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  1. Hey TKD, Jeff Valent Studios makes a jabberwocky, check it out at : jeffvalentstudios.com
  2. Snap, Pop. Anyway, the crackle mediums that I have used on furniture and other large items can be very finicky. Also, the cracks tend to be rather large for a miniature. Perhaps your time would be better spent painting the cracks on, or gently scribing the cracks into a wet overcoat. Or maybe I'm on crack. :p
  3. I looked in my old Reaper catalog from xmas 2000, and it shows the figure without the wolf, also it looks like his right hand has changed positions slightly. Maybe they had to rework the mold for some reason, and added the wolf later? Odd.
  4. Here's something that you may want to consider while this is in the planning stage: Anything "of the long knives" immediately brings nazis to mind. Perhaps others have this association as well?
  5. How about flourescent pink, like those nifty devil girl posters by COOP?
  6. I think scenario based box sets are a great idea. Maybe not including every single mini that it takes to play through an adventure, but definitely the main NPC's and special monsters. Or perhaps one of the new Reaper games will include "faction" type box sets? C'mon Reaper small boxes are so much easier to explain to the wife than two fat fistfulls of blisterpacks! :O
  7. I just noticed that KenzerCo. is about to release some of these too. I think the "sacrificial torch-bearer" is pretty funny. I wasn't sure about the scale of the metal magic stuff, so I ordered one to compare. I think the metal magic sculpts are hit or miss, but Discount Hobby/Dragglestown has never let me down.
  8. We've got the overladen adventurer, and two guys carrying a chest, how about some others? Maybe a potion tester, a trap springer, someone carrying the wounded, a scribe, a cook, a bodyguard? Who can think of some good ones?
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