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  1. Hey guys, I'm arriving at DFW on Wednesday at 11:30am and heading home from DFW on Monday at 4:30pm. Is there anyone traveling within a couple hours of those times who wants to share a ride?
  2. Looking to share a room and a ride from Love Field. I haven't booked anything yet so things are a little flexible, including which airport I come into; but I am hoping to come in on Southwest on Wednesday night and leave either Monday or Tuesday night. I dont snore, I travel with my own white noise generator aka air purifier, and I really need to find a roommate to be able to afford to come out this year.
  3. After the announcement I had been seriously concerned that I wouldnt be able to make both ReaperCon and MMSI next year. Which would have sucked as those are my two most important shows in the way of miniatures events. Turns out MMSI will be the weekend just before ReaperCon. So I will be able to make both, but damn I am going to be dead for like a month after running nonstop for two weeks straight.
  4. Hey, is the Elf Archer Flat available to order yet? I've got a number of friends who are interested in getting their hands on one and I'd like to be able to give them a link to it in the online store, but I cant for the life of me find it in there.
  5. Yeah.. I hate the day before a trip. Nonstop packing/worrying about what I missed, neurotically going over everything and trying and failing to sleep. It doesn't help that I did a number on my knees last weekend and damn do they ache. However my bag is packed. I managed to fit all the paint and basing materials into one checked bag and not have it be overweight. I got all my flats properly framed, and I picked up the 1/2400 scale ships i needed for my iron painter diotama. The rest of the minis and the lamps went south by car with Eastman yesterday. I'd have sent the suitcase worth of supplies (I can't believe I have a frigging suitcase worth of supplies) with him ad well, but I kinda needed it for finishing things the last couple of days. All in all though if I can actually get some sleep I should be good to go for tomorrow.
  6. Yeah I love my coffee and I love this idea. Right up there with goddess Asphalta giving me good parking spots. The problem I have is the small tasting cups I have would probably work out great but do I want to use them? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ja716jb5e632yxm/2015-01-30%2016.03.14.jpg?dl=0 Those are kind of perfect.
  7. *waves* It's Skya. I'm currently in the process of doing a major revamp to my website so most of my newer work is only up on my Facebook page in my minis album and my my flats album. I will warn you, the "mug" in that picture is actually about an inch and a half tall. It took me a while to find one that was the right size.
  8. Excellent, one more motivator to get off my butt and finish my Doctor Who project.
  9. Thank you. As of right now a friend offered to put me up at their place. It's about 40 minutes away, but I get my own bed and it's a LOT better than having to get a room on my own.
  10. Still looking for a place to stay or someone to room with.
  11. Nice. If I'm doing it right, that looks to be $27 each way. A lot more doable than the $90-100 for a taxi.
  12. Hey guys, figured we probably needed a thread just for coordinating rides, shared rooms and that sort of thing. I'll start with I'm looking for someone to room with or somewhere to crash. I'm coming in late Tuesday night the 15th and leaving for home mid-evening Wednesday the 23rd. If anyone is coming or going then carpooling to and from the airport would be great as well. I know it's both showing up earlier and leaving later than most people, but I'm hoping that maybe someone else likes to take things leisurely too, or perhaps there's someone local I could crash with who that timetable wouldnt be a problem for? I'm happy to pay my way, and could even offer some painting lessons in trade if there's an interest.
  13. That's a pretty cool idea. I've tried to do that a few times (with mixed results), but i would love to get some advice from the experts. If no one ends up giving one as part of the official classes I'd be happy to do an impromptu one.
  14. Yeah, sadly I've got this milk allergy to deal with or I'd so be with you.
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