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  1. ... a small hydra mini, about the size of a 40K space marine. This is at the request of a friend. It doesn't matter if it is metal or plastic. My searches have produced little so far so I was hoping maybe someone here would have an idea or link. Thanks.
  2. I can see that. However, the spring steel in the light box is much sturdier stock than that (or whatever) in the cat tube. It's almost like corset boning. And it's not just the light box, it also comes with the two lights on tripods and the short tripod for a camera and a handy pouch for all of it to fit in to. BTW, I likes me my gnomes I do. I writes "GNOMES RULE!!!" on the inside covers of all me Pathfinder books so's they don't go wanderin' off in other folkses bags 'n' stuff.
  3. Currently out of stock. Not sure if they are going to restock as I had to leave their site and google it to find it... http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/a205/?itm=portable_photo_studio&rkgid=277881532&cpg=oghe1&source=google_home_electronics&gclid=CNbPg7vaz7QCFSPhQgodIFIA6w
  4. Blade Runner light up umbrella and the portable photo studio from thinkgeek from my wife. And one of my Pathfinder players got me black and white gnome salt and pepper shakers.
  5. My handle is completely new for this board and comes from the need for anonymity as well. I could have used the stage name I went by at faire but the local performers are a rather sociopathic lot given to stalking and trolling once you leave their company. I like wordplay and while not a cowboy I thought swapping rune for rhine was mildly clever and might even be something I'd use in game play if I'd ever gotten back into Shadowrun again. Buglips, sorry to hear about your demise by friendly fire from a wild mage. I have played a wild mage in the past and have never dispatched any party members. The worst I have done was to change an ally's gender, turn her blue, then make her sprout foliage but I was mad and intentionally trying to surge.
  6. I said the characters were more realistic than those from the rest of the franchise. Generally, they were flawed in a relatable, real world fashion rather than in a comedic, space opera tone. Compare either Nicholas Rush or Eli Wallace to Rodney McKay and you'll see what I'm getting at.
  7. When Next Gen first popped up it was was nice to see something new with an old continuity, variations on a theme if you will. It didn't need to be another ship named Enterprise. I was worried about production values seeing that we had more bug-eyed monsters on sound stages throwing Styrofoam rocks at the crew in first season after some nice big budget effects on the pilot, but things picked up. We even got into multi-episode story arcs and spin offs with cross-over continuity. Character development seemed kind of soft for the most part. DS9 was given the green light and so much more happened in the STU than ever before. It was grittier, darker, more political. It was smarter than we had seen Star Trek before. The character development was intense. I can't say that all the actors were as top rate as the writing that was done for them, there were a few actors on the same level as the TNG crew on DS9. Then there was the kvetching... This isn't what ST is about. ST is about a homogenized humanity that wouldn't fall prey to it's dark side even in desperate times... So we get Voyager, with Capt. "How can I ever trust you again?" Janeway out to prove that humanity isn't like Cmdr/Capt. Sisko and she will get her ship back to Federation space by the book without abusing the trust of the cultures they meet along the way. Unfortunately, allegorical morality plays aren't as good for ratings in the 90's as they were in the 60's, oh wait... Character development was forced or non-existent. And quality actors? They had the hologram and some nice guest stars like Barclay, and Seven of Nine's high heels should be nominated for their supporting role. Enterprise made a nice attempt at a few things, and it's fun to watch when it's on but there is very little about it that I would consider as canon. It's nice to see Orions, Andorians, and Tellarites make long overdue appearances since TOS, but too little, too late in some cases. In another instance it was fun seeing the mirror universe Capt. Archer take over the USS Defiant as it slipped not just across dimensions but backwards in time as well. Some well placed cameos of Gorn and Tholians in those episodes too. Enterprise was at it's best when it related to TOS, but suffered when left to own devices to make it's own way. There was no way possible it could be it's own show as a precursor to an established universe of shows. Stargate: Universe attempted to capture the feel of the gritty desperation of the BSG reboot with the established technology and mythology of Stargate. If you hadn't watched SG1 or SGA you might not understand some of the tech or the jargon but you would pick it up with context and you could watch the show without having seen the other two. I liked the show for the most part. It had more realistic characters than the prior two shows in the franchise.
  8. I'm a Stewart on my maternal grandmother's side. I have at least one book of tartans around the house at the moment. My first year at ren faire faire was in a black Stewart great kilt, second in in a green non-clan tartan that resmbled Stewart. I had a friend who could trace her lineage back to Lewes and liked to call it "loud" so no offence meant. When I can recognize Ogilve or Oliphant painted on a mini then I'll be downright scared... heliotrope, orange, and cyan? Yeesh!
