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  1. Yeah? We should tag team em. ;) Can never get enough spiders. And a consistent supply of those cool bases would rock.
  2. Oooo. Good to see a Dara painted up. I like the purple a lot.
  3. Wyrd-games.net is hosting the second Iron Painting competition! This is a multi round extravaganza where painters are paired off, given a theme ingredient, and only two weeks per round to finish. A panel of three judges then decides which of the pair advances and the last one standing is: The Iron Painter! For full rules please read here. Sign up here.
  4. I tend towards a mixture of the Reaper Master Series and Valleyo Model Colors. The golds are a base of Dune Shadow and Desert Khaki and Golden Highlight. I pulled them up with Pale Sand (VMC) and white and shaded them down with Camoe Black Brown (VMC). The Dress is white and Neutral Grey (VMC) with Pale Blue (VMC) and Pale Sand (VMC) glazes shaded down with Dark Blue Grey (VMC) and Camoe Black Brown. Her hair is Walnut, and Camoe Black Brown and English Uniform (VMC) with highlights of Pale Sand mixed with Fair Shadow and layered areas of Beige Brown (VMC) and Intense Brown. The Skin tones are a base of Beige Brown with the fair skintones from reaper shaded down with Camoe Black brown. As too the NMM theme, it's more about adding enough of it to show off the technique. I was also going a bit for a more metallic feel to the fabric, that didnt quite turn out as obvious in the photos as I'd hoped. That's ok, I'm happy with it anyways.
  5. This is the Second of the three figures for the witches coven diorama I'm putting together. It's also my entry for the final round of the Iron Painter competition on the Wryd-games forums. The theme ingredient this time around was NMM. I'm looking forward to finding out how the voting goes. :)
  6. Are you sure you've seen the nude painted? I know you've seen the one I did, but she was a conversion from the normal one and while very topless still had most of the loincloth piece in place.
  7. what? huh? when??? was it one of those nights that I we gave up painting early for a glass of wine? because my brain is drawing a complete blank here. Unless you're the reason one of the flowers was missing. *looks suspiciously at the Paintminion* I still think we should've combined this one with the fairy and seen just how much cuteness we could actually fit on one base. *grins* We were showing it to someone before ReaperCon and I dropped it as I handed it to them. It shifted the birdie and I think that was about it. You fixed it right away and all was well...honest, Noeli! But really, you don't remember? Maybe I can get away with dropping more of your minis... I vaugely remember that happening at scotts place before there was even paint on it. Not sure that really counts though. Like you dont drop anything with wings anytime I hand to you anyways, now you want to start dropping anything with snappable parts? Sheesh.
  8. Only the scales and feathers were done metallic. The legs and the skin tones were designed to be more leathery. So no nmmat all. The alcohol based metallics have a much finer pigment grind so that when the paint goes on you cant see the flecks that you can in most acrylic metallics. They really look like a solid metal sheen. Mind you you have to be very careful trying to use them over acrylics as they will eat through and strip the acrylic paint. Also I havent found a lot that I can tint them with for shading so I tend to rely on transparent washes for shadows and mixing in the brighter silvers for highlighting.
  9. what? huh? when??? was it one of those nights that I we gave up painting early for a glass of wine? because my brain is drawing a complete blank here. Unless you're the reason one of the flowers was missing. *looks suspiciously at the Paintminion* I still think we should've combined this one with the fairy and seen just how much cuteness we could actually fit on one base. *grins*
  10. Object source lighting. Where something on the miniature itself needs to be made to look like it's supplying the light. Such as a lantern or a glowing magical effect.
  11. So, we've been having a really amusing time on the wyrd-games forums. As an homage to iron chef we decided to have an Iron painter competition. A bunch of us got paired off, given a "theme ingredient" two weeks to paint and then the judges panel decided which of each pair advanced to the next round with a points based judging system. I figured that since both of the pieces I'd done so far were Reaper's you guys might be amused. So, first round the theme ingredient was metallics. Having not done regular metallics in ages I decided to have some fun and do up a harpy with metallic scales. I pulled out my Valleyo alcohol based metallics and had at: The next round's theme ingredient was OSL. On my continuing quest to do something different I pulled out the angler fish I'd just picked up at ReaperCon and decided to go Finding Nemo. Judging wont be done on the second round untill this weekend, but I'm most pleased with it no matter how well it does.
  12. Just dullcoat. Although given that one of the ones you can see in the pictures Anne took snapped off on the way home so I may have to add a tad more glue. The only thing not standard out of a familiar pack is the robin I clipped off of 02905: Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard's staff. And such Reaper halmark cards will be available prepainted at a reasonable charge.. you'll just have to check ebay instead of the Reaper store.
  13. skya


    The base is one of the Groundforge Dark-War Slate bases. Wyrd-games.net has them. I tried sculpting my own up too and it looked aweful so I covered it in "snow flocking" painted it brown and used it as sand dune base for the cav plane I did.
  14. They we dried flowers from a bouquet that a friend gave me. I saw them around the house, and thought they were perfect, but unfortunately that means I have no idea what kind they are I'm afraid. I clipped some closed buds and an open one and superglued them down to the base once I had the flocking mix already down.
  15. Some more shots on the Hyrekia I did up for ReaperCon. She's eventually coming off that base and ending up drawing out the magig circle for a much larger three figure witch's coven diorama, but for now she sits happily on my shelf mocking me to get the other two figures done.
  16. He's some more shots of these that I thought you guys might enjoy.
  17. Mmmmmmm... tempting. Do I want to know how much space they take up?
  18. Didnt realize we were playing hide from the camera. Although I appear to have done a good job.
  19. Well yeah, like I said, I kind of umm, fudged the underside. It got a blue base coat, a dark blue wash, one layer of highlight and one small inconsistant layer of shadow. I couldnt reach the underside well enough to do a decent job on it and it was way to close to the deadline for me to pull it off the base to get at it. Having done judging I do know how much of a difference consistancy makes and am not suprised that it didnt place even though it might have based on the rest of the paint job. Mmmmmm... BIG planes. You guys are such an evil influence. I was gonna put a little bazzoka infantry guy on teh base shooting at it when I realized just how out of scale they were.
  20. Did this one up in a few hours while at ReaperCon just so I could say I had a CAV entry. It didn't place (probably because someone looked at the underside which I realised about 3/4 of the way through painting that I could only barely reach because I'd already attached it to the base ) but is was a fun experiment anyways. I think I'll work on a dogfight with three of teh CAV planes just for fun at some point.
  21. Good lord. Sounds like it's a good thing we took your other minis bag overland.... Which by the way I will have for you on Tuesday as I had forgotten that I'll be at a convention Friday night drooling over the Lord of the Rings seminars put on by WETA.
  22. And here I was pretty sure that one was Spartan.... Speaking of whom, listening to all of his stories was very cool, though I have a crappy enough memory and had more than enough alcohol in my system at the time that theres no way I could quote them.
  23. Finally made it back. I think for the whole trip we put in over 2000 miles of driving. Reminder to self next time FLY. I had an awesome time guys. Thank you. I cant beleive how well I did on so little sleep. It's a good thing I turned in early (1am) on Thursday and Friday or I never would have managed the two nights in a row of hanging out drinking and BSing till 5am. I very much apreciated being able to just be "one of the guys." May ShinerCOn live in imfamy. Thanks to Prefunk for the inspiration to sit my butt down and actually paint a CAV. Even if it was only a plane. Hope you enjoy it Spartan. Time to pull off all the pictures from my camera and torment everyone with them.
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