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  1. @ Dino - Mix a dab of red into your flesh tone, not too much as it can overpower the mix fast. Then just dry-brush in the areas of the face you want blushed. @ Ferox - I work dark to light so the dark lines in the muscle groups were a real big thing to overcome on this model since the muscles look more like challah than real anatomy. @ Darius - The model has separations already formed in the fur of the skirt. I wanted a variety for the visual effect and to put those lines to good use. @ JimL - Thanks.
  2. Wow... Ambiguous much? To whom are you referring? Me or yourself?
  3. I normally don't do a lot of mods, but I did this one for a specific villain in my 3.5 D&D campaign. He is Niven Blackwing an 18th lvl Sorcerer with (Black) Dragon Heritage and Dragon Wings feats. His bright clothing is inspired by the thought that if Wizards are the librarians of magic then Sorcerers are the Rock Stars. He also inspired the Flaming Sphere to be painted and added to his repertoire of accessories. I opted for a Acid/Balefire green due to his heritage.
  4. This one I had originally painted back in '08 for a convention. A few months later he fell off the shelf and rebounded off a hand drum and separated his right arm from his body. He was immediately re-prepped for work and sat in my work area since then... up until two weeks ago when I started working on the repaint/repair.
  5. Behold the power of cadmium... On this day-glo Charnel Grub - Damien, Hellborn Wizard - Chan Li, Martial Arts Master - Garrett, Adventuring Cleric - Rabbit, Hedgehog, and Armadillo Familiars - and... Garnuk the Ogre
  6. The owner found my wife's online found add on Craigslist. We have been in contact with him and have been trying to get the volunteer at the Sanctuary to answer her phone. That bird is almost home.
  7. We have turned it over to a local exotic bird rescue organization. They had another of the same species turned in last week.
  8. This afternoon we rescued this Nanday Conure from behind my house in Mesa, AZ. It's very tame but has no band on its leg so it is going to be very hard finding its owner. I'd love to post a pic but I am not getting the new format for doing so...
  9. Sorry to hear about the casting issues. This fig. has been on my hold list at my FLGS for months. None of the other stores seem to have it or have gotten it at all. Is it possible the casting issues are holding it back, I wonder...?
  10. finally got around to updating his info and adding friends.

  11. There may have been a dead one in that module, but anything that PC's had to face (aside from robots) was later put into a Monster Manual or Monstrous Compendium and the Edestekai never made an appearance in said reference materials to my knowledge. (Although I believe the dead Edestekai I recall may have been in the first Volturnus module before the PC's actually meet the tribe.) Barrier Peaks is notorious for having given gamers the Froghemoth, the Wolf-in-Sheep's-Clothing, and the Vegepygmies.
  12. Star Frontiers is a part of my gaming heritage... from all the way back in junior high.
  13. That is an old, and I mean old, Ral Partha alien for use in Star Frontiers. I don't remember the species name, but I do remember that it was from the Volturnus modules. Found it. It is an Edestekai. They came in blisters of two.
  14. Lyn, she can be seen in better detail in "Party of Elves" earlier in Show Off. I wanted to do a "White on White" piece at one point and she has been one of my favorite sculpts for some time, so much so I have three of her in my collection.
  15. I have them mounted on bases before I prime them. I usually hang on to the bases when painting. I have a growing difficulty keeping them held. I'm right-handed and hold in my left, but I have some nerve damage in my neck due to a deteriorating disc that has caused my left index and middle fingers to have a diminished tactile sensation. I have picked up a hobby vise recently to help me out.
  16. Thanks, Mercius. She had been ongoing for a little over a week while I worked on the others, and I finally worked on her today to get finished for tomorrow's game. She is mounted on a penny and caused me no end of fumbling because of it. I'm happy she survived to be appreciated.
  17. Melantha is in play for a Hobbit Warrior, and the cat is companion to the Ranger from a previous post. And finally a group shot of the party so far...
  18. I'm using a true spectrum fluorescent now, but only the one. I guess I'll run up to Hobby Lobby and pick up one in CFL form for my clip light. Thanks.
  19. The graininess only really shows up when magnified by the camera, but that's not why I hate my camera. The backdrop is the same for each picture but the color is not consistent from one pic to the next. I can't use the flash because the camera is already so close it blanches out the pic if I use it as well as washing out the subtleties in the layering.
  20. These are some elves that I painted for an old school Middle Earth Role Playing game. Lysette is in play for a Noldor Bard. (I have another version of her painted in a different scheme for a previous game.) Niriodel is painted akin to Legolas to portray a Sylvan Ranger. (Finally finished with this as I've had him for years and has been on my Wall of Shame at least once.) Anirion is standing in for a Sylvan Mage, but is painted as if he were a Cleric of Corellon Lerethian from D&D. P.S. I hate my camera.
  21. I didn't end up going. Too many things to do with the wife, for one. Had to get some minis painted for MERP for the next day. Way too much was going on at the time.
  22. Has anybody here played Fantasy Craft by Crafty Games? My FLGS is hosting a demo by Patrick Kapera and I'm not sure if I want to go or not.
  23. I have not had any problems with it. I've been using it for years. Of course, I have been known to strip old minis and redo them. I am using Testor's paints for 90% of my needs so maybe they're more compatible with the Dull Coat.
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