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  1. You know... I dont really have a problem with censors for words people might consider offensive on a company's private boards, but I really wish the stupid thing would tell me that it's changing it. Instead of me going back, reading someone elses reply and finding out that I didnt say what I thought I said. Calling it to the "butt" point rather changes the pacing and feel of the sentance, and certainly isnt what it's properly refered to as. :P
  2. Trust me, there's a point in every mini properly refered to as the butt point. You look at it, say "damn this looks like crap" and then you have to keep going and work past it.
  3. um, have a Dara, Psionic warrior IMMPS speed painting contest some Friday Given our average turn out we'd need top have three or four Dara speed paint sessions!
  4. I've got 20 of the 25 Dara, Psionic Warrior from the create your own mini contest that are either getting traded to people or turned in. I mean really what do you do with 25 of the same mini?
  5. Friends dont let friends paint drunk! - from the collection of important IMMPS sayings
  6. I think if anyone deserves that bonus it's Eastman. He got at least 5 of us into the MSP. ;)
  7. Yeah, I was hoping for three, but it looks like it's only going to be two unless I somehow manage to pull an extra piece out of thin air in the next week and a half.
  8. That's hot. I'm liking the subtle yet effective white/silver non metalic metals.
  9. Didnt realize that was something under discussion. Sounds perfect.
  10. Runs that whole mess through babble fish, spits it back out and and goes back to describing her techniques instead of naming them. I have a hard enough time talkingand making sense. Is this what the book you left on the shore while you were out on teh deep end was about, Sue? In which case I'm going to keep it under water with me, properly glorshing it and not give it back till the chocolate martinis wear off.
  11. Between the two of us there will be more cute then even ReaperCon can hadle! Oh and if your book is waterproof I can get it to ya. I grew fins and a tail when I saw Werner's new mermaid...
  12. Whatever, I know how good you really are. :P Besides, if I do end up with more then one I guarantee no more then one is going home with me...
  13. Gah, now I have to see how many entries I can come up with in an attempt to win one.
  14. You know I did think you were off teh deep end at first, but they definately worked out over all. I must say my minis dont tend to become sweet, cute or anything else quite so girly. They do tend to get spoken to and told they intense, hot or sexy though. Except for the frigging familiars converstion I'm working on. It currently qualifies as *nauseatingly* cute. Damn you, Froggie!
  15. Man, what are you talking about? Mint Julips are the best. Silly bartender at my sister in law's wedding didnt have a clue how to make them. I was very put out.
  16. Yup, I dont have any in progress shots up because if I dont get it done in time it's darned well getting finished for ReaperCon.
  17. I'd say you got the colors right for an embroidery look but if you really want to make if feel a bit more embroideryish you could try a little bit of feathering all in the same direction out from the shadows on it. Give it a little texture. Cross hatch could work as well although it might be overkill on areas that small.
  18. Yay, I might have time to enter! They're already converted I just have to find time to paint.
  19. Ah, she turned out quite nice. Thought I recognized that one in the contest.
  20. Wow, that mermaid is absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to have to pick up a pack of aquatic familiars to go with her. The samuria lady is also some very impressive sculpting. I really dislike the "I'm armored everywhere except my belly" look though. I'll have to see if I can pull off a few abdomen plates that look right with the rest of her armor before I commit to painting that one.... The sorceress looks like she manages cool and kinda creepy without being overtly evil, which I defniately like.
  21. glad to hear you're making it down again Noel! debby It'll be fun we'll have a preGenCon crew gathering.
  22. And the minis are sculpted by Tom Meier, so of course they are absolutely gorgeous.
  23. Been a while since I hung out in here, but just a quick heads up that I'll be coming down to ReaperCon with Eastman.
  24. There was sparkling white zin? I so wasnt paying enough attention..
  25. Nice soft effect. Gives the impressision of the clothing being almost translucent.
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