  9. That would be MacLeod of Lewis, if I'm not mistaken, aka "Loud MacLeod".
  10. Oh dear. Where to begin...? Erin & Randy: New mother going back to school but skipping classes because she'd rather hang out with the manga/otaku crowd behind her husband's back. He is working two jobs, 80 hours a week so she can go to school. Game days she's dressing like a 12 y/o in tube tops and shorts exposing everybody to stretch marks reminiscent of geological formations, he's falling asleep because of how much he works and she makes him take care of the baby in the middle of the night. Eventually had to pull out of the game and every other activity outside of work and home to focus on family. They did so just in time since they were about to be asked to leave because no one else can focus on the game because of them. Paul & Monica: Overbearing and possessive husband married to an undocumented alien who has faked an SSN to get work and are currently committing immigration fraud. He won't let her character get any romance in a game because of his possessiveness, even though they were practicing an open marriage where he got to sleep around and she didn't since they only got married for her green card (third marriage on her part to attempt this). Squabbling and generally making everybody uncomfortable in their presence. Had to ask them to leave. Joe & Tiffany: Foolish kid asked for his significant other to join the game. She has no gaming experience, wants to play character concepts that clash with their splats; Pooka bombmaker? A thief that won't steal? A fighter that won't fight? She cheated on him left game of her own accord. (Same) Joe & Emma: Foolish kid asked for his next significant other to join the game. She has no game experience. Won't read the books. Druid refuses animal companion and spends an hour buying shuriken and then finding out later that she doesn't know how to use them and can't anyway because of class restrictions. Goes home and badmouths everybody in the game on her blog when everybody in the game has a subscription to her blog. Asked to leave. John and Ann: Almost a twenty year age difference in this married couple with him being the older. Gaming is like a tertiary hobby for them and she is new. Only reason she wanted to game was to spend more time with her husband and his activities. Need them to both provide schedules in order to to find days that jive with everybody else which is like three sessions every two months. He provides his schedule, but only his schedule. She passive/aggressively provides hers three days after everybody else has responded and set a date only to tell us it doesn't work for her. She won't transfer her stats from note pages to a character sheet for two months or do anything else outside of the day of the game like ask questions during downtime. Constant source of stress for me. I tell them I am not inviting them to any more games that I run and they both have an entitlement hissy fit. Then there is my wife, who grew up watching her mother game, enters my game after we start dating and knows her stuff. She knows I'm not afraid to kill her character or use her as a plot b**** and has no problem with it. The only problem we've had gaming together is a Star Wars game that I ran as she isn't a familiar with the setting and I wasn't going to explain to much of things in order not to give away spoilers. She has no problem when we are in a a game together either. It really just has to do with the decisions people make in life outside the game and whether or not they are really gamers and not just using it as a reason to spend more time with their SO.
  11. Really awesome. I love it. The color choices for his mane, armor and skirt make think of Aquaman (Aquagnoll?). But, maybe that's just me and I am mildly deranged...
  12. Flame. I've done version in a blue-white color.
  13. I'm with ya, Doc. I do that all the time. My band-nerd wife giggles at me every time. I celebrate when the odd geek reference creeps into pop culture in its correct form and get uber-grumpy when it is not. I loved that the creator's of Dexter's Lab had things right when paying homage to D&D, but not so much when I catch any show or movie being inaccurate with their trivia of something in a fandom. Relevant to said episode and toys, I wanted, I daresay dearly coveted all the Mego Star Trek item and only ever had one single alien figure. It was half black and half white and resembled neither Bele nor Lokai and it was wearing a helmet. Utter crap to a child who wanted the entire bridge crew. He was only usable with my Batman and Robin Megos. A friend of mine that is 19 years my junior purchased an authentic 1974 Mego Captain Kirk (MIB) for $80 at a local antique store and is going to Comicon to get Shatner to sign it. I am secretly very jealous of him.
  14. I'm going to go with John Carter of Mars. Something about the shin guards...
  15. Dr. Dread He doesn't have a weapon but he already has his hand close to a "force grip". Add red, black and gray color scheme and he's set. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Chronoscope/sku-down/50171
  16. No worries, Froggy. I am hoping to surpass a hundred this coming year. My first priority will be 21 Trollbloods for Hordes, then 19 Classic Cybermen from Fasa/Citadel. That should be the headstart I need to accomplish my goal.
  17. So I looked over my personal photo archives and counted up 44 minis completed so far this year. I am pushing for at least another 6 to make an even 50, at most another 8 so that I will have averaged 1 a week. (I still have three and a half drawers of an Ikea tool cabinet full of unpainted/unfinished minis, so there is still a ways to go...) How is everybody else doing?
  18. Whoops! Sorry about that. Thanks for the correction Spike. Consider it fixed.
  19. Just what it says. I started a tumblr blog to post my minis on. Not much on there at the moment as I'm still going through my pictures. Pocket Realms
  20. I use white craft glue to mount them to rubber corks, the ones with foam core and the outer sheath that are cut flat on both ends used in your moderately priced domestic wines. It started more for the carpel tunnel issues I was having but it gives me enough to hold on to without touching anything more than the plastic bases I mount them on. Like so: The red rubber cork at the end had to have its slightly convex ends ground off in order to work, but still not worth the effort in the end.
  21. If you're not into Drama do not bother joining. It's more soap opera than social club. Attend without joining that way you can walk away at any time.
  22. I've had this one for a while and my wife pushed me into finally getting her done. She wanted her Celtic so the really ginger hair and the woad are a given. This is the first model I've really gone so far in the blending on, especially in the skin tones. Enjoy... Or not... Whatever. Oh, had some difficulty in getting the hair to stay put even while bracing it on the backpack so it got pinned to the pack.
  23. (OOC: Knowledge (Local) 7+10=17 ; regarding the manner of dress the guards exibit) A dwarf wearing desert clothing and displaying a close cropped beard as well as hair mutters to himself, "Seems to me alchemists are arsonists, just not intentional ones..."
  24. I saw that you have started up the game again. I tried to read the thread but with five pages I'm a little lost. Can you catch me up on what's going on?
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