can build immense, table-sized dungeons. They fit okay with the origianl sets from DF, but I am thinking about repainting the old ones to better match the Dwarvenite. Who would have thought we would be gaiming with PVC minis on recycled tire terrain?
  9. ...Eclipse Phase? I recently found the main rulebook used and picked it up. I liked the jump from cyberpunk to transhumanity so much I legally downloaded everything I could (for free, since it is under the Creative Commons License). I have only had it about a week and was wondering if anybody here has the opportunity to get into a long running campaign.
  10. I'm going to pass due to an ongoing health issue. Maybe next time.
  11. Thank you very much! As an added bonus, my Dwarven Forge Game Tiles came today!
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