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  1. Roughly. I did a scarecrow with a knife some time ago and that was about how it turned out, by just dabbing the brush tip across the surface. I have a different method I use now... What I did for a splatter effect was to splatter it. I thinned out a dark red mixture to a little thinner than cream, dipped an old tooth brush in the paint and ran my thumb across the bristles to spray in the direction I wanted. The wet effect can be done by adding clear acrylic gloss to the paint before it goes on, but I apply it after I have done a flat finish on the (almost) finished piece.
  2. I like to use the fine grain model railroad ballast. I get it in a very light buff tone so that I can paint as I wish after the glue dries.
  3. I actually stumbled across a way to make crystal clear gelatinous cubes. Gel Wax for making gel candles. After the boiling process it is as clear as water. You can pour it into any mold you want, and you can embed objects like treasure and equipment from the various Reaper sprues by tying nylon thread to the items and hanging them in the gel as it cools.
  4. Actually these are metal from a Chainmail box set. It also had two Kuo-Tao and a Troglodyte. I don't bother with the WotC plastic minis at all. I find them lacking in sharp definition to begin with and lacking a crafter's touch. They have the bulk of modern minis, but the artistry of minis from somewhere around the late 80's. So I'm sorry I couldn't tell you about working with their plastics.
  5. I wanted some table top quality Shadar-Kai stand-ins for today's game. I remembered that I had this Drow box set I picked up secondhand at the local used book store, so I used those. They actually consist of a Drow Wizard, a Drow Ranger, a Drow Fighter and a Grey Elf Wardacer. Shadar-Kai are a form of Shadow Fey that live on the Plane of Shadow. Description of the plane makes it seem that it's a stylized Neo-Noir world a-la Sin City which inspired the color scheme. Enjoy.
  6. Just finished these two up. Thought I'd share. The Fire elemental is from the Lesser Elementals pack.
  7. I'll let my college Color Class teacher know you said that. It would please her to no end.
  8. Thank you all for the nice compliments. It was my first time doing an OSL from "flame", but not my first fire. I felt the need to put my best efforts into the fig as it was my friend who got me started back some twenty years ago...
  9. Did this one over the last week or so for my best friend from high school.
  10. I've been on a yellow kick lately. The duck started it. Evil. Evil. Evil. The loader arm seemed to cry out for an industrial yellow. The chainsaw cried out for a related power tool color.
  11. Partly inspired by the Incredibles, partly inspired by an alternate color scheme for ol' Supes on the Superman Arcade game from way back...
  12. So let's see... "Cobra" has been sitting around on my workstation mostly done. Finished him up recently. Captain Griffon had some base colors on for quite some time, as did the Toolbots. The rubber ducky from the Evil Toys pack just sort of happened while I was giving a friend painting lessons. He is mounted on a penny. Tiviel was given a mod to represent the Sorceress in my game that is descended from a copper dragon. The wings look like Sophie's but came from the Wings four pack.
  13. Digital camera? I had a similar issue. I had to find the the focus template on mine.
  14. This one was done over the holiday. He has a patchwork camo cloak to match the one the ranger in my game bought.
  15. Heresy not only has "Dr. Hugh", but "Dr. Masterson" (John Simms as The Master), "Malcom Ecclescake" (Christopher Eccleston, Doctor #9), and "Nerdlord" (Matt Smith as Doctor #11 that hasn't even aired yet.)
  16. ...and not David Tennant as Doctor Who. Honest.
  17. This one always makes me remember the best, if accidental, compliment I have ever gotten from a specific friend. My FLGS was showing some of my work in a case for a few weeks and I had told my friends. The next time I saw Jeremy the first words out of his mouth were not of greeting but rather, "How do you paint bricks?" in a rather astonished tone.
  18. The "grass stains" are really just a trick of the light. Denim blue leggings plus one yellow hued light bulb equals a green tint. If it had been intentional I would have just lightly dry-brushed a light green on after the final layer of blue.
  19. This is one from a few years ago. I began painting him at home and finished with him at a local con while helping to run the painting booth.
  20. This is one my wife is using for her half-elf bard in the most recent D&D 3.5 game that we've run. She specifically requested the rainbow top.
  21. I used coarse RR flocking, painted it black then dry-brushed two lighter shades of gray over the black. I eyeballed the yellow lines, could be a little straighter but not much due to the texture. Next time I might see how the fine flocking does for asphalt. Seemed to me the logical terrain for a super villain, crossing the street, calling the heroes out, throwing cars around, etc.
  22. I first thought about putting him in red, but honestly how many villains are in red? So I thought about the name and decided on an electric blue scheme, although his mid-range blue kind of washed out. Besides, if he were red he might get mistaken for "The Crimson Chin"...
  23. The stripes on the mask are a tribute to the original Hockey Mask Killer, J. Vorhees. I did an image search for it to see if there were identifying marks.
  24. In contrast to my work on the psycho-killer, I went for a more comic book appearance on this supervillian.
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