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  1. Drool..... Oh, Sue... what day are we watching it? Cause I'm buying it the moment it hits the shelves!
  2. Very nice. I love the neon blue looking tiles. You've got the clean lines you need for the freehand down. Now you really just need to get the hang of adding the shading contrast to it. It's got a bit but take it brighter! Add more contrast! Hehehe. Anyways, like I said it's looking quite good.
  3. I use small doses of Echinachia as an anti viral when I'm getting a cold or sore throat. I also grow and distill (not sure if that's the right word) calendula tincture which when applied to cuts, sores, pimples, and sunburn helps the skin to heal much faster.
  4. Yeah, just to be polite to his wife you know.
  5. skya

    New Stuff

    Thanks. That'd be Victor, he's a really neat piece that Klocke sculpted for Visions in Color #9.
  6. Just finished a massive update to my website. I've added a couple new pages and at least one piece to every page including three pieces in the Reaper section. Check it out and let me know what you think. Noel's Webpage
  7. Ooooo! Visitors! sweeeeeet..
  8. What would I do without wacked friends and good wine? *grin*
  9. I'm still here, readin away. I've been kinda out of it what with our comic shop closing, and the change in the weather hitting me hard. I always get sickies in the fall and the spring. I hates it. However, I have a couple pieces in progress a couple pieces I need pics of and then I'll post em up here, and I'm working on a really big update of my website. I'll let you know when stuff actually starts being showable. In the meantime thanks for the birthday wishes guys. much appreciated.
  10. Amusingly my birthday isnt till Nov 21. I think I imputted the month where I was supposed to put the date in the personal information. doh. if you correct it quick, we can celebrate again in a few days Heh, I did.
  11. Amusingly my birthday isnt till Nov 21. I think I imputted the month where I was supposed to put the date in the personal information. doh.
  12. I now know what I've been saving my Reaper gift certificate for...
  13. Love the skin tones. What are you using for colors on those?
  14. Sounds like Steve Hanks. I've got his coffee table book sitting on my side table next to the couch. Absolutely gorgeous work. I use it for inspiration when illustrating.
  15. Oh wow, that's an excellent site. I've been looking for something like that for a while. I've got this massive quantity of Clan Wars stuff, half of which I have no idea what is, and it's hard to sell it when you cant tell the person buying it which pieces are which.
  16. Thanks for the well wishes and understanding everyone... Gus, I knew it was meant jokingly, and was much amused as my first thought was a joking "Jester's gonna Lynch me."
  17. Heh - don't know why that subject got me so fired up. Skya: send me your mailing address - you can have my Sophie; use it for whatever makes your life easier or happier. That's sweet. Thank you.
  18. I *so* understand, it doesnt help that my husband has been doing temp work for so long. It makes people much less inclined to pick him up as a permanent employee for some reason that I fail to grasp.
  19. Grrr... Ditto... Gimmie a break here guys, my husband is out of work and everything that's worth putting up that isnt liable to be used any time soon is going up. I'd *love* to keep her, especially as I only got one, but money is more important right now.
  20. Dude, they called you a girl??
  21. If you saw it at Comic Quest then that would be the one. It's lola and the VIC #9 theif. You probably thought Sue did it because Paintminion auctions a lot of the stuff the IMMPS do as well as her own stuff.
  22. Yep, you've got three very nicely painted elves in said article too! My elves??? Or just three elves from various peoples? There's many from other folks besides you, including Skya! But yeah, three of yours are represented! And they even got my name and gender right.
  23. Aces was fun. I'm amused to note that you got pictures of all of them except thte one I did.
  24. Welllll, Marike is a hard name to remember. (HAH, Thought I would have let that one slip by, didn't ya?) ***SNORT!!!!!*** Not while I've got a mouthful of coffee, dagnabit!!!! It's only hard to remember how to spell. Goofs.
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